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Jul 02nd
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Massive Shark Caught on Video Near Jersey Shore

Shark_2_optBY BOB HOLT

Share on Facebook! Two men who were fishing for flounder on Tuesday seven miles from Atlantic City got to see a little more than they had expected while they were out on the water.

Anthony Cortes and his father-in-law David Hermann saw a shark they estimated to be 12 to 13 feet feeding on a dead bottlenose dolphin. Cortes was able to film the feeding.

"It was pretty hideous,” he said, according to NBC 10 Philadelphia. “The shark would grab the bottlenose dolphin, shake it up a little bit in the air, go around, take a circle and come back around to it. He actually came up, looked at our boat, just swam to the back of our boat and then swam right back to the carcass and started eating the carcass again.”

The two fishermen believed the shark was either a Tiger or a Great White, but the Marine Mammal Stranding Center could not identify it from their video, an Associated Press story on reported.

Nineteen of the bottlenose dolphins have washed up on Jersey shores in the past three weeks. Bob Schoelkopf, director of the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, said fish often get tangled in fishermen’s lines around the Great Egg Harbor Reef.

"They end up drowning, and that brings in the sharks to feed on them," Schoelkopf said, according to NBC40.

NBC 10 Philadelphia reported that four of the deaths were due to viral pneumonia, officials said.


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