Laptop-shootin' dad Tommy Jordan is the Chuck Norris of parenting (VIDEO)

Friday, 10 February 2012 14:53
jordanTommy021012_optBY TERI GATTO

Tommy Jordan is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

Jordan appears on a Youtube video, sitting on a faded Adirondack chair, barely containing his rage as he recounts a post he found on his daugher’s Facebook page.

The post is an irate rant addressed to her parents in which 15-year-old Hannah claims to be overworked due to the unreasonable number of daily chores is expected to handle, such as washing dishes, sweeping floors, and making beds.

The teen never expected to post to become public because she blocked her parents from her Facebook page by using the site’s privacy settings. Could she have forgotten that her dad works in IT?

In the seven-minute-long video, Jordan disputes Hannah’s assertions, talks about all the time and money he has spent to update her laptop, and informs her that her life will now become a lot harder.

The shocker comes at the end when Jordan quietly gets up, points the camera towards a laptop on the ground, pulls out a .45 and empties it on Hannah’s computer.

Jordan ends the video by telling Hannah that she can have a new laptop when she buys a new laptop, stands up and says, “Have a good day, y’all.”

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8 Tuesday, 14 February 2012 09:53
Winston Court
It is hard when you are a teenager. You do not have enough worldly experience and skills to interact with others correctly. The fathers lesson will just be one of many, the smarter she is, the quicker she will catch on. Tough love is necessary when dealing with self centered teenagers with tunnel vision, who expect the whole world to revolve around them, their wants, their needs, their thoughts, their feelings ... sad thing to watch, but necessary in such situations ...
7 Friday, 10 February 2012 21:27
Silly little 'spunky' girl.
but I bet he secretly admires it in her.
But hey,
she probably got it from him.
Poor poor laptop. 8x ouch!
I bet even I couldn't fix the frig-gin thing now
6 Friday, 10 February 2012 21:20
dave, an American, living in brazil
I must take issue with your saying that the Fathers response was vengeful. We can compare his reaction (act of discipline) to that of a doctor doing radical extensive surgery to treat a major ailment, the surgery hurts but the result will make you feel better AFTER a time of recuperation.

This young girl will now have an idea (theoricically?!?!) of what "value" is because those things that she took for granted are no longer hers! They are NOT her right but the PRIVILEGE that a parent gives to their child. Remember that with privilege comes inherent responsibility.
5 Friday, 10 February 2012 21:02
Jeremy 3
I ran it every which way unbiased
he did the only right thing which would cover all bases touched
including the destruction of the object used to fire that salvo against the family given her life and nurtured her
you could see he was visibly pained with the ruin of the object, stating time to upgrade and fix it for her, an obvious but suppressed heart hurt emotion he should probably have let show
selling it, giving it away wasn't an option
he had to take a hit himself by destroying the laptop he had worked on because of her actions and he wanted her to know and feel of his pain of loss and hurt of his labor of love to her she made necessary by her stupid / silly actions
of course in time, if not already and all along, he'll see, little brat, displaying for others her spunk
and by him for this intended end : for her a good lesson that such silly displays can cause heart pain to those who love her, which he probably should've shown so she wouldn't possibly mistake it for revenge. Of course, him knowing many would be seeing this you can't expect him to burst into tears for all to see.
I bet he never does something like this again though.
I hope there are no legal / law related issues against him as result, since in such cases, there is always some filthy vile dent stepping up to profit off in some manner
4 Friday, 10 February 2012 20:08
As a mother of three teenage girls, I can tell you that I think what Mr. Jordan did was AWESOME!
3 Friday, 10 February 2012 20:03
both of you commentators are fucking nuts. first off, he did not stoop to her level. He is an abusive demonic person who should never associate guns with parenting, and should have never done what he did. he is disgusting and I hope he rots in hell. That daughter is in an abusive situation and I hope she receives help. This wasn't "cool". If you think it was, I have no sympathy for you. Everything bad that can happen to you is what you deserve.
2 Friday, 10 February 2012 19:01
as a parent of a teen myself, i can understand your frustration & feelings of being disrespected. your daughter needed to be disciplined for her actions. maybe next time she'll write her feelings down in a locked journal for her eyes only. it was wrong of her to share with the world, with strangers, an issue she is having with you. saying this, it was wrong of you as well to stoop to her level and do the same. this was something that you should've handled within your family. lets not forget WE are the grownups here. the post was vengeful & immature.
1 Friday, 10 February 2012 15:58
Very cool father and his parenting style.
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