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Jul 06th
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Mars One: Go to Mars by 2023 ... and never come back

marsone120612_optBY BOB HOLT

One small step for Mars One, one really foolish move for its astronaut volunteers? We report, you decide.

Mars One is a non-profit organization that is looking to establish a human outpost on the planet Mars in 2023.

Yahoo! News UK reports that the group plans to send four astronauts to Mars in 2023, and four additional astronauts following them every two years. Mars One has received 1,000 volunteers for the mission through its website so far.

Oh yeah, there is one little detail. The trip is one-way, and those volunteers will live out their lives on Mars.

Mars One founder Bas Lansdorp tells the Huffington Post that training required for the trip will last about 8 to 10 years. Lansdorp did tell potential future Mars citizens that they could do any indoor activity on Mars that they do on Earth, like watching television.

Satellite cable should be easy to install.

Lansdorp said to Fox News that Mars One will hold a worldwide lottery in 2013 to choose 40 people for a training team. They will then set up a mock colony of 10 people in the desert, perhaps in the U.S., for three months.

The company plans to have housing structures waiting for their guests before 2023, according to Lansdorp. NASA maintains that its future missions to Mars will use robots, but Lansdorp argues that humans can explore in ways that robots can’t, and can make instant decisions and judgments.

The Mars One web site says the basic elements needed for a living system are already on Mars. And the astronauts may not be able to return to Earth because their bodies may have adjusted to Mars’ 38 percent gravitational field.


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