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Jul 01st
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Facebook Redesigns For A Smarter Look

215px-Facebook_opt.pngBY MELANIE WALDMAN

Facebook is getting a facelift to give the site a more unified look on all devices - smart phones, tablets and web pages.

The new design is “mobile inspired” look and is intended to have the same type of navigation across all devices, wired.com reports. The redesign is expect to launch in a few weeks.

Pictures and “check-in’s” will take more prominence on the newly redesigned news feed, which will largely focus on a user’s friends, liked pages and businesses.

Wired.com also reports that traffic from users to liked pages will flow more fluidly, and that this new look can have an immense effect on the attention and revenue income they can gain from their Facebook pages.

However, users, who oppose having pages and businesses on their news feeds, will have the option for a “friends-only” feed, which could be potentially problematic for businesses, techcrunch.com reports.

There will also be various other “sub-feeds” for genres such as music, interests, and an individualized page for your “liked pages, similar to the sections of a newspaper, newser.com reports.

“What matters most to me is what my friends are doing and saying and seeing,” Facebook design director Julie Zhou said, “The rest is just clutter.”


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