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Jul 03rd
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Elderly woman strip searched at JFK airport says TSA 'protects their own butts'

homelandsecurity052011_optBY BOB HOLT

Is the TSA going over the line with their screenings of the elderly?

85 year-old Lenore Zimmerman says the humiliating security screening she went through at New York’s JFK Airport this past Tuesday from two female TSA agents left her with a bloody gash on her right leg.

According to an Associated Press report in USA Today, Zimmerman said she was taken to a private room and told to take off her clothes after she asked out of the screening process due to concerns it might interfere with her defibrillator. She missed her flight and was delayed 2.5 hours.

Meanwhile, 88-year old Florida resident Ruth Sherman says senior citizens are being violated at a screening checkpoint at the same airport.

Sherman told CBS New York that on Nov. 28, screeners wanted to look at the bulge from Sherman’s colostomy bag. She was required to pull her sweatpants and underwear down. Sherman decided to go public after seeing Zimmerman.

According to the New York Daily News, Zimmerman, from Long Island, claims she may sue the Transportation Security Administration.

The TSA contacted her to apologize, but denied strip-searching Zimmerman. Their statement said, “The TSA does not conduct strip searches, and a strip search did not occur in this case. ”

Zimmerman disagreed, saying the agency was lying. She said, “They’re doing it to protect their butts.”

Zimmerman said she doesn’t remember the TSA calling her. She explained that she’s been so upset about the incident she’s been taking sleeping pills.

According to the Huffington Post, in July, a former bladder cancer patient ended up covered in his own urine after his urostomy bag broke during a search by TSA screeners. And a 94-year-old woman endured a patdown at the Raleigh-Durham airport the same month.


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