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Jun 02nd
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Tiger Woods winning back the public

woodstiger123109_optFans cheered Tiger Woods during his practice round at Augusta National Golf Club Monday and those watching appear to be coming back into the fold after viewing his latest press conference.

Results from a national media study among 1,200 Americans revealed that the average ratings of favorability towards Tiger Woods increased from a score of 3.7 to a score of 3.9, on a scale of 1 to 7, after viewing video clips from Woods' press conference Monday afternoon.

The study was conducted Monday by HCD Research in Flemington, N.J., using its MediaCurves.com website, to obtain viewers' perceptions of video clips from a press conference given by Tiger Woods at the Masters golf tournament.

After watching the video, nearly one-third (31 percent) of viewers indicated that they had a more positive perception of Tiger Woods. Woods' average believability ratings increased from a 3.6 before the video to a 4.0 after the video and his average sincerity ratings also increased from 3.7 before the video to 4.1 after the video. In addition, the majority of viewers (63 percent) felt that the apologies Tiger Woods has given have been sufficient.

Among the findings:

Please indicate how favorable you are of the Tiger Woods using a scale of 1-7 where 1 represents, "Not at all favorable" and 7 represents, "Extremely favorable."

Viewers gave the golf star a 3.7 before the video. After the video it climbed to 3.9

Please rate Tiger Woods on the following attributes where 1 represents "Not at all strong in this attribute" and 7 represents "Extremely strong in this attribute"

Likeability: Before video 4.1, after video 4.1

Believability: Before video 3.6, after video 4.0

Sincerity: Before video 3.7, after video 4.1

Has this press conference changed your perception of Tiger Woods?

Yes, I have a more negative perception of Tiger Woods: 15%

Yes, I have a more positive perception of Tiger Woods: 31%

No, my perception of Tiger Woods has not changed: 54%

Do you think the apology that Tiger Woods gave was sufficient?

Yes 63%

No 37%



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