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May 27th
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Glued to cell phones, sports fans are losing the stadium experience


(I think it’s fair to say most sports fans have either done this or seen it done on TV multiple times. So think about your own personal experience as you read through this column.)

You’ve just arrived at a ballgame, either after taking a long train ride or driving a long distance and waiting for what seemed like an eternity to park. Paid a lot for that parking spot. Bought food and drink for more than it costs to get an oil change. You sit down in uncomfortable seats without back support. Yet through it all, you’re ready, pumped to see your team play.

And you take out your phone.


Are we really becoming a sports fan society where the first thing we do when we actually get into our seats is text, tweet, check Facebook, and tell your best friend how cute the person three rows over is?


I thought the reason for attending games was to experience the religious feeling of having a good portion of the stadium united behind whomever you’re rooting for and doing everything they can to help your team to victory.

I thought it was to make new “friends,” spend time with the family and friends that went with you to the game and see the stars of the sport on the biggest of stages.

And your eyes are in your phone the whole time?

Look, I understand taking a picture of your seats and sending it off to your friends and family or posting it on a social media platform. That I understand. I do that at every single game I attend.

But since when did attending a sporting event become another place to continue your cell phone lifestyle?

Something’s not right here, and it’s about time people think about what they’re doing and get their heads – and hands – back in the game.

Besides, you can’t clap without putting the phone down, right?

Jeremy Schilling can be followed on Twitter at @Jschil.


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