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Jun 02nd
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Fausat Ogunbayo sues New York for $900 trillion for putting kids in foster care

gavelgold042911_optBY BOB HOLT

The number of $900 trillion amounts to almost 62 times the size of the annual gross domestic product of the United States. And the combined wealth of the 10 richest people in America doesn’t add up to to $1 trillion.

But Fausat Ogunbayo from Staten Island wants $900 trillion from New York for putting her two children in a foster home over three years ago.

In court documents filed in Brooklyn last week, Forbes.com reported that Ogunbayo filed suit last week, seeking compensation for economic hardship and injuries, and violation of her and her children’s civil rights from the city and the Administration for Children’s Services.

The city removed the children from Ogunbayo’s custody in Jume 2008, according to SILive.com. Court documents said Ogunbayo was mentally unstable and had refused treatment, allegedly suffered from hallucinations and delusions, and also left the boys at home alone for long durations while she was at work.

But in a separate case last month, the state Appellate Court vacated the Family Court ruling, and determined there was no evidence that the children were ever in "imminent danger" or harm from Ogunbayo, 46.

The International Business Times reported that the largest settlement to an individual from New York City came in the 2003 Staten Island ferry dock crash, when $18,278,000 went to James McMillan, paralyzed in the accident. Meanwhile, the national debt comes in at around $15 trillion.

Also, according to the International Business Times, Kobe Bryant, who earns $25.2-million per year, would have to work close to 36 million years to earn $900 trillion.

Comments (2)
2 Thursday, 09 February 2012 21:55
Let's Get Honest
Armchair experts. . . . .

Kids are being snatched and tossed around for frivolous reasons, and many are mistreated, and some beaten to death in foster care, and social policy DOES stigmatize single mothers, esp. since 1996. ..


Meanwhile the mental health industry is booming, thanks in no small part single mothers are treated in the court system, and fathers too.

Interesting no one seemed to notice that an Appellate court said children were not at risk of harm. I doubt this woman thought she was going to get a trillion or a billion dollars. She was making a statement and -- damnit it, ACS was ordered to return the children moved on hearsay (with no imminent harm, academic harm, or health harm shown) -- and refused to.

Lastly, obviously, is not a Caucasian last name, and that this was not a factor in her favor when it comes to ripping kids from mothers.

Since MY kids were removed (by their Dad) on hearsay and later abandoned by their father (but no recourse from the system) under completely false allegations (such as I was a flight risk), I determined to get a REAL explanation for what was up.

Since then, it's very clear there are far more federal incentives to get kids into foster care than there are to support parents. The real problem here was the mother refused to admit she was 'mentally ill" in light of her not-at-risk, attending-school, and in good health sons. NB: it mentioned she was WORKING. Do we hear child support (or lack thereof) anywhere in the background?

So Get real. If you pay welfare you pay into the system that incentivizes causing honest parents trouble on the basis of the marital status, gender, race, or any other frivolous reason, while making sure contact happens when lethality is a risk. Look on the west coast, Josh Powell just blew up a house with his two sons in is, and is wife is still MIA . . . .

Prior to this, a 50/50 exchange (roughly) with previous death threats was ignored (Seal Beach, CA) resulting in an 8-person massacre by the father. If I had to go with someone's judgment in MOST cases, I'd go with the mother's. . . . After all, she gave birth to them .....


I track where your taxes (meaning HHS grants, which includes welfare) go, and who takes them. A lot less goes to actual welfare than meets the eye...
1 Thursday, 09 February 2012 18:45
Welfare contributor
We have no duty to prevent these idiots from making an example of themselves.

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