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Jan 25th
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Jurors in Casey Anthony trial ‘sick to their stomachs’

AnthonyCasey070511_optBY BOB HOLT

Jurors in the Casey Anthony trial were said to be “sick to their stomachs” after acquitting Anthony of killing her 2-year old daughter, Caylee.

Was their decision right? Or were they wrong? Or were they just doing their job?

"I did not say she was innocent," juror Jennifer Ford said to ABC News. "I said there was not enough evidence. If you cannot prove what the crime was, you cannot determine the punishment."

Wtsp.com reported the jury consisted of seven women and five men. One was a male high school health/physical education teacher related to a member of law enforcement. Another was a 57-year-old single male Verizon worker with no children.

Another was a married woman whose father worked in law enforcement, along with a married male IT worker with two children. There was also a female married Publix cook with two children. One male was the married father of two, whose little girl is Caylee Anthony's age, while another is a 53-year-old single retired man.

There was also a 41-year old divorced woman with no children, who works with an agency dealing with child welfare. And there was a 70 years old woman who performs counseling, a single woman, a retired woman, and a 32-year old single woman unfamiliar with case details.

NPR says that juries don't see the same court case as the rest of us.

The jury system was created so that average citizens can judge people accused of a crime: not officials or higher-ups. They said justice will succeed when those normal people on the juries realize that if they take their responsibilities seriously they are free to make decisions they know will be unpopular.

York defense attorney Dawn Cutaia told the York Daily Record there wasn’t enough evidence. “Death-penalty juries are harder to reach an acquittal. They typically are pro-law-enforcement. I've found that juries make mistakes, but not as often as people think."

Cutaia also felt that the television audience learned more evidence than the jury. Some was considered inadmissible.

Comments (20)
20 Friday, 23 September 2011 19:46
There was way more than enough enough evidence put on by the prosecution to convict CA of murder - How do those day-dreaming jurors think the dead body smell got into the car and why do they think Casey lied for 31 days - The jurors did not use any common sense, and I guess it was because they had none
19 Friday, 02 September 2011 19:47
Everyone can sit here and say the jury messed up but what you don't seem to be realizing is a lot of the stuff that was heard in the media is inadmissible character evidence, you aren't allowed to assasinate a person's character in order to get a jury to return a guilty verdict but the prosecution gave it their best shot. The jury did the right thing with what they were given even if she is despicable.

In my opinion the prosecution is where the blame really lies. They didn't have a strong enough case (ex: the expert with a never been used in a trial chloroform detection machine??) and instead of waiting and collecting evidence (there is no statute of limitations on murder) they relied on how much the public hated her. They should have slowed down and built a solid case against her because I believe she's guilty but I also believe in the American justice system and I'd rather have one guilty go free if it means preserving the integrity of the system over a witch hunt because that is exactly the kind of evidence the Prosecution presented, it was ridiculous.

BUT maybe they would have had some smoking gun evidence if the police weren't too worried about getting their boots dirty to go get that poor little girls body the first time the meter reader called.
18 Saturday, 13 August 2011 12:27
The jury didn't have to choose the death penalty. Don't hide behind that excuse, they were given 3 other lesser charges.

I don't think any of us "out here in public land" wanted Casey to be killed by the State of Florida but we certainly would have liked justice for Caylee and the right message sent to other young parents.

This jury absolved THEMSELVES of any responsibility by their cowardice. They have to live with that, and perhaps someday see one of their own taken as Caylee was, and see a jury, unable to face their responsibilities, render the same measure of justice to them.

It was a complete failure on their part to understand the evidence presented. Just like the OJ jury. Their inability to take appropriate action has now become a part of American legal history.

Remember jurors, we have long memories, and what goes around comes around, just as it will with the sociopath you absolved of her crime through your own moral cowardice.
17 Saturday, 13 August 2011 11:27
and one more thing, how is it ever ok to leave a dead little girl in a wooded swampy forest? remember her goofball lawyer baez came up with that in opening arguements- so these 11 jurors think that it's just dandy that she panicked and got scared and disposed of her daughter in a bag in the forest- she went on with her life for 31 days while her daughter lie in a swampy forest being eaten by maggots- where does the punishment come for that? jennifer ford and her co-horts can live with that vision for the rest of their lives- fools!U
16 Saturday, 13 August 2011 11:22
all i have to say is 31 days- and the jurors should feel sick to their stomach as they made a grave mistake- it's as if they were sleeping thru the trial- what mother do you know wouldn't report their child missing in the first 5 minutes? i don't think the death penalty was in order either but you are telling me she shouldn't have had some time give me a break? probation is the least she can do- she needs to get a dang job and become responsible and quit living off baez' dime- what's going with those two anyways?
15 Saturday, 06 August 2011 19:56
Those 12 jurors on spent 11 hours in total in deliberatin on Caylee's murder, AND that 11 hours included choosing and electing a jury foreperson. Imagine that! Little Caylee's homicide wasn't worth any more that eleven hours of their precious time. Perhaps they really wanted to go on vacation, to earn huge amounts of money giving interviews and writing books. They are disgusting. The little two-year girl who disappeared, Casey Anthony who then goes oout on the party circuit for 31 days,Caylee was NOT reported missing for 31 days, and ONLY then when the grandmother, Cindy, I reported Caylee missing and forced Casey M Anthony to speak to the 911 operator.. Casey Marie Anthony then told the police that the "nanny" kidnapped her child, then finally admitted that there was and never a nanny,..Casey Marie Anthony's car trunk stinks of death and decay, and then Caylee's skeletoal remains are found in a swamp triple bagged and cast away like garbage. And this jury of 12 people found her NOT GUILTY. It's high time that juries are given IQ tests before they are allowed to serve.
14 Monday, 01 August 2011 12:53
gasping for breath
What I can't understand is, didn't the jury take into consideration that if she were innocent why wouldn't she say what really happened to Caylee.
The drowning thing made no sense at all, because she left the house with Caylee on the 16th and George seen them leave. That night she was taped in a video store with Tony without her daughter. Where was she at this point and thereafter.
I don't know if the video's they rented were brought into evidence, but they would creep me out. One about a child gone missing and another about a seriel killer. I'll bet she was looking for clues in these movies on how to get away with murder.
Another thing, if Cindy hadn't pressured her and taken Casey to the police station, she still wouldn't have reported Caylee missing. So it wasn't just 31 days, it could have gone on for God knows how long if she hadn't have been confronted by her mom.
The car smelling like death, her leaving her ID and purse in the car, makes no sense at all unless she was hoping someone would steal the car and get blamed for kidnapping Caylee.
The rare type of duct tape from the Anthony home, the garbage bags from the Anthony home, the Winnie the Pooh blanket from the anthony home. Caylee's favorite baby doll in the car seat. The shovel, the area where the body was dumped all add up to guilt! guilt! GUILT!
This jury was mesmerized by Casey just like she mesmerized all her friends with her far fetched lies.
I'll bet she's laughing up her sleeve thinking now she can get away with anything as long as she sticks to her lies.
Personally, I have never seen such a clear cut case with all signs pointing to only one person, Casey.
They didn't have to convict on the first degree but definately on the manslaughter.
13 Sunday, 10 July 2011 16:12
Casey is very smart according to her lawyers. I really want to know if she made up the drowning story herself or if it was contrived by the attorneys, but with her own input. I really thought our court system was about the truth coming out. The prosecution did not lie - they went by the evidence the investigators were able to come up with after Caylee had been dead for 31 days. So, for all the future murderers of children out there, take note on how Casey and her attorneys pulled this off. Hopefully, one day the truth will come out and a lot of people who said she is innocent will feel guilty. Only time will tell if the truth will come out. I believe Casey is the only one alive who knows the truth and a little angel in heaven also knows what her mom did to her. I just wonder if the Anthonys did not have a pool in the back yard, what the lie would have been for how Caylee died. The defense team is as good at lying as Casey is. Caylee knows the truth. Rest in Peace and keep watch over your grandparents and Uncle Lee. They had no part in your leaving the earth so tragically.
12 Saturday, 09 July 2011 23:20
I don't want to sound callus about this, and I don't want to sound like Caylee's instance is not a horrific ordeal. I would like to know the specifics about this law. Such as what age is this capped. Can a 17 yo tell his parents that he will be gone for a week at some camp but in reality something happens to him, his parents call it in when he doesn''t come home after lets say 10 days and get prosecuted for this http://bit.ly/qw9d35
11 Saturday, 09 July 2011 23:04
I feel that if the prosecution had come back and explained to the jury what REASONABLE doubt is, we may habe seen a different verdict. Cheney Mason really got into the jury's head with the reasonable doubt chart, and I feel that he lead them to believe that ANY doubt is reasonable doubt. The law does not say that the prosecution must prove its point beyond a "shadow of a doubt" or of "any doubt whatsoever". It specifies REASONABLE doubt.

While it is POSSIBLE that Caylee drowned in the pool, and Casey buried her with duct tape on her mouth because that was how she saw her pet buried, and it is POSSIBLE that it was garbage in the trunk even though 3 people separately stated that it smelled like a dead body, and it is POSSIBLE that her mother made the computer searches about "neck breaking" and "Chloroform", it is not PROBABLE. All of these things are possible, but it is not REASONABLE to assume that all of them came true.

It is also possible that a random, unidentfied person picked the lock of their house using a tooth-pick, and stole the child, duct taping her mouth and burying her in the swamp, and Casey bumped her head in the night, and had temporary amnesia for 31 days, and went straight to the police once she realized Caylee was gone, but there is no evidence that suggests this, so it is not reasonable, just as most of the other mind-boggling stories the defense used.

I admonish the prosecution, actually. They should have come back and explained to the jury, just as the defense did, what reasonable doubt really and truly is. And they absolutely should have objected to some of the baseless accusations made in the defense's opening arguments. There was no evidence of the pool-side accident, nor was there evidence supporting their crazy molestation charge. Why did they let the defense get away with this stuff??
10 Saturday, 09 July 2011 20:02
I think that it's ridiculous and sad to know that this stupid woman got away with this. The facts are right in front of your face. How much more do you need to prove that this woman is a lying killer? This society is down right insane and I feel bad for the lives of future generations. It's not all up to the jurors but they could have been the ones to help make Miss Casey Anthony suffer just like her child did instead now she's going to be a hero and have more attention than she's already gotten because people feel bad for her? I just don't get it. This trial should have never been publisized so much anyway because this sick woman just wants attention and that's exactly what people are giving her. The poor child is the victim in this case and the sad thing is, there's nothing anyone can do to change it now. Well Casey can go back to her partying days again! Just hope she doesn't get knocked up and repeat history because then the life of another innocent child will be on the shouldars of all the people who defended her in this case.
9 Saturday, 09 July 2011 19:44
I understand how the jurors could say not guilty to 1st degree murder and the death penalty, but how could they say not guilty to man-slaughter? Everyone keeps saying that you need to keep emotions out of this case and decide based on the facts, and I agree to a point, but you shouldn't throw away all good judgment making processes. We have different senses for a reason and they all help to determine how we perceive and analyze things. Just knowing that there were so many lies shows that she did not have her daughters best interest at heart. SO SAD. I hope the Caylee's Law that some states are talking about putting in effect passes. If it were already in place then Casey would have gotten a longer sentence. Even if she is innocent (which I find doubtful) she deserves to serve more time for not helping authorities figure out what happened to her daughter.
8 Saturday, 09 July 2011 17:18
silva baugh
The verdict came in. Let it go. On to the next subject 2000 people die evry min. And you worried about a crack head family I hate that she got off but I'm glad the state of florida lost that case there very dirty people are in jail for life now cause they didn't have the exposure. Casey case had. You call it a shame I call it life this is the world we all live in get use to it
7 Saturday, 09 July 2011 16:53
Crystal Vanhoy
I don't see it as being only the jurors faults. The meter reader wasn't even taken seriously by law enforcement when he made the first report. If law enforcement had done their job to begin with there would have been enough evidence to convict her. I have 3 kids and this case hurts me to my heart. I'm even more ashamed of our justice system now than I was before. I feel sorry for the jurors in some aspect because of the fact that 15 dollars a day doesn't pay bills or support the kids some of them had at home so I feel like they were pushed into a corner to try to get this over with as soon as possible but to know that a selfish cold hearted killer got away with murdering her 2 year old NOW THAT IS SICKENING and SHOWS HOW SCREWED UP OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM REALLY IS!
6 Saturday, 09 July 2011 16:42
Legal RN
in a CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence case, you do not NEED concrete evidence. THERE'S the difference. The sad thing is, the jurors misunderstood the legalities of the case in question in much the same way many of you have. In my opinion, one thing that needs to change is jury selection. If our legal system would pay people the commensurate wage of their place of employment, many more intelligent people wouldn't completely dread the thought of being on a jury. However, when the state only pays you 15 dollars a day to be sequestered and sheltered from your life and family while you LOSE thousands of dollars in pay, it makes the process very unattractive to potential INTELLIGENT jurors. The intelligent working class are much more likely to say the things at the jury selection process to get themselves OUT of the pool. So you're left with a majority of people who have absolutely NO understanding of the laws or how they work, and most of the jurors are simply overwhelmed when presented with 30+ days of mind-numbing forensic evidence. I truly feel if the state would pony-up to pay jurors their true wages, a jury with a lot more understanding of the facts presented in a case would be seen.
5 Saturday, 09 July 2011 15:43
Alexa J
The jurors did the right thing, it would be wrong for them to convict anyone if they had a reasonable doubt that the person didn't do it. Jurors have to look at all the evidence and be able to say there is no way that this person didn't commit the crime. Even though I believe Casey Anthony is guilty if I was in those jurors positions I would have made the same call. That's how juries are supposed to work, they can't be emotional about their task, they have to just listen to the evidence and not let their personal opinions get in the way or it could end up with an innocent person put in jail or put to death. I just hope no one gives them trouble for their verdict because they must feel awful having to acquit that woman. I hope that Caylee Anthony and the jurors find peace.
4 Saturday, 09 July 2011 15:11
There is no Justice!!! if this monster can do what she did and get away with it!!! what is wrong with these Juriors!! no one else could have done his but Casey! They should be ashamed of themselves for what they did! So where is Casey going to live now that she accused her dad & brother of molestation just so she cant get off! and how could her parents go along with it and keep living with her lies, just to save there lying murdering daughter, let alone live with her after she gets out (in a matter of days), knowing she did killed that poor baby...and then live with her under the same roof knowing she is a murder!...I hope they are forever banned from their town and for those coward Juriors that they are also banned from society for not having any balls to stand up for what is right! WHAT a bunch of cowards!
As for JB he should be ashamed for being a liar like Casey, just to grow fame, he let a murderer walk free! He did not save any life.... he is a poor excuse for an attorney and his selfish ways will be his demise. He should really think about what he did, him & his defense team, how could they live with themselves!! I am sure it would be different it something happened to their children or grandchildren, they would be fighting for every right to find tha justice was served. This low life team and broad wasted tax payers, child researchers money and everyone else involved to tried to find Caylee & see that justice was served! I hope she gets sued for every little penny & more...she does not deserve to have a life! I for one will not buy anything or support anything that has to do with that scum and her hard up defense team. Justice for Caylee
Casey Anthony & her family deserves NOTHING!!!!
3 Saturday, 09 July 2011 14:33
Rio Joanz
If the state of Florida spent the money required to hire a top notch forensic pathologist then maybe irrefutible evidence regarding chloroform in the car might have been better explained.
2 Saturday, 09 July 2011 13:40
Maria Fludd
The verdict of NOT GUILTY actually made me feel SICK!! I feel bad for the jurors that they were not able to see or hear additional evidence because it was not permitted! If they were, I believe we would be happy and not crying for little Caylee!!! I seriously with no doubt that Casey is GUILTY!! She knows what happened....and to know that she got away with MURDER makes me SICK!!
I am very sad for little Caylee..she did not deserve this like no other child should!!!
1 Saturday, 09 July 2011 13:34
Jurors shouldn't feel sick to their stomach. They made the best decision based on the evidence they saw. What would make them feel sick to their stomach is if they voted to convict. They would be sending a human being to her death on very flimsy evidence. One person is already dead, we don't need to add another.

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