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Jun 01st
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Herman Cain gains most with Christie out of the race

cainHerman100411_optPoll finds Mitt Romney could beat Obama, Perry fading

With Gov. Chris Christie out of the Republican presidential race, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney jumps to a 22 percent lead, followed by businessman Herman Cain with 17 percent and Texas Gov. Rick Perry with 14 percent – a 10-point drop in five weeks, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released Wednesday.

The findings compare to an Aug. 31 survey that showed Perry at 24 percent, followed by Romney at 18 percent, with Cain in sixth place with 5 percent.

With Christie in the race, he and Romney were tied among Republicans and Republican leaners at 17 percent each, followed by 12 percent for Cain, and 10 percent for Perry. No other candidate polled above 7 percent.

“This survey shows Governor Christie is walking away from the possibility – at least today – to be elected president of the United States,” Peter Brown, the poll‘s assistant director, said. ‘Whether he would have won the GOP nomination or the election will never be known, but the data indicate he had a serious chance to win it all.”

The poll found that in a possible 2012 general election matchups: Romney has a slight 46 to 42 percent lead over Obama but the president leads Perry 45 to 44 percent.

American voters say 54 to 42 percent that Obama does not deserve a second term, little changed from Aug. 31, when voters said he did not deserve a second term 51 to 42 percent.

“After seeing his lead disappear with the entrance of Rick Perry into the race, Mitt Romney has regained his position out front as the Texas governor’s fortunes have fallen,” Brown said. “The GOP race, however, remains quite open, especially with Gov. Christopher Christie’s decision to remain on the sidelines.

“A big question now is whether Herman Cain is a serious candidate for the nomination,” Brown said. “He has zoomed into second place ahead of Perry. Once the attention shifts from the still-born Christie candidacy, it is likely to focus on Cain, his background and proposals.”

“That will determine whether his candidacy is the real deal or one that rises and falls once attention focuses on him, as happened to Minnesota U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann,” Brown said.

“Gov. Rick Perry, whose numbers have dropped following three debate appearances and a disappointing finish in the Florida straw poll, has gone from front-runner to third place as Herman Cain roars past him – at least for the moment,” Brown said. “With Christie out of the race, Romney has some breathing room. Let’s see if the emerging Herman Cain has staying power.”

Comments (1)
1 Wednesday, 05 October 2011 10:18
If Mitt Romney is leading in most all of the major polls, where is the justification to title the article Cain benefits most by Chris Christie not entering the race?

I see Herman Cain's 999 plan as a gimmick. For one thing it would take a major political victory for it to ever pass both the house and the senate which is composed of mostly attorneys. Do you really think that Attorneys want to do away with the tax code? Them and CPA's make a huge portion of their living off of a confusing tax code. Next if it did pass would it raise anywhere near enough revenue? Wouldn't an additional consumption based tax discourage consumption? Isn't consumption what stimulus packages especially when Bush was in office were all about? What is to stop Congress from turning the 999 into 20-20-20 or 30-30-30. Remember when the Federal Income tax first came out it started at 1% as did most State Income Taxes and what has become of them. There have been times in history when some tax payers have been in 91% brackets and currently the top rate is 35%.

Ok lets say that Cain were to get elected and the 999 plan gets defeated, now what does Cain do? Does he have the experience to govern effectively if his great plan does not pass which is a very remote chance at best. I think the 999 plan is more of a vehicle to get Cain elected than anything that can be taken even remotely serious. Just another gimmick and promise that can be made with little hope of ever keeping it.

I like Mitt Romney because he does not go for simple gimmick solutions his solutions are things that he can actually achieve and he does have a solid track record of tackling huge problems and working with Senates and Houses to get his proposals passed even when largely outnumbered by the opposing party.

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