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Jul 05th
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Mr. President, let's play 20 Questions!

box_opt_copyDo you want to get a feel for what Americans are thinking?

Want to tap into the pulse of America?

President Obama is opening up the White House to all Americans and encouraging their questions and wants to hear about their concerns. So a new feature has recently been launched on the White House website called "Open for Questions."

It's an experiment designed to encourage transparency and accountability by giving you a direct line to the White House.

Thousands of inquiries  have already been submitted ... and the President addressed many citizen-driven issues at a town hall meeting last week.

The following are just 20 popular questions about the economy:

1) "As a student, who like so many others works full time and attends school full time, only to break even at the end of the month. What is the government doing to make higher education more affordable for lower and middle class families?"

2) "What are your plans for the failing, "War on Drugs", thats sucking money from tax payers and putting non-violent people in prison longer than the violent criminals?"

3) "Are you still planning on penalizing the big business execs who take US jobs out of the country?"

4) "What is the US doing to bring back a solid manufacturing infastructure? the US used to be one of the most self sufficient countries in the world, now we can't get the basics without importing. clothes,steel,cars,toys,food,oil. all imports"

5) "What are your plans to encourage corporations to keep middle class jobs, such as customer service call centers and transactional based support services like accounting and computer program jobs, in the U.S?"

6) "Mr. President, I, like many American taxpayers, have had to withdraw money from my 401K to pay bills and survive this economy. Why won't you help bail us out by waiving the 10% penalty fee."

7) "I appreciate the efforts of the administration to fix the economy quickly. However, why aren't you giving the American public the chance to review these bills? In your campaign, you promised we would have at least 5 days."

8) "Why do we continue to offer positive tax incentives to major corporations that off-shore jobs?"

9) "President Obama, Do you plan on letting Science end the failed "War" on Marijuana for personal and medical use thus taking the strain of our prisons and police forces so that we no longer have to arrest over 800,000 non violent drug offenders?"

10) "Is there any thoughts to help put out of work Americans to work in a service corps situation, similar to what was done with the CCC in the Roosevelt years?"

11) "With $1.2 billion going to Amtrak to expand passenger rail system here in the U.S., do you think this down payment will eventually lead to thousands of jobs to create the 21st passenger railways system here in the U.S. and catch up with Europe?"

12) “Should our government decriminilize marijuana, so that millions of new green jobs can be created, such as building fuel-efficient vehicles, and supplying pharmaceuticals for needy medical marijuana patients, and etc.?”

13) "Should we be worried about inflation? We had trouble paying down our national debt during the best of times. Why should we have confidence that the massive debt we've created to solve this crisis won't result in rampant inflation?"

14) "I'm not a fan of smoking; however, I think legalizing marijuana could be good for our economy. Not only would it create lots of jobs for the public, it could help to boost the economy and get it going again. Could this be a possibility of the future?"

15) "President Obama, how are you going to repair the job losses to the high tech industries in the US after 8 years of tax breaks for outsourcing of our jobs? Are you indeed still planning to penalize companies for outsourcing jobs off US soil?"

16) "As a small business owner, I have been forced to leverage personal debt in order to ensure I can maintain employees and mitigate the effects of cutbacks from clients. How are TARP and other programs that absorb bad debt from big Corps helping me?"

17) "With the increasing price of graduate, post graduate and professional education and the decreasing access to credit, how is the administration planning to sustain the high level of education required to execute the plan for the future economy?"

18) "President Obama: What is your strategy to keep American jobs here in America in a time where so many businesses are looking to offshoring to cut costs?"

19) "I wanted to be a teacher, but, as a freshman in college, decided against going down that path because of low teachers' salaries. How will the stimulus bill or your education policies increase teachers' pay in the next four years?

20) "Right now, corporations save money by sending jobs overseas. How about offering tax incentives to corporations who create X% of their new, livable wage jobs here?"




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