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Fall may soon be upon us, but perceptions of Governor Christie do not appear susceptible to seasonal shifts, good news if he decides to run for president in 2016. A new statewide poll of registered voters in New Jersey from Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind finds opinion remains divided over the governor’s job performance. The governor’s numbers are nearly the same as they have been since his popularity took a double-digit dive in the aftermath of Bridgegate revelations. Looking ahead to the 2016 presidential election, when pitted against Democratic heavyweight Hillary Clinton, Christie comes in a close second to the former Secretary of State, performing considerably better than some of his presumptive Republican challengers.

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Climate Change March a Monumental Event climate_opt_copy_copy_copy_copy_copyBY BOB HOLT

They’ll be talking climate at the United Nations next week, but a whole lot of people will let their voices be heard regarding global warming this Sunday.

The People’s Climate March, beginning at 11:30 Sunday morning in New York City, is expected to bring a large group from New Jersey.

As many as 5,000 people from New Jersey are expected to march. reports that environmental groups from the state have chartered 30 buses. David Pringle of Clean Water Action said, “True clean renewable energy like solar, wind and water are cheaper and safer than fossil fuels.”

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The Evolution of N.J. Rep. Leonard Lance: Environmentalist to Climate Change Denier Rep_Leonard_Lance_-_R-NJ_-_2_optBY ROGER WITHERSPOON

To environmental activists, their dramatically changing relationship with Congressman Leonard Lance (R-N.J.) is baffling.

“He started out with a 71% rating in 2009,” said Alex Taurel, Deputy Legislative Director of the League of Conservation Voters ( ) . “Now it’s 21%. That’s a pretty precipitous 50-point slide backwards.

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Rare Jersey Shore Arrowhead Will Get New Home After Class Show-and-Tell HotTopics_opt_1_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copyBY BOB HOLT

Back in the day, kids used to build sand castles when they went to the beach.

A young man from Springfield, Virginia came away from a trip to Long Beach Island with something a tad better to show his friends and classmates.

Ten-year old Noah Cordle was standing by the surf in Beach Haven last week when something hit his leg. The Asbury Park Press reports that Noah Cordle found a 2.5-inch pointy black Paleoindian arrowhead that reportedly dates back about 10,000 years. Noah commented, “I thought it was a crab.”

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Defective Bulletproof Vests for N.J. Police Officers Cause Problems HotTopics_opt_1_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copyBY ERIC GUNDERSEN

NEWARK – The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and the Division of Law will soon distribute a total of $173,778.90 to 63 New Jersey law enforcement agencies that purchased defective bulletproof vests made by Second Chance Body Armor, Inc., a manufacturer that filed for bankruptcy in 2004 after it was discovered that the vests’ protective armor failed and deteriorated over time.

"Police officers put their lives on the line each day to protect and serve us, and we need to do everything in our power to ensure that they are properly equipped for their jobs," said Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman. "We are not going to leave these agencies to foot the bill for defective body armor that put their officers at risk of injury or even death in the line of duty."

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Fake Cell Phone Towers Spying on Some New Jerseyans celltower9414_optBY BOB HOLT

Remember the NSA? Do you enjoy the screening process at airports?

Yes, Big Brother is watching you. And also listening, based on recent reports.

Mail Online reports that 19 fake cell phone towers have been found across the United States that can track a phone’s location and listen to the calls or intercept text messages. Users of the enhanced Cryptophone 500, which runs on a Samsung Galaxy S3, discovered the towers. ESD America sells the phone.

It is not known who installed the cell towers. There is one located near New York City, which would collect information from New Jerseyans, as well as New Yorkers.

ESD chief executive Les Goldsmith says many of the towers are built near U.S. military bases. “we begin to wonder – are some of them U.S. government interceptors? Or are some of them Chinese interceptors?" Goldsmith said, according to “Who are they? Is it just the U.S. military, or are they foreign governments doing it? The point is: we don't really know whose they are."

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New Jersey Bears Adapting to Suburban Life (VIDEO) bear8714_optBY BOB HOLT

A different class of neighbor has been checking out the territory in Jefferson Township recently, apparently trying to decide if he cab sustain his current lifestyle in suburbia.

That would be a large black bear.

Videos have been posted online of a black bear walking through the streets of Jefferson, checking out trash cans, and continuing to walk, according to the New York Daily News. And when I say walk, I mean on it’s two hind legs.

Bears that walk on their hind legs are called “bipedal bears,” and often learn that due to an injury. One video description reads, according to, “It seems that one of its front paws are injured, and it has learned to walk, extremely well, on its back legs.”

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NJ Weather Forecast: A short humidity spell weather72214_optBY STEVE DiMARTINO

Humid conditions will return to the Philadelphia and New York City metropolitan areas by Tuesday afternoon as high pressure drifts into the Atlantic and winds from the southwest take over at all levels of the atmosphere. However, the tropical air mass will not have much staying power as a cold front is quickly going to put an end to any hot and humid conditions.

Tuesday, will shift off the coast leading to scattered cloud cover and an isolated shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. Winds will be from the southwest at 5 to 15 mph. Temperatures will rise into the mid to upper 80's for highs with increasing humidity.

Wednesday, a strong cold front will approach the Philadelphia and New York City metropolitan areas with increasing clouds through the day. Widespread showers and thunderstorms will develop in the afternoon and evening. The strongest thunderstorms will be capable of wind gusts over 60 mph, frequent lightning, hail, and very heavy downpours. Localized flash flooding and wind damage will be a threat from these thunderstorms tomorrow evening. Winds will be from the southwest at 10 to 20 mph. Low temperatures will range from the lower to mid 70's. High temperatures will range from the upper 80's to lower 90's.

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NJ in Danger of Rip Currents Due to Bertha jerseyshoreFL8614_optBY BOB HOLT

Rip currents flow quickly out away from the shoreline, returning water brought to land by wind and waves. New Jersey has learned a lot about rip currents this summer.

The former Hurricane Bertha, downgraded to a tropical storm, will not hit the United States directly. But the Jersey shore still faces threats of rip currents.

Atlantic City lifeguards are prepared. South Carolina Avenue beach lifeguards were making sure that swimmers only went in the water waist high, and boogie boards were forbidden. Beach patrol chief Rod Aluise said Bertha creates more wave energy, which pulls swimmers out to sea faster, reported.

"Beachgoers should pay close attention to local warnings and talk to their lifeguards about water conditions," said AccuWeather’s Andy Mussoline, according to "Bertha will stay far away from a direct hit on the United States, but beachgoers should prepare for dangerous surf and rip currents early this week."

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‘Rolling Coal’ targeted in New Jersey rollingcoal81414_optBY BOB HOLT

The trend of “rolling coal” allows a diesel vehicle driver to modify their trucks so they will blow black soot at a vehicle behind them. Often their smoke is directed at a hybrid or electric car.

In New Jersey, coal rolling might become illegal because one truck driver aimed his smoke at an electric car driven by a New Jersey politician.

Yahoo Autos reported that New Jersey Assemblyman Tim Eustace will introduce a bill that prohibits "retrofitting diesel-powered vehicles to increase particulate emissions for the purpose of ‘coal rolling’". "People had been telling me this has been going on, but I hadn’t seen it," Eustace said.

Eustace, who drives an electric Nissan Leaf, had his car covered with black smoke while driving on the New Jersey Turnpike. reported that the offending pickup truck was raised, and had a smoke stack. Eustace doesn’t see rolling coal as an environmental statement, and called it “youthful ignorance.”

According to Daily Kos, drivers are spending from $1,000 to $5,000 modifying their pickups to roll coal by adding smoke stacks and smoke switches, which fool the engine into thinking it requires more gas. Obviously the soot emitted can make it extremely difficult for the affected driver to see out of the windshield,

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