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Jul 03rd
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Can Apple's iTV Revolutionize Television?

apple_opt.pngBY BOB HOLT

In an interview on NBC last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook said television today was moving backward, and called TV an area of “intense interest” for his company.

Rumors have circulated for some time that Apple was looking to manufacture a smart television. The company had already been testing prototypes, but now reports are saying that Apple is testing a number of designs for a high-resolution TV with its suppliers.

According to AppAdvice, Foxconn has been working with the Sharp Corporation on the iTV. Sharp is the fourth-largest television maker in the world. The project is said to be in early stages of testing.

The Motley Fool points out that the iTV would obviously be more expensive than current Apple devices, and consumers wouldn’t be replacing them every year a new model releases.

They suggest that Apple can improve a viewer’s television experience by selling pieces of content separately, instead of in large bundles like most service providers.

It would take some effort for Apple to convince cable companies there is more money to be made in focusing content on individuals. Fool indicated that the biggest mistake of the badly received Google TV was launching without forming a good relationship with cable networks, who quickly cut off access to their online material.

In order to be successful, Mashable said that the iTV would need to turn the iPhone into the ultimate remote control, provide a large amount of content, and integrate cable TV in a way that will satisfy providers.


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