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Jun 03rd
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(VIDEO) Peter Dinklage's Golden Globe speech part of big night for little people

dinklagePeter011612_optBY ADELE SAMMARCO

It was a big night for New Jersey native Peter Dinklage who took home gold for his work as supporting actor in the HBO series, “Game of Thrones,” at the 69th Annual Golden Globes in Hollywood Sunday.

While accepting his award, the 43-year-old actor from Mendham Township jokingly told the audience his mother, a retired New Jersey music school teacher, had warned him that fellow nominee, Guy Pearce, would beat him out for the Golden Globe.

As the laughter subsided, Dinklage, who also starred in the "Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian," then took on a somber tone, acknowledging fellow actor and little person, Martin Henderson, who was seriously injured after being thrown to the ground outside a pub in southwest England.

Both Dinklage and Henderson suffer from achondroplasia and spinal stenosis, which causes dwarfism. In his brief acceptance speech, Dinklage not only managed to get a few laughs, but also caught the Hollywood, perfection-driven crowd off-guard by raising awareness of the hardships little people face on a daily basis.

The mere mention of Henderson’s name became a hot topic trending on Twitter after Dinklage told the "A-listers" to just “Google” him, and left the stage.

The Daily Mail reports Henderson was picked up and tossed to the ground by an inebriated man as he stepped outside the bar in Somerset, England, to have a cigarette. The 37-year-old is now having trouble standing and says his legs went numb after the callous attack.

"Every time I stand up, I don't know if I'm going to fall over. I will have to use a wheelchair, and I won't get any acting jobs," said Henderson, who has appeared in U.K. TV series "10th Kingdom" and "Bigger Breakfast."

There has been an outpouring of support for Henderson all over Great Britain since the Oct. 7 attack. At the time, English rugby team members attended a dwarf-tossing contest during the rugby World Cup in New Zealand, which Henderson says inspired the vicious attack that made him partially paralyzed.

British authorities are currently looking for the man who assaulted Henderson, whose condition has reportedly worsened after a recent fall which fractured his arm. Henderson is still recovering from a 2010 back injury, but says these latest injuries have set him back in his recuperation.

"I guess I was an easy target and the only reason I was picked on was because I am small," Henderson said in the Daily Mail interview. "People's attitudes to me when I go out can be pretty cruel. Most are OK, but you get the odd idiot who will make fun and start laughing at me. You just have to ignore it, but this is the first time I have been picked up and thrown about."


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