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Jul 02nd
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NYPD found no trace of terrorism while spying on Muslims, says report

"It makes you feel uncomfortable, like this is not your country," she added. "This is our country."

The NYPD has undertaken surveillance operations on Muslins living in New York City since the 2001 attacks, and the AP reported that polls show that most New Yorkers have no problem with it.

However, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly came under fire after it was learned that a video showing that Muslims want to dominate the United States was screened at the police academy. Muslim groups called for his resignation.

There was more outrage when it was revealed this past weekend that the department tracked activity by Muslim student groups in the Northeast, including Rutgers.

The AP story about the surveillance operation in Newark said the report is filled with errors and misleading facts, which make the database unreliable should police ever need to use it.

"We're not trying to hide anything,” Abdul A. Muhammad, the imam of the Masjid Ali Muslim mosque in Newark, told the AP. “We are out in the open. You want to come in? We have an open door policy."

Comments (1)
1 Thursday, 23 February 2012 12:58
so...are all the islamaphobes going to shut up now? The report showed no terrorism and even NO CRIMINAL activity.

Yes, of course all the non-muslims didn't have a problem with the spying...CUZ THEY AREN'T MUSLIM! This aint freakin rocket science people.
Look, we have a constitution that protects minorities from the majority. THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE PILGRIMS COMING HERE. Omg this country is so freakin stupid.

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