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May 28th
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N.J. Dog in Rose Bowl Parade: Update


The rejuvenation story is continuing for Daniel, the miracle beagle from New Jersey. In short, Daniel was put in an Alabama gas chamber in 2011 and survived, was adopted, and traveled to California to be part of today’s New Year’s Day Rose Parade in Pasadena.

Now Daniel is an award winner. Pasadenastarnews.com reports that the float Daniel rode in, titled Lucy’s Performing Rescue Dogs, won a Craftsman award for Exceptional Achievement in Showmanship and Dramatic Impact. The award was for floats over 55 feet.

The Lucy Pet Foundation was organized three months ago. Pasadenastarnews.com reported that it was named after co-founder Joey Herrick’s dog Lucy, whom he found on the side of the road with tire marks on her back. Lucy had already been pregnant with five puppies. The Foundation spays and neuters pets via a truck at low costs.

“Once you get in the shelters and you see what’s going on, it’s horrific,” Herrick said, according to pasadenastarnews.com. “They are putting animals to sleep because there are just so many coming in.”

Back in New Jersey, an Associated Press report on NortthJersey.com recalled that Daniel was scheduled to be euthanized on October 3, 2011 in a box filled with carbon monoxide. Seventeen other dogs were also in the box, but Daniel survived. Facility workers named the beagle Daniel after the Bible figure who survived the lion’s den.

Daniel was adopted by Joe Dwyer of Nutley. Dwyer said Daniel performed his "high five to keep pets alive" trick with other rescue animals on the Rose Parade float.  "He's definitely one of the most joyous, happy dogs I've ever met in my life," said Dwyer, according to the AP report. "I think his positive attitude is why he's survived.”


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