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Jul 07th
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Why Chris Christie decided not to run for President

christiechris052411_optBY JOSHUA HENNE

It’s no surprise that Governor Christie is deciding not to run for President. Because he knows his failed, regressive record in New Jersey would not be able to withstand nationwide scrutiny. Clearly, Christie could not handle the fact that his carefully-cultivated image would wither under the spotlight.

Here are the real facts on life in Christie’s New Jersey. Multi-millionaires pay less, while receiving handouts and bailouts. Yet middle-class families, seniors and students are forced to fork over more, while receiving less.

*New Jersey’s unemployment rate stands at 9.4% - above the national average

*518 municipalities witnessed an increase in the average homeowner's tax bill

*In 2010, property taxes increased by an average of 23.5% - including taxpayer rebate cuts - while services have declined

*Train and bus fares increased an astronomical 25%

*This year, Moody’s, Fitch and Standard and Poor’s all cut New Jersey’s debt rating - citing a weak economic recovery

*Christie vetoed both the millionaire tax and funding for women’s health

*Christie bailed out casino executives to the tune of $261 million

*Last year, Christie cut nearly $1.3 billion in aid to New Jersey’s schools

*Christie’s refusal to work with educators on the Race to the Top application caused New Jersey to lose out on $400 million in federal funding

The only thing more calculated than Christie's assault on New Jersey’s middle-class are the steps he’s taken to further his political ambition. Yet, the man you see and hear on national television appearances and YouTube clips is not the man we know in New Jersey.


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