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Jul 02nd
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Tanya Young, wife of Jayson Williams, bringing ‘a shocking experience’ to ‘Basketball Wives’

youngtanya072811_optBY PAM LOBLEY

Jayson Williams, former NBA star, may be spending his days in prison, but his soon-to-be-ex-wife will be working on television, starring in VH-1’s “Basketball Wives: Los Angeles”. The show premieres August 29 with a variety of wives, wifeys and girlfriends of the players of the Lakers and Clippers.

Tanya Young, who is divorcing Jayson, calls her former life with him “a shocking experience to say the least.” Allegations she has made against her husband include that he tried to kill her, faked suicide and stomach cancer, and proclaimed his history of “going down on white girls.”

Well, then. Divorce it is.

I have never watched a “Basketball Wives” show, and was in fact surprised to hear that it is already heading into its third season. I am fascinated with the public’s fascination with wives. I’m a wife — are we that interesting? They used to say “Behind every great man, there’s a great woman.” Now it seems that behind any man at all there’s a woman that needs a TV show. First there was “Real Housewives” of various cities, now there is “Basketball Wives”, and “Sister Wives” about polygamy. In the works are “Mob Wives” and “Wrestling Wives”. I even read that some golf wives are pitching a “PGA Wives” show. I suppose that show will feature a whispery narrator.

I can see we are simply headed for the Wives channel. All Wives All the Time. Here are some possibilities:

Children’s Book Illustrator Wives: the crushing pressure to be delightful that these men feel leave the Wives reeling.

Lobbyists Wives: the constant one-upping of each other to see which husband has the sleaziest connections guarantee show this to be a hit.

Ministers Wives: pray that you don’t miss a single episode!

Disney Worker Wives: They really ARE that happy at home … the feel-good Wives show of the year.


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