NBA players pick favorite and worst coaches to play for

Sports Illustrated did a poll asking players which coaches they want to play for the most, and which the least. You probably could have come up with this list on your own, but now it’s confirmed.

Doc Rivers, Mike D’Antoni and Gregg Popovich are the coaches player’s “most” want to play for and Stan Van Gundy, as well as current Bucks coach, Scott Skiles (also the record-holder for most assists in a single NBA game), were unfortunately voted by players as the coaches they’d “least” like to play for.

The news of the poll merely adds a dollop of whip cream and a maraschino cherry on top the sundae of awful that was Stan Van Gundy’s Wednesday. If you’re not aware, Fox Sports is reporting (via WKMG-TV) Dwight Howard is unwilling to return to the court for the Magic unless Stan gets got. You’ve probably already heard why Dwight is upset, but it’s Stan and GM Otis Smith that’s have to deal with Dwight’s (possible) ultimatum. Regardless, it’s not a particularly surprising revelation.

Howard has become a sort of poster-child for this churlish superstar behavior, and if I was Indiana, I’d hope the Orlando dysfunction continues, unabated. If Dwight doesn’t play in the playoffs—whether because of injury or because of his continued sulking over Stan’s presence as coach (and an implicit message from management, that not even Dwight Howard can blackball them into firing the coach)—they’ll have a much easier time of advancing past the 1st round.

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