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Jun 30th
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First JFK intern affair, now Clinton-Lewinsky scandal returns to spotlight

Lewinsky then confided in co-worker, Linda Tripp, about her relationship with Clinton.

In 1997, Tripp began secretly recording their telephone conversations and that following year, after Lewinsky submitted an affidavit in the Paula Jones case denying any physical relationship with Clinton, she attempted to persuade Tripp to lie under oath. Tripp gave the tapes to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr.

Starr then expanded his investigation to include investigating Lewinsky and Clinton for possible perjury in the Jones case.

Tripp convinced Lewinsky to save the gifts Clinton had given her during their affair, and not to dry clean what would later become known as "the blue dress" that had a semen stain from the President.

The investigation eventually led to Clinton's impeachment in 1998 by the House of Representatives and his subsequent acquittal on all impeachment perjury and obstruction of justice charges in a three week senate trial.

According to the Daily Mail, when the Lewinsky scandal broke, Dick Morris, another of Clinton’s closest advisers, urged the President to tell the truth.

Morris said, “I said to him that the problem that presidents have is not the sin, it’s the cover-up and you should explore just telling the American people the truth. I said let me test it, let me run a poll, so I took a poll and I called him back and I said they will forgive the adultery, but they won’t easily forget you lied.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her husband were not interviewed for the documentary, however more than 70 other interviews were conducted, including former aides of the President.

Producer Barak Goodman said they also did not include interviews from Monica Lewinsky or Linda Tripp saying, "We felt it would tilt (the project) towards sensationalism," according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The two-part, four hour documentary is set to air February 20th on PBS in the United States and England.


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