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Apr 26th
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Len Berman on Sports: Will NHL Fans Forgive and Forget? Bama Big Favorite Against Irish

LenBerman_opt_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copyBY LEN BERMAN
TOP 5 FOR JAN. 7, 2013

1. Quick Hits

Seattle was the lone road team to win this weekend in the NFL Playoffs winning in Washington as Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was playing on a bad knee. Houston, Green Bay and Baltimore were the other winners this weekend.

The BCS Championship Game is tonight outside Miami with Alabama playing Notre Dame.

NHL players and owners finally reach an agreement.

Syracuse University football coach Doug Marrone is the new coach of the Buffalo Bills.

Monday golf. The weather-delayed Tournament of Champions will BEGIN today in Maui (weather-permitting).

2. Hockey Eh?

Hockey fans rejoice, there is finally peace on ice. So now what for all those hockey pucks who said they will never go to another game?

Happens every time. And mark down 2020 for the next labor strife. They've got guaranteed peace until then, but there are still too many teams in a sport which is low on the food chain for American sports fans. That hasn't changed.

3. Who's #1

Alabama is the big favorite (by as many as 10 points) to beat Notre Dame tonight to win the BCS Championship. And why not, the SEC always wins this thing. One caveat. Alabama has played every weekend except for one since September 1st. Same with Notre Dame. But coming into tonight's game, Alabama hasn't played a game in 5 weeks and Notre Dame 6. Too bad. It would be nice to see a game when both teams are firing on all cylinders. Two years from now they'll have a 4-team playoff. At least the survivors of the semi-final game will be battle-tested when they play for the national title.

4. The Winter Classic

The college football showdown is not the only game on today's docket. The Harlem Globetrotters will lace up special cleats and play basketball outdoors near Kalamazoo, Michigan. A couple of years ago they did it in Central Park in New York City. At least somebody is playing on ice this week.

5. Tweet Tweet

The Clippers are now the big dogs in L.A. and it isn't even close. They share the same building with the Lakers, and the other night the Clippers beat the Lakers 107-102. The tweet of the weekend came from the Clips Chris Paul. In the first quarter, he turned the ball over and Kobe Bryant dunked at the other end right over Paul. Paul later tweeted, Sittin here watching the game from 2nite on my ipad n lil Chris says "Daddy, lemme see when Kobe dunked on you." Funny kid. He doesn't turn 4 until May.

*** *** ***

Happy Birthday: Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester. 29.

Bonus Birthday: Actor Nicolas Cage. 49.

Today in Sports: The Harlem Globetrotters played their first game in Hinckley, Illinois. 1927.

Bonus Event: Hunt and peck. The Typewriter was patented by Englishman Henry Mill. 1714.

*** *** ***

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About Len Berman:

Len is an Emmy-Award winning sportscaster and New York Times Best Selling Author who has covered just about every major sports event including multiple Super Bowls, World Series, and Olympics during his 40-year career in broadcasting.


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