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NJNR’s Tom ‘The Bomb’ picks $32 Kentucky Derby Winner plus $306 cold exacta! NFL Hall of Famer Harry Carson, mentor to Junior Seau, makes head trauma a priority Titanic message for sports and athletes: Get desperate now
NJNR’s Tom ‘The Bomb’ picks $32 Kentucky Derby Winner plus $306 cold exacta!

NJNR’s Tom ‘The Bomb’ picks $32 Kentucky Derby Winner plus $306 cold exacta!

Tom The Bomb Valledolmo, newjerseynewsroom.com racing correspondent and professional handicapper, continued his amazing run in the Triple Crown series by picking the Kentucky Derby winner for the third straight year when he not only tabbed I’ll Have Another, the $32 winner Saturday, but the $306 exacta with second-place finisher Bodemeister as well. Watch for more [...]

NJNR’s Tom ‘The Bomb’ picks $32 Kentucky Derby Winner plus $306 cold exacta!
NFL Hall of Famer Harry Carson, mentor to Junior Seau, makes head trauma a priority

NFL Hall of Famer Harry Carson, mentor to Junior Seau, makes head trauma a priority

BY ADELE SAMMARCO NEWJERSEYNEWSROOM.COM NFL football great, Harry Carson, and Meridian Neuroscience spokesperson, made a surprise visit Thursday to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune. With a charismatic style all his own, the former New York Giants team captain visited stroke patients and popped in on Edison native Ken Kramer in his hospital room. [...]

NFL Hall of Famer Harry Carson, mentor to Junior Seau, makes head trauma a priority
Titanic message for sports and athletes: Get desperate now

Titanic message for sports and athletes: Get desperate now

BY MIKE TULLY NEWJERSEYNEWSROOM.COM COMMENTARY All those Titanic movies over the weekend got me thinking about hitting golf balls. That may sound like an odd connection to make, until you see those passengers standing on the stern, hundreds of feet above the ocean, just before the ship goes down. They are doing anything they can [...]

Titanic message for sports and athletes: Get desperate now

NY Post Phil Mushnick Defends Position of Saying Nets Could Be Called Brooklyn Niggers

Before I explain to you how flawed and stupid Mushnick logic is defending his column (NY Post Writer Phil Mushnick Says Nets Could be Called “New York Niggers”) here is what he had to say about Bob Blitz.

Such obvious, wishful and ignorant mischaracterizations of what I write are common. I don’t call black men the N-word; I don’t regard young women as bitches and whores; I don’t glorify the use of assault weapons and drugs. Jay-Z, on the other hand…..Is he the only NBA owner allowed to call black men N—ers?”

Jay-Z profits from the worst and most sustaining self-enslaving stereotypes of black-American culture and I’M the racist? Some truths, I guess, are just hard to read, let alone think about.

(Same column I provide support for Amar’e Stoudemire at a time when everyone in town is ripping him to shreds. That was my LEAD, too, but what does that matter?)

Later in the Mushnick replied to an email from the Village Voice: “”James [King] – did you actually read what I wrote and what I’ve been writing for 30 years? I don’t call black men niggas; my kids never heard the word until folks such as Jay-Z came along. I’d suggest you talk to him about it. What I wrote today was on Jay Z’s artistry, and only the wishful and foolish would so badly misinterpret and mischaracterize it as you plan to do.

First off when did Mushnick become the voice of who can or can’t say Nigger and black stereotypes in America?  Ironically, he is perpetuating one of the biggest stereotypes of all.  That all rappers or black guys in hoodies are thugs and gangsters.

Nelly is a minority sports owner, Usher is a minority sports owner, Marc Anthony is a minority sports owner and ton of other entertainers.

Magic Johnson just bought the Dodgers, does that mean Mushnick can make a column saying their name can be changed to the LA AIDS?

Just because Mushnick wrote nice things about Amar’e that means he can’t write an ignorant column?  That is the “black friend” defense that I told you he would use.

He goes to it often……

He never would call a black man a nigger or a woman a whore, but Jay Z does, so he lazily writes a column about calling the Nets the Brooklyn Niggers.

He might have a beef Jay Z and he might not be a racist, but what he truly is an ignorant individual.  This has nothing to do with Jay Z, this has to do with a white reporter being able to be flippant about calling a team filled with mostly black players niggers.

Nothing funny or creative about that.

It was crude and self serving.  It couldn’t have been done to anyone else without Mushnick being fired.  He couldn’t have said the Brooklyn Chinks or Brooklyn Jews, that wouldn’t have went over very well.

His intent is irrelevant, I don’t care what he meant, I care about what he said.

The fact that the Post doesn’t care tells you all you need to know how they feel about black people in general.  It is still ok for us to be spoken about in a negative way and no one will ever say anything, but Jeremy Lin can have 30 people fired over headlines regardless of intent.

Always remember as a black person as soon as you step out the door you are down 14-0 in society and when they want to cover up their ignorance they will just blame Jay Z.


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Fantasy Baseball Two start pitchers week 7 May 14th – May 20th, 2012

Week 7 will showcase some of the best pitchers in the game as two start options.  Chances are you won’t need to dip into the third or fourth tier if you are looking for a two start pitcher in the upcoming scoring period.

All projections are current as of May 7th, 2012.  These projections are subject to change if there are rain delays or injuries.

Tier 1

Clayton Kershaw pitching for the Los Angeles Dodgers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Clayton Kershaw – LAD                        5/14 vs ARI – Ian Kennedy                    5/19 vs STL - Jake Westbrook

Stephen Strasburg – WAS                    5/15 vs SD – Anthony Bass                   5/20 vs BAL – Jason Hammel

Dan Haren – LAA                                   5/14 vs OAK – Brandon McCarthy        5/19 @ SD – Jeff Suppan

C.C. Sabathia – NYY                              5/15 @ BAL – Jason Hammel                5/20 vs CIN – Johnny Cueto

Zack Greinke – MIL                                5/15 @ NYM – Dillon Gee                       5/20 vs MIN – Jason Marquis

David Price – TB                                    5/15 @ TOR – Henderson Alvarez         5/20 vs ATL – Tim Hudson

Ian Kennedy – ARI                                 5/14 @ LAD – Clayton Kershaw             5/19 @ KC – Danny Duffy

Cliff Lee – PHI                                        5/15 vs HOU – Aneury Rodriguez           5/20 vs BOS – Josh Beckett

Lee is still a low #1 option as he returns from injury, but should be able to get on track with that first start against the Astros.

Tier 2

Jon Lester – Getty Images

Anibal Sanchez – MIA                            5/14 vs PIT – Erik Bedard                        5/19 @ CLE - Zach McAllister

Johnny Cueto – CIN                               5/15 @ ATL – Tim Hudson                       5/20 @ NYY – C.C. Sabathia

Jon Lester – BOS                                   5/14 vs SEA – Kevin Millwood                 5/19 @ PHI – Joe Blanton

Brandon Morrow – TOR                         5/14 vs TB – Jeff Niemann                       5/19 vs NYM – Miguel Batista

Tim Lincecum – SF                                5/15 vs COL – TBA                                    5/20 vs OAK – Tyson Ross

There is plenty of concern about Lincecum this year, but with 2 very winnable games against the Rockies and A’s, he is a tier 2 starter this week

Colby Lewis – TEX                                  5/14 vs KC – Danny Duffy                        5/19 @ HOU – Lucas Harrell

Kyle Lohse – STL                                    5/15 vs CHC – Paul Maholm                    5/20 @ LAD – Chad Billingsley

Lohse has been one of the surprises of 2012, and is very nearly a tier 1 starter for the upcoming scoring period.  He should be active in all formats while he is pitching like this.

Derek Holland – TEX                               5/15 vs KC – Bruce Chen                         5/20 @ HOU – Aneury Rodriguez

Brandon McCarthy - OAK                      5/14 @ LAA – Dan Haren                          5/19 @ SF – Ryan Vogelsong

Tier 3

Ryan Dempster – Wikipedia

Chad Billingsley – LAD                           5/15 vs ARI – Wade Miley                         5/20 vs STL – Kyle Lohse

Jason Hammel – BAL                             5/15 vs NYY – C.C. Sabathia                     5/20  @ WAS – Stephen Strasburg

Hammel has looked extremely solid through the first month of the season, but with two tough matchups against the Yanks and Nats he doesn’t quite make the second tier of pitchers

Ryan Dempster – CHC                            5/14 @ STL – Jake Westbrook                 5/19 vs CHW – Eric Stults

Dempster pitches like a tier 1 guy, but with no offense backing him up, and the bullpen blowing all his wins, he falls to the third tier for week 7

Josh Johnson – MIA                               5/15 vs PIT – Kevin Correia                      5/20 @ CLE – Jeanmar Gomez

Max Scherzer – DET                               5/15 @ CHW – Jake Peavy                        5/20 vs PIT – Kevin Correia

Scherzer gets two easy offenses in week 7 as he faces the White Sox and the Pirates, and his owners could get a nice week out of the young hurler

Josh Beckett – BOS                                5/15 vs SEA - Jason Vargas                    5/20 @ PHI – Cliff Lee

Drew Smyly – DET                                   5/14 @ CHW – John Danks                      5/19 vs. PIT – Erik Bedard

Tim Hudson – ATL                                   5/15 vs CIN – Johnny Cueto                     5/20 @ TB – David Price

Ross Detwiler – WAS                               5/14 vs SD – Jeff Suppan                         5/19 vs BAL – Wei-Yin Chen

Detwiler has been turning heads in Washington, D.C., and he vaults into the third tier for week 7.  If you are in need of a solid pickup, he should be available in most fomats, and has two very winnable games against the Padres and Orioles.

Erik Bedard – PIT                                     5/14 @ MIA – Anibal Sanchez                   5/19 @ DET – Drew Smyly

Bedard looks like he is capturing his old form, but with two power offenses upcoming in the Marlins and Tigers, it will be hard for him to lock up two wins, and he is a low tier 3 option.

Tier 4

Ervin Santana – Wikipedia

Ervin Santana – LAA                               5/15 vs OAK – Tyson Ross                       5/20 @ SD – Anthony Bass

Most owners still see Santana as a tier 2 or tier 3 option, but this year he is barely ownable as his control is all over the map and strikeouts are down.  The good news?  Two pitchers ballparks in Oakland and San Diego make Santana a high tier 4 option.

Jason Vargas – SEA                                5/15 @ BOS – Josh Beckett                      5/20 @ COL – TBA

John Danks – CHW                                  5/14 vs DET – Drew Smyly                        5/20 @ CHC – Paul Maholm

Henderson Alvarez – TOR                       5/15 vs TB – David Price                           5/20 vs NYM – Dillon Gee

Alvarez is another young arm to keep an eye on in 2012, he is starting to turn heads but with a tough matchup against the Rays he remains a tier 4 option in week 7

Jake Westbrook – STL                             5/14 vs CHC – Ryan Dempster                 5/19 @ LAD – Clayton Kershaw

Joe Blanton – PHI                                     5/14 vs HOU – Lucas Harrell                    5/19 vs BOS – Jon Lester

Ryan Vogelsong – SF                               5/14 vs COL – Jeremy Guthrie                 5/19 vs OAK – Brandon McCarthy

Jeff Niemann – TOR                                  5/14 @ TOR – Brandon Morrow               5/19 vs ATL – Randall Delgado

Danny Duffy – KC                                      5/14 @ TEX – Colby Lewis                       5/19 vs ARI – Ian Kennedy

Duffy might have a funny name, but he throws in the high 90?s from the left side, and could be the ace of the Royals staff in a few years.  Having to face the Rangers and Diamondbacks won’t help much in week 7, which is why you find Duffy in the 4th tier.

Jeanmar Gomez – CLE                              5/14 @ MIN – Carl Pavano                       5/20 vs MIA – Josh Johnson

Tier 5

Homer Bailey – Getty Images

Wei-Yin Chen – BAL                                  5/14 vs NYY – David Phelps                    5/19 @ WAS - Ross Detwiler

Homer Bailey – CIN                                   5/14 @ ATL – Randall Delgado                5/19 @ NYY – David Phelps

Wade Miley – ARI                                       5/15 @ LAD – Chad Billingsley               5/20 @ KC – Bruce Chen

Dillon Gee – NYM                                       5/15 vs MIL – Zack Greinke                     5/20 @ TOR – Henderson Alvarez

Marco Estrada – MIL                                  5/14 @ NYM – Miguel Batista                  5/19 vs MIN – Carl Pavano

Randall Delgado – ATL                              5/14 vs CIN – Homer Bailey                    5/19 @ TB – Jeff Niemann

Carl Pavano – MIN                                      5/14 vs CLE – Jeanmar Gomez              5/19 @ MIL – Marco Estrada

Lucas Harrell – HOU                                   5/14 @ PHI – Joe Blanton                       5/19 vs TEX – Colby Lewis

Bruce Chen – KC                                         5/15 @ TEX – Derek Holland                  5/20 vs ARI – Wade Miley

David Phelps – NYY                                    5/14 @ BAL – Wei-Yin Chen                   5/19 vs CIN – Homer Bailey

Paul Maholm – CHC                                    5/15 @ STL – Kyle Lohse                        5/20 vs CHW – John Danks

Kevin Correia – PIT                                     5/15 @ MIA – Josh Johnson                   5/20 @ DET – Max Scherzer

Tyson Ross – OAK                                      5/15 @ LAA – Ervin Santana                   5/20 @ SF – Tim Lincecum

Jeremy Guthrie – COL                                5/14 @ SF – Ryan Vogelsong                  5/19 vs SEA – Kevin Millwood

There is no reason to own any of the Rockies pitchers in 2012, let alone the “ace” of the staff Guthrie.  Even with two winnable games against the Giants and Mariners, Guthrie will probably give up 4+ runs in each game.

Jason Marquis – MIN                                   5/15 vs CLE – Derek Lowe                      5/20 @ MIL – Zack Greinke

Kevin Millwood – SEA                                 5/14 @ BOS – Jon Lester                         5/19 @ COL – Jeremy Guthrie

Aneury Rodriguez – HOU                            5/15 @ PHI – Cliff Lee                              5/20 vs TEX – Derek Holland

Miguel Batista – NYM                                   5/14 vs MIL – Marco Estrada                   5/19 @ TOR – Brandon Morrow

Jeff Suppan – SD                                          5/14 @ WAS – Ross Detwiler                  5/19 vs LAA – Dan Haren

That is it for today, as always any questions please take to the forums!

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2012 Early Fantasy Football WR Rankings

Here’s an early look at 2012 LestersLegends fantasy football tight end rankings.
1. Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions
Megatron was an absolute beast last year with 96 catches for 1681 yards and 16 scores. He’s number one and it’s not really close.
2. Wes Welker, New England Patriots
What knee injury? All Welker did last year was catch 122 passes for 1569 yards and nine TDs. With Gronk and Aaron Hernandez it is hard to key in on Welker. Not to mention the addition of Brandon Lloyd.
3. Hakeem Nicks, New York Giants
Victor Cruz put up better numbers last year, but Nicks was a force as well with 1192 yards and seven TDs.
4. Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals
Michael Floyd should relieve some of the attention on Fitz, who had his fourth 1400-yard season.
5. Victor Cruz, New York Giants
After 1536 yards and nine TDs there should be plenty more salsa dancing in 2012.
6. Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers
He’ll be 33, but he still has plenty of speed and an emerging quarterback.
7. Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons
Recorded his fourth 1200-yard season and has 29 scores over the past three years.
8. Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons
At times he was even better than Roddy. He should really emerge in his second season.
9. Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers
He has sneaky quickness and a great rapport with the best QB in the game. Scored 15 times last year.
10. Andre Johnson, Houston Texans
He makes me nervous because he couldn’t get healthy last year. He finished strong though and should be a great value this year.
11. Brandon Marshall, Chicago Bears
Assuming he stays out of trouble he should build on the 1214 yard, six TD season as he’s reunited with Jay Cutler.
12. Mike Wallace, Pittsburgh Steelers
For now I consider him likely to return to the Steelers. He has elite speed and is coming off his second big year. Look for more of the same.
13. Greg Jennings, Green Bay Packers
Was limited to 13 games last year, but still caught nine TDs with 949 yards.
14. Marques Colston, New Orleans Saints
Continues to produce 1000-yard seasons. He’s averaging 1040 yards and eight TDs per year in his six seasons.
15. A.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals
Had a great rookie year (1057 yards, seven TDs). Look for even more.
16. Brandon Lloyd, New England Patriots
Played with a ridiculous bad cast of QBs in his time with Denver and St. Louis last year. Brady should help him improve on the 966 yards and five scores.
17. Percy Harvin, Minnesota Vikings
The Vikes will have to figure out a better way to use Percy and Adrian Peterson at the same time. He was dominant at times, and should continue to be productive both running and catching the football.
18. Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis Colts
Wayne will take on the role of Andrew Luck’s security blanket. The Colts still figure to be behind most of the time and forced to throw a bunch.
19. DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles
Coming off a disappointing season (961 yards, four TDs). He’ll be hit or miss, but he should be much better in 2012.
20. Vincent Jackson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
He isn’t in as fantasy-friendly a situation, and you’ll have to worry that he won’t be as motivated after getting paid. Still, he’s got a great speed-size combo and should remain a difficult cover.
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Michael Vick And Other Fantasy Football Quarterbacks To Avoid In 2012

As Fantasy Football owners continue to list and re-list their cheat sheets for the 2012 NFL Season, several quarterbacks are getting a bit too much love as we head into May. Between coaching changes, injury history or roster turnover, some quarterbacks find themselves either losing value or getting overvalued compared to 2011. Below are my top 5 players who I won’t touch with a ten-foot pole come Fantasy Football Draft time.

Michael Vick may put up big numbers, but his injury history will make me shy away from him.

1. Michael Vick (Philadelphia Eagles) - I’m not avoiding Vick because of his stats. The guy can put up 3500 passing yards and toss in another 500 on the ground without blinking. The problem with Vick is he can’t stay healthy. Because of his continued “I’m going to run when the pressure is on” attitude, he has yet to play a full 16-game season since 2006. There is no doubt that the guy has weapons. DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek and LeSean McCoy set Vick up for a promising season again in 2012, but the chances of him missing 2-3 games because of an injury are always too great. If you do draft Vick, you better as hell get a really strong QB2 to make up for that missed time. As of now, I don’t trust any of the team’s other quarterbacks to carry the load if Vick is out. Mike Kafka? I don’t think so.

2. Alex Smith (San Francisco) - Smith not only gets too much love because of the 49ers’ playoff run last year, but also because the team added Randy Moss to the mix at receiver. To me that signing means jack squat. Smith was and will continue to be one of the more inconsistent starters in the entire league. Looking at his stats from 2011, Smith was only able to put up a little over 196 passing yards a game and had 5 games in which he didn’t have a touchdown pass. Even as a QB2 in a bye week, those numbers aren’t exactly spectacular enough to get me a win. Now don’t get me wrong. In a 16-team league, you almost have to take Smith in order to have 2 starting quarterbacks. But in 12 teamers, Smith just isn’t worth the time. If my QB1 went down, I’d rather look elsewhere.

3. Tim Tebow/Mark Sanchez (New York Jets) - So the Jets get in the mix for Peyton Manning, supposedly give Mark Sanchez more money as an “apology,” but then trade for Tebow? Are the Jets quietly trying to kill Sanchez’s self esteem? I give it around Week 6 or Week 7 until Rex Ryan starts feeling pressure from the fans and the front office to put Tebow in as the starter. It’s not like Sanchez was lighting it up before the trade. However, I don’t like Tebow or Sanchez as QB2s or as starters in two-quarterback leagues. Sanchez may not last the whole year. And even if he does, he wasn’t that good of a fantasy option even before Tebow came to the Big Apple. As for Tebow, there is still mystique surrounding him, but he’s going to get torn to shreds in the media and in the locker room if he doesn’t start throwing the ball more. Eventually, both of these guys could cancel out each others’ fantasy value, making both undraftable.

4. Joe Flacco (Baltimore Ravens) - Flacco wants to be paid like a top-5 NFL quarterback, but does he really deserve it? Under Flacco, the Ravens have gotten to the playoffs every year from 2008-2011, but his regular season numbers don’t translate very well fantasywise. In 2011, he averaged around 15 fantasy points a game. Which might be fine for a QB2, but the problem is Flacco continues to be drafted as a QB1 in many leagues and I really don’t know why. The team failed to upgrade their offense in free agency and the draft, instead relying on Anquan Boldin and second-year Torrey Smith. Cam Newton, whose offenses have been critiqued as “too predictable,” figures to continue the run-first mentality with Ray Rice. But Cameron won’t do much to help Flacco progress as a passer. Which is why many fans and analyzers were surprised Cameron was re-signed. The team also lost top guard Ben Grubbs to the Saints. Add that all up and I would rather let someone else deal with the headache.

5. Anyone from the 2012 Rookie Class – (Non-Dynasty leagues) I know it’s tempting to take a rookie quarterback in your redraft league, especially when it’s starting to get in the late rounds. But please don’t do it. While I envision both Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III having great success in the NFL, no rookie is worth taking in your initial draft. Cam Newton may have lit it up last year, but how often do we see a rookie put up those kinds of numbers in their first year as a pro? Newton was the exception, not the rule. If anything, I would rather let all these guys go undrafted and pick one of them up off the waiver wire if one of them does wind up having success early.

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Jets Prove through Draft that Offensive Philosophy has Changed

Don’t think the Jets are dedicated to the Ground and Pound? When Mike Tannenbaum said “That would be just a coincidence” when responding to questions that it looks like the Jets drafted players to fit the option type offense.

Mike, I call bullox. There is NO WAY I believe you when you draft the following:

  • A WR who has the threat to go deep but his major function was to block and be a best opening up holes. (Stephen Hill).
  • A Running Back who played in the Option offense in Baylor (Terrance Ganaway)
  • Then the very NEXT pick, A guard who played in the SAME offense in Baylor (Robert T. Griffin)

It appears the Jets will be running quite a bit with Greene and Ganaway as the A Backs, and McKnight and Powell as the B backs.

Still don’t believe me? The Fifth Down Blog finds even more clues leading up to the draft:

1) The hiring of Tony Sparano as the team’s offensive coordinator. Sparano is known as a run-first offensive tactician who also likes to stretch the field with a deep passing game. Sparano is also the “father” of the N.F.L.’s modern Wildcat offense. As Miami’s rookie coach in 2008, Sparano deployed a Wildcat offense that featured a direct snap to running back Ronnie Brown as a complement to a broader offensive scheme run by former Jets quarterback Chad Pennington to help the Dolphins go from 1-15 in 2007 to 11-5 in 2008.

2) The trade for quarterback/rusher Tim Tebow. Tebow’s athleticism makes him a threat every time he has the ball. Mark Sanchez may be the starter, but the Jets didn’t get Tebow just to hold a clipboard. It will be up to Sparano to find a way to use him to the Jets’ best advantage, whether in the Wildcat or a read-option attack.

3) The failure to draft an offensive tackle. Speculation before the draft was that the Jets needed to find a replacement for Wayne Hunter, who struggled for much of the season, especially in pass protection. A strength of Hunter’s is his run blocking. On Saturday, Ryan talked up Hunter, saying he expected him to have a good season. If Hunter is the starter again, it may be a sign of just how much the Jets intend to run this season. Even so, does it make sense to stick with Hunter after his performance last season?

4) The additions of Hill and Ganaway. I will leave out Griffin here, because there is little chance he will be a starter this season. But Hill and Ganaway figure to have important roles. Ryan has already said he expects the big-and-fast Hill to be a starter, and he is known to be a devastating downfield blocker. Tannenbaum mentioned the 5-11, 240 pound Ganaway in the same breath as Shonn Greene on Saturday. Given Ganaway’s success with Griffin last season, would it be a stretch to see him on the field at the same time as Tebow this season?

Mark my words. Mark Sanchez will go back to the player we saw in 2009/2010 with a dominant running game and where Mark’s role will be to manage the game. The Jets will have the threat of throwing the ball and will connect from time to time, but the base offense will be to “Ground and Pound”.

Bringing Tebow in will cause opponents fits as they will have to prepare for both quarterbacks, and drafting the new players to fit the new offense, we clearing will see a different New York Jets on offense.

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Post NFL Draft: How Do The 2012 Rookies Rank In Fantasy Football

With the 2012 NFL Draft wrapped up and experts grading out all 32 teams’ picks, it’s time to dive right back into Fantasy Football for the 2012 season and see where the new guys rank. This is definitely a list that Dynasty Football owners will want to take a look at since most rookie-only drafts will be taking place within the next several weeks to months.


1. Robert Griffin III – Washington Redskins
2. Andrew Luck – Indianapolis Colts
3. Brandon Weedon – Cleveland Browns
4. Ryan Tannehill – Miami Dolphins
5. Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks
6. Ryan Lindley – Arizona Cardinals
7. Brock Osweiler – Denver Broncos
8. B.J. Coleman – Green Bay Packers
9. Kirk Cousins – Washington Redskins
10. Nick Foles – Philadelphia Eagles


I really like Griffin’s potential as a QB2 in larger redraft leagues this year. With better coaching, better players around him and his ability to run, he could be a strong sleeper option in leagues that allow two starting fantasy quarterbacks. Luck should have success right out of the gate. But with an iffy backfield and Reggie Wayne as the lone veteran weapon in the offense (Austin Collie is right behind him), Luck will take a bit longer to truly succeed. Either way, both are going to be the top two quarterbacks taken in all dynasty leagues. Whether or not Colt McCoy is still a Brown by training camp is irrelevant. The job will be Weedon’s to lose. Tannehill is going to find it rough going in Miami and could be a boom-or-bust prospect. After the top four, it’s anyone’s call. Wilson and Lindley could find success entering quarterback stables that are on shaky ground. Everyone else will be backups or third stringers for the time being. The Redskins are believed to have drafted Cousins for the sole purpose of trading him for future picks.

I couldn’t end the quarterbacks without posting the hilarious gifs of Russell Wilson’s wife going crazy face after Wilson was selected by the Seahawks with the No. 75 overall pic. PRICELESS!! Courtesy of SB Nation.


1. Trent Richardson – Cleveland Browns
2. Doug Martin – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
3. David Wilson – New York Giants
4. Bernard Pierce – Baltimore Ravens
5. Isaiah Pead – St. Louis Rams
6. LaMichael James – San Francisco 49ers
7. Lamar Miller – Miami Dolphins
8. Ronnie Hillman – Denver Broncos
9. Chris Polk – Philadelphia Eagles
10. Chris Rainey – Pittsburgh Steelers


I was pretty close to ranking Martin over Richardson as I like Martin’s outlook past 2012 over the Cleveland running back. But because Martin will still have to contend with LeGarrette Blount for carries this year, Ruchardson holds the top spot. Either way, I love both players and I wouldn’t fault anyone for taking either one first in a dynasty league. Richardson should easily be in the mix for Offensive Rookie of the Year honors. With Brandon Jacobs gone and Ahmad Bradshaw’s propensity for injury, Wilson should be in the mix for carries right away and is easily Bradshaw’s handcuff. Much like the quarterback rankings, it’s anyone’s guess as to who will have more fantasy value beyond the top three. I have Pierce ranked at No. 4 because he stands to have the best chance at being the primary backup behind Ray Rice. The same goes for Pead, who could wind up as Steven Jackson’s eventual successor as the starter under Jeff Fisher. Ranked as a low-second-to-high-third round pick before the draft, Polk went undrafted due to issues regarding his shoulder. But the Eagles may have gotten one of the undrafted free agent gems with the backup spot behind LeSean McCoy left open after Ronnie Brown left for free agency. Rainey projects as a Dexter McCluster clone who OC Todd Haley could utilize in the rushing and receiving game.


1. Michael Floyd – Arizona Cardinals
2. Justin Blackmon – Jacksonville Jaguars
3. Kendall Wright – Tennessee Titans
4. Stephen Hill – New York Jets
5. Alshon Jeffery – Chicago Bears
6. Brian Quick – St. Louis Rams
7, Rueben Randle – New York Giants
8. Ryan Broyles – Detroit Lions
9. Mohamed Sanu – Cincinnati Bengals
10. A.J. Jenkins – San Francisco 49ers


Blackmon may have been the top pick at receiver in the draft, but I love Floyd’s fantasy outlook in both dynasty and redraft leagues in 2012. Playing across from Larry Fitzgerald, who is the ultimate tutor in receiving, will pay dividends for Floyd immediately. Blackmon’s fantasy outlook is a bit murky in 2012 with Blaine Gabbert at quarterback. Not to mention that the team really doesn’t have any other legit weapons in the passing game outside of Laurent Robinson, who may have benefited more by playing with Miles Austin and Dez Bryant in Dallas. I love what the Titans are doing in their offense. With a bounce-back candidate in Chris Johnson, Kenny Britt coming back and Jake Locker expected to make a push for the starting job against Matt Hasselbeck, the Titans have a young talented squad that will grow together in an AFC South division that will no longer have to deal with Peyton Manning. The next three, Hill, Jeffery and Quick, all have chances to start immediately in 2012. Even though he will be stuck behind Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks, I like Randle’s upside playing in the Giants’ offense. Broyles could start the season on the PUP list because of ACL surgery, but his dynasty value is looking up if he can secure the No. 2 spot across from Calvin Johnson. He is an upgrade over current starter Nate Burleson. Jenkins rounds out the top 10, but he shouldn’t be a redraft option considering the logjam at receiver at the moment.


1. Coby Fleener – Indianapolis Colts
2. Michael Egnew – Miami Dolphins
3. Dwayne Allen – Indianapolis Colts
4. James Hanna – Dallas Cowboys
5. Orson Charles – Cincinnati Bengals


Having played with Andrew Luck in Stanford, Fleener should have fantasy value as soon as this year as Luck’s security blanket. The team wound up taking Allen with their next pick, which makes many believe that the Colts are going to try and duplicate the success that the Patriots have with Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. Egnew is a dynasty option only, as Missouri’s past draft prospects Chase Coffman and Martin Rucker were complete busts. Unless something changes between now and Week One, Fleener looks to be the only tight end from this year’s draft class to be worth anything.

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Comparing the NFC East rivals’ quality of Draft to the Eagles’…

It’s always tough to compare division rivals and their spoils in the Draft. Each team has a unique matrix of combined needs and wants. Where you fall in picks for the draft in numerical succession affects everything…so that it’s more about a numbers game than extreme scouting abilities in competition.

Here’s how the numbers fell in the 2012 Draft for the NFC East:

Vinny Curry to the Eagles…. how could you not see this pick as a once-and-future message of Defensive End rushing threat to every offense in the NFC East?

Brandon Boykin… How did the rest of the division overlook this cat? As Leo Pizzini pointed out in yesterday’s comments, not only is Boykin a potentially greater cover cornerback than Asante Samuel, but he can return kicks and punts…and has the athleticism equivalent to Michael Jordan in terms of vertical leap…


Dallas Cowboys: Dallas used its first 4 picks on defense and with good reasons. After giving up 33 touchdown passes in 2010, tied for the most in the league, the Cowboys made some improvement in this area last season numbers-wise. But it’s worth noting that while Rob Ryan’s unit allowed only 24 scores through the air, 9 of those came in the 4 losses to the Giants and Eagles. Combined with free agent addition CB Brandon Carr (Chiefs) and former first-rounder CB Mike Jenkins, the Pokes figure to be better in the secondary. And the additions of Crawford and Wilber hope to aid a pass rush that produced a respectable 42 sacks, but 19.5 came from OLB DeMarcus Ware.

1/6 DB Morris Claiborne (LSU)
3/81 DE Tyrone Crawford (Boise State)
4/113 DE Kyle Wilber (Wake Forest)
4b/135 DB Matt Johnson (Eastern Washington)
5/152 WR Danny Coale (Virginia Tech)
6/186 TE James Hanna (Oklahoma)
7/222 LB Caleb McSurdy (Montana)


N.Y. Giants: The defending Super Bowl champions had a few holes to fill following the release of RB Brandon Jacobs and the free agent departure of WR Mario Manningham, both signing with the 49ers–whom the Giants obviously beat in the NFC title game. David Wilson is not necessarily the power runner that Jacobs was but could help the team in many facets, including kickoff returns. Meanwhile, the 6-3 Randle will get a chance to learn behind WR’s Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks. While the Giants did sign former Cowboys’ TE Martellus Bennett, Adrien Robinson will get a chance for some playing time, as both look to fill the gap in case TE Jake Ballard isn’t ready to go this fall.

1/32 RB David Wilson (Virginia Tech)
2/63 WR Rueben Randle (LSU)
3/94 DB Jayron Hosley (Virginia Tech)
4/127 TE Adrien Robinson (Cincinnati)
4b/131 T Brandon Mosley (Auburn)
6/201 T Matt McCants (Ala.-Birmingham)
7/239 DT Markus Kuhn (North Carolina State)


Philadelphia Eagles: Andy’s team stressed defense in the earlier half of the draft and added some playmakers in the final 2 rounds. The Eagles tied for the NFL lead with 50 sacks last season, 46 of those from their defensive linemen, but they were a mediocre 16th in the league against the run and allowed 130 or more yards rushing in 7 games last season… hence the addition of the versatile Cox and Kendricks, the latter added to a young linebacking crew that did get a little more seasoned this offseason via the acquisition of former Texans’ Pro Bowler DeMeco Ryans. Curry hopes to learn from DE’s Jason Babin and Trent Cole, while one-time QB McNutt is an intriguing prospect at WR…

1/12 DT Fletcher Cox (Mississippi State)
2/46 LB Mychal Kendricks (California)
2b/59 DE Vinny Curry (Marshall)
3/88 QB Nick Foles (Arizona)
4/123 DB Brandon Boykin (Georgia)
5/153 T Dennis Kelly (Purdue)
6/194 WR Marvin McNutt (Iowa)
6b/200 G Brandon Washington (Miami, Fla.)
7/229 RB Bryce Brown (Kansas State)


Washington Redskins: For the second straight year and coming off selecting an NFL-high 12 players in the 2011 Draft, their organization was very active during the 3-day process–the team’s combined 21 selections in two years the most by the franchise over a two-year span since the draft was shortened to 7 rounds in 1994. Griffin III cost the Redskins plenty to move up to get him, but the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner is a perfect fit for what Mike Shanahan likes to do. Much was made about the addition of Kirk Cousins at QB (pick #3), but the former Spartan was simply too good to pass up in Shanahan’s opinion. The team also continued to look to improve the offensive front, using 3 of its 9 selections on G’s Leribeus and Gettis and T Compton.

1/2 QB Robert Griffin III (Baylor)
3/71 G Josh LeRibeus (SMU)
4/102 QB Kirk Cousins (Michigan State)
4b/119 LB Keenan Robinson (Texas)
5/141 G Adam Gettis (Iowa)
6/173 RB Alfred Morris (Florida Atlantic)
6b/193 T Tom Compton (South Dakota)
7/213 DB Richard Crawford (SMU)
7b/217 DB Jordan Bernstine (Iowa)

I liked the Claiborne pick by Dallas, but was pretty “meh” on the rest of Dallas’ draft. Philly nailed it obviously. I liked New York as well, but I liked David Wilson a little more than most here, I think. I don’t quite grasp the Cousins pick for Washington. There is no doubt that top to bottom the Eagles had the best draft in the division.

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The New York Jets cussed out the Seahawks for drafting red hot DE Irvin

Some way, somehow out of all the alleged bad boys with character issues in this year’s draft, Bruce Irvin was the most coveted acquisition.

Public jaws dropped when the Seattle Seahawks took him the first round. Beyond his personal issues Irvin was seen as project player that can do one thing well and that’s speed rush the passer.

According to the NFL via Sports Xchnage, there was no way he was making it to the second round. Teams such as Chicago, Green Bay and San Francisco had their sights firmly set on him if he was available.

That was not happening as the Jets were so excited to pick him at 16 that they called Seattle and “good-naturedly” cussed out the Seahawks after they picked Irvin directly before them at 15.

Wow. That should make the Jets number one guy Quentin Couples feel really good.

It’s hard to tell what the teams know that we can’t see on tape. Let it be known, Bruce Irvin may not have stopped the run very much in college but he can definitely sell himself.

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