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May 29th
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TEST Academy and Parisi Speed School create NFL leaders

nfldraft021012_optBY JOE FAVORITO

The hoopla over the Giants Super Bowl is starting to ebb away just a bit, and football fans are starting to already cast their eyes to the future... a future which starts at the NFL Combine in just two short weeks and continues through this spring's NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Unlike the other professional team sports, the NFL has no minor league for development of prospects that may not be able to make the team roster, so the battle to be in peak performance and have the best possible pre-draft evaluation, is probably more important to aspiring NFL players than any other sport.

So in addition to the hours spent training with collegiate trainers, coaches and strength coaches, those aspiring pros are turning more and more to New Jersey, and the combined work of the TEST Academy and the Parisi Speed School. The partnership is a great example of a marriage of best practices by two brands working in similar but distinctive areas, who found a way to adapt and work together for the betterment of the consumer. In short, a rising tide lifts all ships.

Parisi Speed Schools offers a laser focus on the youth development market while TEST Sports focuses on the elite and Pro Sports Academies, so by working together they present an offering for an elite athlete that is probably second to none, and comparable if not better than other "elite-type" and well branded academies in other parts of the country. This past week, TEST held an Open House to launch a Parisi franchise within TEST's Martinsville location. Those in attendance included about 30 top NFL prospects who are currently training with TEST-Parisi for the NFL Combine, along with former NY Giants Scott Brunner and Eric Dorsey, now integral members of the TEST staff.

However what is more impressive to the casual fan are the sheer numbers the combined brand can offer up. While each had a stable of solid coaches on their own, the combined team made up of Prominent Performance Coaches, Super Bowl Champions, Pro Bowlers, NFL Coaches & Scouts, Medical Experts to NFL Stars, International Speed Consultants, and well-known Media Personalities make the TEST/Parisi program one that will draw even more attention, and with that the possibility of an improved elite roster of potential stars. TEST and Parisi have produced the fastest 40-yard-dash at 10 different positions, including the overall fastest man at the 2001, 2004, 2005 and 2006 NFL Combine; the 3rd fastest man at the 2002, 2004 and 2006 Combine and two athletes tied for second overall in 2011 (both weighing in at over 212 pounds).

Together, TEST/Parisi athletes have shattered six all-time Combine records in the 20 and 60 yard shuttles and the 3-cone drill and have won individual events at 10 different positions. These impressive results have helped 192 of the TEST/Parisi trained players get drafted over the past 10 years. Past clients of TEST and Parisi NFL Combine Training include Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, Patrick Peterson and Osi Umenyiora, a track record for the Jersey-based business run by Brian Martin and Kevin Dunn that shows quality and commitment to excellence.


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