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May 03rd
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Denver Broncos' Brady Quinn chalks Tim Tebow success up to luck

tebowTim011212_optBY BOB HOLT

Most people either love or hate Tim Tebow. Tebow appeared to walk on water to some football fans, while he sank like a rock to others.

A billboard went up in Denver last September that called for Tebow to be the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Tebow’s backup quarterback at Denver, Brady Quinn, says he’s never had a billboard.

Quinn says the Broncos played Tebow only because the fans were calling for him. “There was a big calling for him,” Quinn said, according to GQ. “No, I didn't have any billboards. That would have been nice.”

In one part of the GQ story, Broncos linebacker Von Miller said his team was resilient and never gave up. Quinn explained their late-game success differently, saying, "We’ve had a lot of luck, to put it simply."

Quinn said the late game scripts went like this: “The entire game, the defensive line is chasing the quarterback around, and that wears down the pass rush. Meanwhile, the defensive backs are chasing receivers, but when you only throw eight passes, they start to feel lazy. It only takes that one big play for a touchdown.”

ESPN analyst and former quarterback Trent Dilfer said in the story that he doesn't have a problem with Tebow's outspoken Christianity. Dilfer said, “He's not the guy, when the cameras are put in his face, saying, 'Praise to God, because he supernaturally let that ball hit my receiver!'  But he's up-front with it, and he makes many people uncomfortable.”

Meanwhile, Broncos' coach John Fox says Tebow will be coming to camp this year as starting quarterback, but he will have competition. The Denver Post reports that the team plans to acquire two new quarterbacks during the offseason, according to Fox.

The Sporting News reported that Quinn may not be one of those other three. He is not officially on the Broncos roster and is an unrestricted free agent.


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