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Apr 18th
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NFL changes the start time of Jets game for Jewish holiday

jetsfans_opt_copyJets fans have had plenty to complain about in the past. After starting the 2008 season with an 8-3 record, they suffered a mini collapse and went 1-4, missed the playoffs and their coach got fired.

Now the Jets were facing heat due to a schedule that has its Jewish fans quite upset. Both the Jets and the NFL have been flooded with calls and e-mails from Jewish fans since it was announced that the Jets' home opener against the New England Patriots Sept. 20 was scheduled during Rosh Hashanah, to be followed the next Sunday by a game against the Titans that was scheduled to kick off at 4:15 p.m., just hours before Yom Kippur starts at sundown Sept. 27.

Well, the Jets made a plea to the NFL office to change things and late Friday the league was as accommodating as it could be and came up with a partial solution. The Tennessee Titans-New York Jets game on September 27 at the Meadowlands has been rescheduled to 1:00 p.m.
The change to 1:00 p.m. was made because Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement, begins at sundown on September 27. No other changes to the NFL schedule were announced.

As a result of this schedule change, the Giants-Buccaneers game from Tampa and the Titans-Jets game will be televised head to head on different networks in the New York market.

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson made the following statement: “By changing the time of the Tennessee game from 4:15 p.m. to 1 p.m., the NFL has provided the best compromise to resolve our scheduling conflict. I want to thank Commissioner Goodell and Howard Katz for quickly responding to our request to accommodate our fans of Jewish faith.

Johnson had sent a letter to the NFL commissioner Thursday stating that he was "disappointed" that the league had scheduled two of their games during the Jewish High Holy Days and requesting that the kickoff of the second game be moved up

According to the Jets official website,  the club has been in behind-the-scenes communications with the league office for the past two days.

"I understand the challenges and complexities associated with creating the NFL schedule each year," Johnson said in his letter. "However, I am extremely disappointed with the League's decision to schedule us to play at home on consecutive Sundays that are in direct conflict with the Jewish High Holy Days. There has long been an understanding that neither the Jets nor the Giants fans should have to bear completely the brunt of this issue since we are in the largest Jewish market in the country."

According  to the New York Daily News, the Giants requested the NFL put them on the road Sept. 20 and Sept. 27, the second and third weeks of the season. Apparently, the Jets also requested not to play at home on those days, but the message did not get through, said Howard Katz, NFL senior VP of broadcasting.



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