John Edwards scoffs 'Millionaire Madam' prostitution tie.... like Rielle Hunter was denied | Nation | -- Your State. Your News.

Jul 06th
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John Edwards scoffs 'Millionaire Madam' prostitution tie.... like Rielle Hunter was denied

edwardsjohn020410_optBY BOB HOLT

One of accused "Millionaire Madam" Anna Gristina’s call girls has told authorities that former Democratic presidential candidate and Senator John Edwards paid her for services, according to a report.

According to, Edwards met the call girl in New York in 2007 while raising funds for his Presidential campaign. Sources said the one-nighter took place on the Upper East Side, and the girl provided a detailed account of the affair to the Manhattan District Attorney's office in 2008.

An attorney for Edwards denied the allegations. Allison Van Laningham said, according to the New York Daily News, “These allegations are false and defamatory, and he has demanded a complete retraction from the only source being quoted.”

According to the New York Times, the call girl was interviewed by the DA’s office after she was arrested on an unrelated charge. She had been an informant in the early days of the prostitution investigation, but was no longer used by prosecutors because she had personal problems and fell into drugs.

Edwards denied having an affair with former campaign worker Rielle Hunter while his wife, Elizabeth, was fighting cancer in 2007, but eventually confessed to fathering a child with Hunter.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Edwards is the first public name to be linked to Gristina's alleged $15-million prostitution ring. Gristina has pleaded not guilty to all prostitution charges.

Edwards doesn’t exactly have the finest track record. He was indicted in 2011 on a series of campaign finance law violations. According to the Daily Beast, the funds from wealthy donors were used to hide Edwards’ affair with Hunter, but Edwards using the defense that money to hide an affair is not a campaign contribution.

His trial has been delayed, but the Federal Election Commission has ordered Edwards to repay more than $2 million in public funding.


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