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Jun 02nd
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Yankees' Derek Jeter fat after broken ankle ... or just a bad angle?

jeterderek011110_optBY BOB HOLT

The spotlight in the New York area shines like no other, but the question may be raised as to whether some things are actually news.

We report, you decide. Photos have surfaced of injured Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter looking in less than A-1 physical condition.

The New York Post showed pictures of Jeter from Miami appearing to carry some extra weight since he broke his left ankle in last season’s playoffs. The Yankees say that any working out Jeter currently does is limited to upper body until January, when he will be permitted to put weight on his left foot.

But according to CBS Sports, the Post used the headline “Derek Eater,” and indicated that Jeter’s recovery had taken a “fork in the road.”

Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman says he has no reason for concern about Jeter’s conditioning level. “All indications are very strong for a full and healthy recovery,” Cashman said, according to the New York Daily News. “The bottom line is, the most important thing Derek can do right now is rest.”

“You won’t find anybody committed to being the best he can be more than Derek Jeter,” he added.

Cashman noted that Jeter recently had a checkup in North Carolina, and the Yankees were told his recovery is going well and Jeter's weight was not mentioned, according to Yankees.com. Jeter is seen wearing a protective boot in the Miami photos, which would tend to limit his range of motion anyway.

Jeter’s recovery time from his injury suffered in October was estimated to be four to five months, and Mail Online reported that he is expected to be ready to start the 2013 season for the Yankees. Jeter, 38, had played in each of the Yankee's 157 postseason games since he began his career with the team in 1996.


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