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May 23rd
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'Fox News Sunday' host Chris Wallace gets angsty about Republican debates

wallaceChris013112_opt"Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace has likened the 19 Republican presidential debates to auto races, with viewers only tuning in “to see if there’s a wreck.”

And this is from a guy who has moderated two of them.

“Ridiculous” is how Wallace characterized the debate glut in an interview with radio host Mike Gallagher, as was reported by mediaite.com.

The Huffington Post quoted Wallace as saying, “It is insane that there have been 19 debates!”

He claimed in the Huffington Post that he didn’t feel viewers were tuning in to learn about candidates’ views, and that the questions were becoming redundant.

“They’re all stupid,” he told Gallagher, according to the Huff Post.

Gallagher likened the series of debates to a reality show, and Wallace supported that assertion by noting that hosts had begun to question candidates about personal attacks on them by other candidates instead of the issues.

“I’m not saying it’s a great moment in journalism,” mediaite.com reported Wallace as saying, “but on the other hand, they have been asked about almost everything a million times.”

Wallace quipped that he was “still in therapy” over being booed for asking Newt Gingrich about reports that his campaign “was a mess” in one of the debates, and he criticized CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for failing to discuss the State of the Union address in a debate immediately following President Obama’s speech. “A huge failure,” is how he labeled Blitzer’s omission.

“Why on earth,” Wallace asked Gallagher, mediaite.com reported, “did they think it was good to have 19 debates?”



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