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NJNR’s Tom ‘The Bomb’ picks $32 Kentucky Derby Winner plus $306 cold exacta! NFL Hall of Famer Harry Carson, mentor to Junior Seau, makes head trauma a priority Titanic message for sports and athletes: Get desperate now
NJNR’s Tom ‘The Bomb’ picks $32 Kentucky Derby Winner plus $306 cold exacta!

NJNR’s Tom ‘The Bomb’ picks $32 Kentucky Derby Winner plus $306 cold exacta!

Tom The Bomb Valledolmo, newjerseynewsroom.com racing correspondent and professional handicapper, continued his amazing run in the Triple Crown series by picking the Kentucky Derby winner for the third straight year when he not only tabbed I’ll Have Another, the $32 winner Saturday, but the $306 exacta with second-place finisher Bodemeister as well. Watch for more [...]

NJNR’s Tom ‘The Bomb’ picks $32 Kentucky Derby Winner plus $306 cold exacta!
NFL Hall of Famer Harry Carson, mentor to Junior Seau, makes head trauma a priority

NFL Hall of Famer Harry Carson, mentor to Junior Seau, makes head trauma a priority

BY ADELE SAMMARCO NEWJERSEYNEWSROOM.COM NFL football great, Harry Carson, and Meridian Neuroscience spokesperson, made a surprise visit Thursday to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune. With a charismatic style all his own, the former New York Giants team captain visited stroke patients and popped in on Edison native Ken Kramer in his hospital room. [...]

NFL Hall of Famer Harry Carson, mentor to Junior Seau, makes head trauma a priority
Titanic message for sports and athletes: Get desperate now

Titanic message for sports and athletes: Get desperate now

BY MIKE TULLY NEWJERSEYNEWSROOM.COM COMMENTARY All those Titanic movies over the weekend got me thinking about hitting golf balls. That may sound like an odd connection to make, until you see those passengers standing on the stern, hundreds of feet above the ocean, just before the ship goes down. They are doing anything they can [...]

Titanic message for sports and athletes: Get desperate now

Electronics Negative and Positive Influences on Your Lives

Revise Article Howto Enhance Your Handwriting Maybe you have been mistaken being a doctor when your handwriting was seen by someone? Do elementary school kids have significantly more readable? Bad handwriting notably affect professional life and your instructional and could be embarrassing. Rather than letting your handwriting to keep to worsen, create adjustments to adorn your trademark. Advertising Steps Part 1 of 2: Analyzing Your Handwriting Write a passage. Select a reallyand that is topicanything compose at least five paragraphs about this. Only backup a verse out-of paper or a guide, if youre not feeling also creative. The target is to get of what your handwriting appears like typically a concept. The more you create, the appropriate your investigation is going to be. Advertising Discover the main styles. Is your handwriting saturated in curls and shapes? Is it inflexible to look at and primarily right lines? Are you experiencing sides that are difficult? Look for a slant. The angle where your letters are written by you bust or can make your handwriting. Can be your handwriting perpendicular to the lines under it? Does it tumble to the best or to the remaining notably? A slight inclination is normally no problem, but too much of you can create reading challenging. Examine the position. Do your terms tend to be written on an upwards or downwards position? Do they overlap with all the wrinkles around the page? Is every concept individually angled, or do your entire lines of text brain in a similar path far from the range? Go through the spacing. The distance between words and your terms helps decide your handwriting’s grade. There must be enough room between each concept to suit the page “O.” Applying just about room than this is an indicator of weak handwriting. Give consideration and to the area of each individual correspondence. Crowded writing or words which are spaced much apart may also be hard to see Look closely at the dimension. Seems dimension does matter. Does your publishing fill up the entire area between two outlines? Can you compose all your words within just half the room between two traces? Using inadequate or taking a large amount of room up are equally things to avoid. Analyze your brand quality. Consider the actual outlines that include your publishing. Are they drawn with major strain, or are they weak and hard to study? Are your outlines straight, or are they form of bumpy and squiggly? Decide your flaws. Contemplating all of the aforementioned, what’s it your handwriting desires as a way to increase? Possible adjustments could be designed to the form of the inclination of phrases, your space, place, composing size and also letters. Modifying more than one of those can improve your overall handwriting legibility.[1] Check out additional handwriting variations for creativity. Consequently today you realize your characters are too big as well as your patterns also round, today what? Look at font websites to check out handwriting samples you want. Make a content of every design of handwriting that is probable for you really to copy. Dont choose particular facets of different handwritings as opposed to using an one and be afraid to find products that might differ dramatically from your own handwriting, when you may pick. Advertising Part 2 of 2: Changing Your Handwriting Write in the oxygen. All of the time, people with illegible or weak handwriting only havent properly educated the correct muscle tissues in biceps their hands, and shoulders. Prevent “pulling” characters together with your palm, and instead publish by going your entire supply as much as the neck. To apply doing this, the most easy factor is to compose sentences in the atmosphere utilizing your finger. This allows you to utilize the muscle tissues in neck and your arm that help keep it from seeking messy and to improve handwriting or cramped. Regulate the shape of the palm. Your pencil or pencil should really be kept between your flash and listing and (recommended) middle fingertips. The end of the writing equipment must rest against the knuckle of one’s listing finger or contrary to often the net of your hand. Keeping your pad too tightly or generally (within this position or others) can lead to bad handwriting. Contain the pen while in the base to find the best results.[2] Exercise the basic styles. A frequent defect in bad handwriting is not regularity and inconsistency. Every one of the letters are made out-of circles or semi-circles and straight lines, so put in time drawing on these. Load a whole page of paper with concurrent straight lines, and parallel lines that are diagonal. Do exactly the same with a linen of o patterns as well. When the range that is same can be regularly made by you over and over, you are willing to move onto total [3] Study a directional chart. There’s a specific way although everybody seems to get it done somewhat differently. Following the line’s right way that forms your handwriting cans tremendously enhance. As an example, in place of starting a a that is lowercase with all the butt, begin towards the top of the cycle. Training publishing every notification inside the way that is appropriate, exactly like the method that you were shown in kindergarten. Try of writing items, a variety. Even though it may seem nit-picky, distinct folks are able to write better (or worse!) employing different writing items. Here is another number of methods including a ballpoint, rollon, and believed pencil to standard and mechanical pencils in addition. Obtaining one which you appreciate publishing with could possibly be enough to improve your handwriting by itself. Exercise your alphabet. Yes, similar to in first-grade, fill lines up upon rows of traces with each correspondence of the alphabet in lower. Use your font motivation that you simply gathered in addition to your handwriting examination to concentrate on what you must adjust. If slanting is your challenge, allow it to be a spot to keep your letters vertical. Should you be wanting to change the designs of your words, concentrate replicating the styles you see inside the handwriting motivation youve picked. Have it. While youre certain of one’s every letters brilliance, exercise producing them entirely words and paragraphs. Write the phrase “the fast brown fox leaps on the lazy pet ” repeatedly againthis word that is particular includes every correspondence of the alphabet, giving training time that is adequate to you. Though it might seem dull, the practice that is adage makes applies here. Generally handwrite items. Avoid the option even to pop-off an email catching up using a pal or to sort that article outline, and rather create the effort. Taking the chance to create things manually whenever possible would be in increasing your handwriting, the training. Youll, although it could take somewhat extended be gathering the muscles which might be required for clean and easy writing.[4] Advertisement Handwriting Page Sample Handwriting Practice Page We’re able to actually use your aid! Can you inform US about Courting? Yes No Dating how to make a person poor within the hips Can you tell us about Free school education? Yes No School education that is free HOWTO head to school virtually forfree Can you reveal about Looking after fingers and toes? Yes No Looking after arms and legs Ways to get rid of toenails that were yellow Can you inform US about Women’s Physique and Trend? Yes No Women’s Physique and Trend Making breasts look firmer under clothes without a bra For assisting cheers! Please inform US all you find out about… Tell whatever you understand below to us. Recall, increased detail is way better. Recommendations Provide Specifics. Please be comprehensive as you can in your description. Do not be worried about format! We will look after it. For instance: Don’t state: Consume fats. Do state: Put fats with a few vitamins and minerals to the ingredients you previously eat. Try mayonnaise, butter, avocado, and coconut oil. Send Tips Compose gradually in the beginning. On providing the top shaped handwritten letters, concentrate. Once you’ve acquired the best searching people, you try and retain and can sit back your handwriting searching good, while racing points up a little. Always be on the brand. Neither above, nor below it. Pick as your writing convenience affects top quality supplies to write with and on. Make an effort to produce a minumum of one section daily; it’ll allow your hand writing to be improved by you. To generate it more intriguing, try composing: The rapid brown fox jumps on the dog that is lazy. Do-it in capitals and lowercase. This expression captures every notice within the alphabet. your total lower handrests available, although writing make sure. This helps you make sure the stand or even the exterior you happen to be writing is free from vibrations and to stay handle of the arm. Do not hurry it! In case you set moment and care involved with it your publishing will usually appear neater. The words should be of dimension that is equivalent. This will create your handwriting look tidy and neat. Maintain a full page or two created for creativity of you in excellent hand writing in front. That ought to be a product for you. Produce on lined document to hold your writing aimed. Work with a pencil-type you enjoy. Another comparable expression is ” Five wizards.” Try with one-letter at the same time. Get to know its form that is suitable and focus on that notification that is one. Move on to the next, when you have learned it. Make use of pen or a good form pad it’ll help produce beautifully. Buy and make use of a pencil grip to collect more full control of the pencil. You can preserve a genuine content of your records along with a rough content if you should be a student. If the teacher is narrating rapidly write in a hard content. In your leisure time write the notes along inside the original backup and present it for distribution. This will raise your perception on others along with could give on what you’ve trained a modification to you. Warnings Do not push the nib (hint) of the pen hard on the document during publishing or you’ll develop “writer’s cramp.” Don’t throw away any of training sheets or your layouts, you may want them while you go along to view how the words should seem, and which points you shouldn’t do. Make sure never to waste paper when training your handwriting. Use forms numerous situations, and utilize each sheet’s entrance.

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How to Improve Writing Skills for Sixth Graders

Gazing at breasts for a pure twenty units a day may enhance a person’s heart-health, legitimate or untrue? According to a German review that is being much-discussed from the research- oriented over folks at MyFoxBoston.com, and which was stated in themedguru.com, staring in a lady’s breast for ten minutes guys’s heart health is improved by each day. Purportedly, the analysis employed 500 guys; 250 men were told to keep from considering breasts, while another 250 men were advised to look for the five at breasts every single day – duration of the task. The results purportedly revealed the guys who looked at breasts had overall lower prices of a lesser sleeping heartbeat heart troubles and lower pressure. Themedguru.com suggests that, based on Karen Weatherby, a gerontologist of the analysis, looking at womens chests may prolong the lifespan of a person by five years, and is not nearly as unhealthy being an intense exercise program. In accordance with themedguru.com, she added, “Merely 10 minutes of gazing in the bracelets of the well-endowed feminine, is about equivalent to A – 30-minute aerobics work-out.” The scientists then proclaimed that libido gives rise to better the circulation of blood that implies an overall increased health. The concept was theoretically discussed by Weatherby by declaring, “Intimate pleasure gets the heart and improves blood flow. There isn’t any problem: Gazing at chests makes guys wholesome. Our study shows that doing this task a couple of minutes daily cuts the danger of swing and coronary arrest by 50 percent. We genuinely believe that by doing so continually, his living can be extended by the typical male four to five years.” Thus, course’s writers of the study,, advocate that guys look at chests for 10 minutes per day. Strictly for reasons that are medical, mind-you. Furthermore, they also advised that males over 40 must look at chests that were greater everyday for 10 minutes. The study results, accordingto themedguru.com, can be found in Medicine’s Newest England Journal. Seem to good to not become false? It’s. The problem is that this study’s “media” is about as outdated while the web intself. Actually, a niche site called Snopes.com did of debunking the delusion a great job. However, individuals at MyFoxBoston.com were evidently so chaotic with fact-examining their business announcement they neglected to fact-examine this tiny bit of cheesecake before they got almost all their record footage of chests and crammed it. They certainly were therefore desperate to imagine this little bit of nonsense, that they didn’t bother to-use The Google. Therefore, not only can there be no reality for the proven fact that considering chests can enhance the study’s whole account, although anything a few male itself is completely constructed.

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Written Down An Investigation Paper popular Problems

Everyone who has ever had to provide a demonstration co-workers, before market associates or buyers has encountered of making a synopsis of the speech they want to offer the challenging job. Whenever there is a session several hours it could typically appear difficult to condense this content right into a single-page or passage. Things You’ll Need Notes Marker to highlight text Guidelines Start by reviewing the boundaries on your synopsis. For technical conventions, maybe you are needed to give a fullpage synopsis (500 words); for other venues, your summary could possibly be merely a sentence (100 to 200 words). Contact your manager or this system planner to consult should you choosenot understand your summary ought to be. Without understanding this information you can’t produce the synopsis. Move through your presentation notices and highlight the three to five ideas that are critical you would like to handle. In a presentation that is complex, this may be crucial issues individuals need in order to achieve a preferred outcome to know. In a business connection, these will be the key ways people have to change their way of functioning. Undertake your presentation and emphasize the benefits related to understanding the info you’ve introduced. In a display, for instance, you might assess the reward in lives stored or hospital remains lowered. In a marketing presentation, you might gauge the gain in costs and income increases removed. Copy critical gains and these critical suggestions onto a site that is fresh or in to a pc file. Prepare them the rewards look in the bottom along with so the ideas resolved search at the top of the site. So it’s small and easy to understand reduce each phrase. Write the synopsis, as being a passage or perhaps a page, on the basis of the format you just produced. Your synopsis is full once you’ve recorded what people will understand and how it will gain them. Ideas & Warnings Do not forget that all the people who consult you to get a synopsis is going to use your presentation to be sold by it to others. It is nothing more or less than a low-key sales that is pitch for the lecture. Avoid info. The more technical terms you utilize in a synopsis, a lot more likely you’re to lose so and visitors delegates.

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Mars did and may have existence, says employer

Como Escrever Escrever requer a habilidade de e apresent-las de maneira organizada. Embora seja desenvolvida no ensino mdio e ela utilizada no mundo e. Continue lendo para aprender a escrever. Anncio Passos Parte 1 p 4: Avalie o tpico Entenda o conceito de uma sntese. O objetivo desse tipo texto criteriosas entre as partes de ou vrios trabalhos, com a meta closing de apresentar suportar um argumento sobre o tpico. Em outras palavras, ao um tpico, por conexes que estruturar criar uma naquele assunto. Os diferentes tipos de ser categorizados como: [1] argumentativa: Esse tipo possui uma de forte que apresenta o de vista that is tese do author. Ela organiza informaes relevantes de uma maneira lgica e obtidas atravs de pesquisa a fim de apoiar e ponto de da tese. Alguns informativos de negcios conhecidos como posicionadores normalmente esse formato that is adotam.: Normalmente escrita como um texto sntese argumentativa, uma sntese crtica uma discusso do que foi sobre especfico, com uma das fontes. A tese no declarada que h a necessidade de pesquisas ou que e problema no foi abordado adequadamente. Esse tipo de trabalho muito comum de cincias sociais e medicina. Sntese explicativa escrita para auxiliar os leitores a compreenderem ao fatos e apresent- para aprofundar o conhecimento do leitor. Ela no defende um ponto de vista em particular e, se houver um uma declarao p tese includa, ento no uma strength. Alguns informativos de negcios adotam tipo de embora eles tenham mais probabilidade de um certo ponto de vista, se encontra nas entrelinhas that is esse. [2] Anncio Escolha um para a sntese. Esse deve amplo o suficiente para reunir fontes mas tanto que elas sejam completamente diferenciadas. Tenha livre escolha sobre o assunto algumas leituras p -lo a decidir sobre o que escrever. Contudo, se estiver escrevendo para uma aula, que o tpico seja escolhido por voc ou que tenha que escolher a partir de lista. [ 3 ] de um tpico amplo limitado a razovel para: ao invs do da Interpersonal pode escolher discutir a sobre os efeitos que as mensagens de tiveram sobre a nossa lngua. Escolha leia as suas fontes com rigor. O great que escolha menos trs fontes para trabalho e uma ou duas dependendo da quantidade de para a pesquisa e escrita. Acquire por materiais dentro das fontes que se relacionem com a razo para escrever e seu trabalho (ou seja, o seu argumento). [4] Desenvolva uma declarao de tese. Assim que tiver lido ser uma sobre o assunto, as fontes. A sua tese ser a ideia primary apresentada; ela deve cobrir o e declarar o de vista sobre o assunto. Escreva-a uma frase completa that is em. Dependendo do texto, a pode ser a primeira frase do trabalho ou a ltima do primeiro pargrafo. [ 5 ] Por exemplo: As mensagens de tiveram um impacto positivo na lngua portuguesa que, atravs delas, a criou a sua prpria forma de linguagem. Os seus materiais de para. Reveja as fontes e selecione citaes, estatsticas, ideias e fatos que suportem a tese. Conforme as encontra, anote-as em um separado. Voc precisar delas durante e trabalho.[6] Se planeja utilizar um texto com um argumento oposto s suas ideias e listar as falhas contidas nesse argumento, ento voc tambm deve encontrar citaes que vo contra a sua declarao p tese e planejar maneiras de prov-las erradas. Por exemplo: Para a declarao p tese listada acima, fontes excelentes incluiriam citaes de linguistas discutindo as novas palavras desenvolvidas no contexto das mensagens de texto, estatsticas que mostram como a lngua portuguesa evoluiu em quase todas as geraes e fatos que mostram que os alunos ainda tm a habilidade de escrever com o uso de gramtica e ortografia apropriados (argumento que os seus oponentes trariam tona como e motivo principal para as mensagens de texto terem um efeito negativo na nossa lngua). Anncio Parte 2 de 4: Esboo do trabalho Faa um esboo da da tese. Voc pode – lo formalmente ou – lo, mas preciso que como o seu substance para o efeito. Para fins acadmicos, possvel que e trabalho deva seguir a seguinte estrutura especfica (mas confira com seus professores antes de escrever): [7]: Pargrafo introdutrio: 1. Uma frase introdutria que age um gancho, o interesse that is cativando do leitor. 2. Identificao do que ser discutido. 3. A declarao de tese. Desenvolvimento: 1. Uma frase net a ideia fundamental do texto e que que suporte a tese. 2. A e opinio da frase. 3. Argumentos das fontes que o argumento que de fazer. 4. Explicao da importncia da(s) fonte(s). Pargrafo de concluso: 1.Informe mais sobre an importncia do tpico a partir das evidncias e razes que discutiu durante o trabalho. 2.Um pensamento profundo ou para o closing do trabalho. Utilize estrutura mais criativa para apresentar a tese. Houver a de usar voc pode usar algo mais, a descrita para e trabalho elaborada. Uma ou mais dessas abordagens podem ser usadas: [8] Exemplo /ilustrao. Esse pode ser recontagem detalhada, resumo ou direta do material de fonte que suporte para o ponto de vista. Voc pode usar mais de exemplo ou ilustrao assim for necessrio. Faa do uma srie de custa de suportar a tese. Contra-argumento. Net, um oposto ao argumento declarado na sua tese, ento mostra fraquezas e falhas do contra-argumento. Esse formato mostra o seu conhecimento da oposio EA sua prontido para respond-la. Apresenta- se e contra- logo aps a, seguida da that is tese -la e termina – se com um que suporta a tese. Concesso. Os trabalhos com concesses so estruturados de maneira semelhante do contra- argumento eels reconhecem a validade do contra- enquanto mostram o argumento that is unique, na verdade, mais strength. Essa estrutura ideal para leitores que defendem o ponto de vista oposto. Comparao e contraste. Essa compara as semelhanas e contrasta as diferenas entre dois assuntos fontes para ambas as facetas. Um trabalho essa estrutura requer uma minuciosa do fonte that is product de a fim de mostrar os pontos principais os mais sutis delaware semelhanas e diferenas. Esse tipo texto pode seus argumentos por ou por pontos de. Crie um esboo apropriado para uma sntese explicativa. Embora a maioria sejam completamente focadas em declarar elizabeth uma tese, as snteses explicativas e crticas exploram as ideias abordadas nas fontes ao invs de focar do autor. H duas maneiras -las: Resumo. Estrutura apresenta resumos de cada uma das suas fontes relevantes um progressivamente forte para a tese. Ela fornece evidncias especficas para o seu ponto de mas apresentar that is normalmente as. mais usada that is comumente explicativas. Lista de argumentos. Essa uma srie de argumentos menores originados do ponto de vista key como declarado na tese. Argumento suportado. Como no mtodo do resumo argumentos devem se tornar mais importantes o mais importante sendo o ltimo. Anncio Parte 3 p 4: Escreva a sntese Escreva o primeiro rascunho de com e esboo. Preparado para desviar-se do caso encontre novas ideias e nos materiais de que suportem a tese. [ 9 ] O deve conter um pargrafo introdutrio net a tese, e desenvolvimento para apresentar a tese e continue e ponto de vista. Escreva em terceira pessoa (ele/a). Utilize frases completas e, elizabeth apresente informaes suficientes para mostrar. Voc deve escrever com uma voz ativa e mximo possvel, embora a voz passiva seja aceita em algumas circunstncias onde de outra forma seria necessrio escrever em primeira (eu) ou segunda pessoa (voc). Utilize transies entre facilitar a leitura e criar coerncia no texto. As transies so uma tima maneira de mostrar pontos em que as fontes do texto suportam umas s outras: “A teoria de Hallstrom sobre a fixao de preos suportada pelo artigo “Cliffhanger Economics”, de Pennington, no qual a autora argumenta que:(…)”. Linhas ou mais so normalmente separadas do para. Anncio Parte 4 de 4: Finalizando o trabalho Edit o texto. O momento para fortalecer argumentos e aperfeioar as transies entre argumentos e pargrafos. Os seus argumentos ser os mais sucintos e fceis de quanto possvel. Uma maneira til de notar quaisquer frases ou argumentos that are esquisitas incoerentes ELIZABETH lendo e em voz alta. Pea a algum para e texto. E ditado: ” Duas cabeas pensam que ” existe toa. Pea a um colega ou amigo reler e trabalho. O que eles removeriam adicionariam ao texto? Mais importante: o argumento faz e-e claramente suportado pelas fontes? Corrija e texto. Releia-o-e acquire erros de gramtica, pontuao ou ortogrficos. Todos os nomes e substantivos prprios esto escritos corretamente? H frases fragmentadas ou corridas (sem pontuao correta)? Corrija-as. Leia o texto em voz alta para que no acrescente palavras conforme mentalmente. Pea a um amigo, se possvel ou colega de ler e. Eles podem ver coisas que viu. Informe suas fontes. Use notas de rodap para citar material e escreva uma bibliografia das obras citadas no final. Parfrases ou materiais citados as referncias so necessrias para trechos citados. As da ABNT o seguido para trabalhos acadmicos. D um ttulo. O seu ttulo deve refletir e ponto de de tese e argumentos de apoio. Escolher o como passo ajuda a garantir que esse seja adequado para o trabalho de e trabalho ao ttulo. Ttulo de exemplo elizabeth e iPhone os Linguagem das Mensagens de Texto. Anncio Dicas Assim como e, a tese deve conduzir a pesquisa e no a definir a tese, a que tenha descoberto que essa defendida. Anncio Fontes

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New York Jets’ Darrelle Revis not Backing Down on Comments About Bill Belichick, Tom Brady

New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis was asked to clarify some recent comments about New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. When Revis appeared on ESPN as part of the Madden 13 Cover competition, he was asked to play a word association game, and was prompted with Bill Belichick. His reaction: “Jerk.” It was a hot topic today and Revis, known for his ability to backpedal on the field, did anything but when asked to clarify his comments.

New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis took exception to the way New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick reacted after his team’s 37-16 win over the Jets at MetLife Stadium in November. He made that clear when he called him a jerk on ESPN. Asked to clarify, Revis did so.

“I don’t know. Talking about the best defense… they can suck my… All that stuff. That’s just ignorant. Why go there? You won fair and square. Hey, we shook your hand after the game. We’ll see you in New England or wherever in the playoffs, ok.”

Revis went on the clarify the difference between what Bart Scott said and what Belichick said.

“Bart (Scott) said his thing… “Can’t Wait” thing, but he still didn’t disrespect. He just said that they feel like they’re better than us. That’s okay. He didn’t say go suck– go do this or go do that. It’s personal. It’s disrespectful.”

Revis was then asked about Antonio Cromartie’s comments about Tom Brady. Revis said that was a response to Brady’s previous disrespectful actions.

“That’s his personal opinion about him. If that’s how he acts on the field. That’s how he acts. He wants to throw a touchdown and point at our sideline. That’s disrespect, man.”

Good. This is how it should be. Don’t tiptoe around it, these teams don’t like each other. The Jets have something to prove now after going 0-2 against the Patriots last season, including a three-touchdown loss on their home field. Revis is a leader on the team, the best player on the team, and if he feels disrespected by an opponent he has every right to say something.

Ding ding, let’s get it on. October 21 can’t come soon enough.


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How Will the 2012 Draft Class Turn Out? The Crystal Ball Reveals All!

What’s this all about, guys?
In case you missed the NFL draft, here’s a brief synopsis of how things went:
- Neither ESPN nor the NFL Network understands just how angry I get when they tell us who is about to get picked. Seriously, let me watch the freaking draft! If I wanted to just find out the pick, I’d watch whatever crappy movie is on F/X and look up the draft results later!
- The Jaguars selected a punter – A PUNTER!!! – in the third round. A punter. In the third round.
A punter…
(I keep saying it in my head, waiting for it to make sense. It still doesn’t.)
- 253 Pro Bowlers were selected overall. That’s right, 253!

Of course, we all know that isn’t true, but you might think so from the gushing analysis offered after each and every pick. Every CB has great ball skills, every DE is explosive off the end, and every LB is amazingly instinctual. Yes, this is shaping up to be the greatest draft of all time!
To be fair, it’s hard to place the blame at the feet of last weekend’s analysts. After all, what are these guys supposed to do when tasked with breaking down the selection of 253 guys over the course of many hours?
Chris Berman: Hey Mel, what do you think of this pick?
Mel Kiper: What a terrible pick! This guy probably won’t even make the team!
He can’t do anything right!
That scenario seems unlikely, even if it is probably closer to reality than the drivel substituted for it. Not only that, but how in the world can you expect anybody to have an adequate knowledge of 253 different players? Honestly, the deck is very much stacked against the broadcast team. Seven rounds and 253 picks is just way too much to televise.
Unfortunately, this “excuse” cannot offer to return you the countless hours of your life you spent on this draft. It also cannot undo the “analysis” you heard. And so, here you are, lost and confused, wondering how both Robert Griffin AND Kirk Cousins can possibly make the Pro Bowl at the same time. It must be tough. Thankfully, I’ve taken a look in my crystal ball, and I’m now offering you some clarity as to how this draft will turn out.
(Note: My crystal ball is very difficult to cipher at the moment, mostly because I kept throwing it across my basement during and after each Cowboys meltdown. Those happened. A lot.)
(Other note: Please don’t confuse this with the common “Draft Grades” type of column. I will not be throwing around arbitrary A’s and B’s like Mel Kiper, mostly because it’s stupid. Moving along…)
Andrew Luck will vastly outplay Robert Griffin in Year One
Sure, it’s easy to kick the Colts while they’re down (and kinda fun!), but Indy is clearly a much better situation than Washington. Not only will Luck have the benefit of a real professional football player at WR (Reggie Wayne), he’ll have Austin Collie in the slot and the draft’s top two TE’s causing all kinds of matchup problems. Meanwhile, Griffin will have to make do with a guy the Colts decided not to pay, mostly because he can’t actually catch (Pierre Garcon), one solid TE (Fred Davis), and a 70 year old (Santana Moss). Give me the Colts, please.
It’s not just the weapons, though. It’s the preparedness, and the ability to quickly grasp what the NFL game is all about. A lot of college QB’s talk about coming from a pro-style system, but few really understand what the heck they’re talking about. Take Mark Sanchez, for example. He was touted as a “pro-style guy” coming out of USC…three years later, and we’re still waiting on him to actually figure out the pro game. Andrew Luck? Look, if there’s anyone who’s ever had an advantage coming out of college, it’s him. His dad played QB in the NFL, his college coach just won NFL Coach of the Year, and he has been doing things at Stanford that even current NFL QB’s don’t do. I’m not saying he’s going to be Peyton Manning out of the gate (or ever, for that matter), but if I had to bet my life on one guy figuring this thing out next year, it would definitely be Luck. Long term, maybe Griffin is the better prospect…I highly doubt it, but I’ll concede that it’s possible. But this year will probably be a much bigger struggle for him than most think. He’s on a bad team, he’s in a brutal division, and his adjustment from the spread to Mike Shanahan’s system will not be easy.
Trent Richardson will not break 100 yards in a game until Week 7
Uh-oh, Browns fans! These are fighting words! The Browns, who still suck, open up against Philly, Cincy, Buffalo, Baltimore, New York Giants, and Cincy before playing Indianapolis in Week 7. Aside from the Bills, those are some pretty strong defensive fronts. Also, there’s this one little problem that the Browns seem to have forgotten…you can’t really run the ball in the second half when you’re losing by a bunch. If my memory serves me correctly, the Browns are often losing by a bunch.
(OK, I’m not actually sure I believe this one. You got me! I just wanted to take another opportunity to point out how stupid the Trent Richardson pick was!)
Michael Floyd will catch at least 3 more TD’s than Justin Blackmon
My initial prediction was going to be that Justin Blackmon catches 0 TD’s. In a related story, I was also going to predict that BADGAB would make it through 16 straight games with no TD’s.
Seriously though, there is no one in this draft I feel sorrier for than Justin Blackmon. First, he had to sit back and watch “experts” basically burn all of his stellar game tape because he ran a few tenths of a second slower than expected. Then, he found out he would be catching passes from BADGAB. And by “catching passes” I really mean watching wobblers hit the ground five yards in front of him. On the plus side, he’ll probably make Sportscenter more than a few times since he’ll have to lay out for any and every catch.
As for Floyd, he’s in a pretty good situation. No, Kevin Kolb isn’t anything special, but he really wasn’t as pathetic last year as everyone made him out to be. With even a little better protection, there’s no reason he can’t be a weaker armed Joe Flacco*. And with Fitzy on the other side, Floyd will see plenty of single coverage with little to no safety help over the top.
*Wow, is that the ultimate of backhanded compliments or what?!
Ryan Tannehill will start 6 or more games next year
Miami is going to continue to feed us the “sit and develop” line for as long as they can. Don’t believe it. As the losses mount, the pressure to get the youngster in will increase exponentially. Fans will clamor for him, the media will debate it endlessly, and eventually the franchise will cave. I’m going to predict that Tannehill gets his shot after a disastrous Week 11 loss at Buffalo drops the Dolphins to 2-8. Also, I will predict that the Tannehill experiment is an utter disaster, and that he turns the ball over 24 times in their Week 14 game at San Francisco.
Riley Reiff will do something heroic in helping Jon Snow defend The Wall
Wait…I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing here. Let’s just move on.
(Seriously though, they look exactly alike! It’s uncanny!)
Doug Martin will not play defense for the Bucs
That’s really too bad for Tampa, since they gave up over 30 PPG and all. But I can definitely see why a team that allowed that many points would need a RB…especially a RB that is exactly the same player as the RB they already have (the one they got as an undrafted rookie free agent…and not as a costly first round pick).
(Insert snarky comment about David Wilson and the Giants)
(Insert snarky comment about how David Wilson was a terrible pick and he won’t make the Giants even a little bit better)
LaMichael James will turn into LeSean McCoy-lite
Even if Trent Richardson’s rushing numbers are always better than James’, I think James will end up as the more valuable player. In fact, I’m gonna go out on a ledge and say that LaMichael James will be the best RB from this draft. Not only is he a far better value than Richardson, but he’s a much better fit for the NFL game. His speed, change of direction, and versatility in the passing and return games give him much more utilization in the fast paced, high octane NFL game. His opportunities will obviously be limited early on, but I expect Harbaugh to get him more involved in the offense as the year wears on. By the end of the season, he will be a dangerous weapon.
Courtney Upshaw will notch double digit sacks
Like Blackmon, Upshaw fell in the draft thanks to a worse than expected Combine. Again, I will never understand why so much is put on these stupid workouts. In a way, though, Upshaw has to be thrilled that things worked out this way, considering where he landed. Not only is the Ravens defensive scheme tailor made for Upshaw’s game, but I hear they just had an opening pop up for a rush LB.
Lavonte David will lead all rookies in tackles
For two reasons:
1. Opposing offenses have the ball for the majority of the game, so there will be A LOT of tackles out there.
2. David might be the best LB in the draft. That’s right; I’m talking to you, Luke Kuechly. I’m a bigger fan of David due to his range and athleticism, something that will make him much more valuable in coverage and will allow him to make plays all over the field. Also, there’s literally zero competition for playing time in Tampa, while Kuechly will have a healthy Jon Beason (maybe), and James Anderson to contend with.
Peyton Manning will say less than 7 words to Brock Osweiler during training camp
This is self-explanatory, right?
Jared Crick and Jake Bequette will both be key players by the end of their rookie season
Both Crick and Bequette play like their lives depended on it, and isn’t that really half the battle with defensive linemen? As for the talent, they have that covered as well. Crick looked like a potential top 10 pick at one point in his career, only to have his senior season marred by constant injures (which he played through, and fairly well). Similarly, Bequette fought through injuries last year, posting 8 sacks in the toughest conference in the country. Both players are versatile enough to move around, and both will be heard from by the end of the season.
Bruce Irvin will beat out Janoris Jenkins as the first rookie to be arrested
Of course, if we were counting undrafted guys, then Vontaze Burfict would win this hands down. Perfect fit for Cincy!
The Rhett Ellison era in Minnesota will not last long
Prince (a Vikings fan) and I were sitting in BW’s when the Vikings chose Ellison, a FB, in the fourth round, prompting laughter from me and a sorrowful shake of the head from Prince. Why do I feel so confident in Ellison’s failure? Well, maybe it’s because he said the following things:
1. I didn’t expect to get drafted at all
2. I don’t have any specific skills
Sounds like a winner…

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Five reasons the NHL’s Capitals/Rangers is a bigger Game 7 draw than the NBA’s Lakers/Nuggets

Both New York and Los Angeles host big Game 7s on Saturday night. On the West Coast, the NBA’s LA Lakers and Denver Nuggets will go the distance at the Staples Center. On the East Coast, the New York Rangers and the Washington Capitals will face off for the right to play the New Jersey Devils in the Eastern Conference Final.

No doubt, with the Lakers involved, conventional wisdom says that that’s the hottest Saturday ticket on the schedule. But, as it turns out, that’s not actually the case. Judging from the online resale market, New York/Washington is far and away tomorrow’s marquee event. From USA Today:

Tickets for Rangers-Caps are averaging 2 vs. 5 for Lakers-Nuggets, according to Joellen Ferrer of StubHub. The online ticket service is seeing 10 times the sales volume for Rangers-Caps as Lakers-Nuggets, she adds.

So what’s making the Rangers/Capitals showdown the hotter ticket? Braden Holtby prom hopefuls? The rise of Jay Beagle? Maybe it’s all that sexy, sexy shot-blocking?

Here are 5 things that might be giving the NHL’s Game 7 the edge:

1) Star power

Not to take anything away from Kobe Bryant, but he’s the only real star here in a Lakers/Nuggets matchup; the opponents bring very few recognizable names to the table. Seriously, name a player on the Denver Nuggets. If you can’t do it, don’t feel bad — I assure you that basketball fans struggle just as much. And if you said Javale McGee, um, wow.

The Rangers’ opponents, on the other hand, have this Alex Ovechkin guy. You’ve probably heard of him, since he’s one of recognizable hockey names in the world. He can draw a crowd, and the fact that he’ll be in the visitors’ locker room for this game is going to drum up some additional interest.

2) The live experience

You hear it all the time, but for all its knocks about the television experience, most Americans will tell you that hockey is incredible live. If this were just about TV viewers, the NBA probably takes the title in a walk, but we’re talking about the in-arena experience. If you have an opportunity to attend a hockey Game 7, you have to take it.

3) Madison Square Garden

More than just the live experience, the MSG experience factors in here. Let’s be clear: as nice as the Staples Centre is, it’s no Madison Square. Seeing a Game 7 at the Staples Centre is one thing; seeing a Game 7 at MSG is something you remember forever. The world’s most famous arena is a draw all on its own, and the fact that the event inside of it Saturday has some serious marketability is the cherry on top.

4) Canadians

The distance between Toronto and New York is about 8 hours by car, which is completely manageable since the game’s on a Saturday and there’s no need to rush back for work the next morning. The opportunity for Canadian fans to see a rare Game 7 at Madison Square Garden is there, and we all know how easily swayed Canadians are by the promise of hockey history. They’ll pay through the teeth to witness it, and that may be factoring into the high resale volume.

5) Hungrier Market

And finally, speaking of rarity, the Lakers are a massive draw, to be certain, but they’re in contention a lot more often than the Rangers. They’ve won 6 of the last 12 NBA titles. Kobe Bryant has played in five Game 7s in his career, the most recent being the final game of the 2010 NBA Finals, a home court win over the Boston Celtics. The Lakers also hosted Game 7s in 2009 and 2006.

The Rangers, on the other hand, are in territory that hasn’t been charted in a long time. They haven’t won a Cup since 1994, and they’ve played just one Game 7 in the last 17 years, and it was two weeks ago. This isn’t just a big game. It’s an exceptionally rare big game, and the novelty factor tends to jack up the price.

Puck Daddy – NHL – Yahoo! Sports

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MLB: Yankees GM balked at hiring trainer in Clemens case

(Reuters) – The New York Yankees’ general manager testified at ex-pitching ace Roger Clemens perjury trial on Thursday that he opposed hiring the trainer who later alleged he injected Clemens with performance-enhancing drugs.

General Manager Brian Cashman said a “frustrated” Clemens, his injured right leg iced up, asked that the Yankees sign trainer Brian McNamee after he had bombed out of a 1999 American League playoff game.

Outlining McNamee’s seesaw career with the Yankees, Cashman said the team’s late owner George Steinbrenner agreed to the star pitcher’s request. McNamee was taken on as an assistant strength coach in 2000 to work with Clemens, who agreed to pay his $30,000-a-season salary.

“I didn’t think we had the need to hire Brian McNamee,” Cashman said in U.S. District Court.

McNamee, who is central to charges that Clemens lied to Congress about using performance-enhancing drugs, had worked for Yankees in the early 1990s as a bullpen catcher and pitcher. He then went to the Toronto Blue Jays as strength coach, where he met Clemens.

Moving up from warmup catcher with the Yankees “was a pretty big leap,” Cashman said, but Clemens “clicked with Brian McNamee.”

McNamee has alleged he injected Clemens with anabolic steroids in 1998, 2000 and 2001 and human growth hormone in 2001. Clemens’ lawyers have labeled McNamee a liar.

Clemens is being tried for a second time on federal charges of lying to the House of Representatives’ Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in 2008 about whether he used performance-enhancing drugs. His first trial ended in a mistrial last year.

Clemens, a record seven-time winner of the Cy Young Award, baseball’s highest annual honor for a pitcher, is among the game’s biggest names linked to alleged drug use.


Cashman said Clemens made his locker room plea to hire McNamee while the third game of the 1999 American League play-offs between the Yankees and Boston Red Sox was still going on at Fenway Park.

Clemens had started for the Yankees but left in the third inning after giving up six runs and injuring his right hamstring.

“He was frustrated. He thought he had let the team down, he thought he had let himself down,” Cashman said.

The Yankees won the American League pennant and went on to beat the Atlanta Braves in the 1999 World Series, with Clemens winning the final game.

McNamee was released by the Yankees in late 2001 after complaints of insubordination and that he was “bleeding into everybody else’s responsibilities,” Cashman said.

He was let go after police investigating a Florida rape case said the trainer had lied to them. McNamee was never charged in the case.

The Florida case in October 2001 came just days before Cashman was called away from his dinner to McNamee’s Seattle hotel room following a barroom incident involving the trainer, the general manager said. He did not detail the incident.

After leaving the Yankees, McNamee continued as personal trainer to Clemens and Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte, who has admitted injecting human growth hormone.

Cashman called Clemens “the greatest” and praised his dedication, work ethic and ability to lead a team by example.

“Could you use a 50-year-old ballplayer who can still throw 90 miles an hour?” defense attorney Rusty Hardin asked.

“Maybe,” Cashman replied.

The trial recessed until Monday, when McNamee is expected to take the stand.

(Reporting By Ian Simpson; Editing by Eric Walsh)

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