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Jun 03rd
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smartphone020212_copyBY PAM LOBLEY

You can tell a lot about a person by the smartphone they use. Like, for instance, their dating style.

A new survey by of 1,000 Canadian singles revealed all kinds of interesting facts about smartphones and romance. Android users, for instance, are the most likely to have sex on a first date. They are also the most likely to have a one-night stand, and they frequented dating websites more than other phone type.

I’m never buying my son an Android. They’re the 'Jersey Shore' of smartphones.

Androids users also tend to wait 2 or 3 days before calling after a date, as opposed to iPhone users who will call the day after. iPhone types are also more likely to date within the workplace -- in fact, one quarter of the iPhone users in the survey has had an office romance in the past five years. Maybe this is because they never leave the office.

Blackberry users are also the most likely to have experienced love at first sight.

My husband uses a Blackberry! He’s so romantic! They are also the most likely to have a cocktail on the first date, and my husband still has a drink on all our dates. And by date, I mean weeknights when he comes home from work to stacks of unopened mail, piles of laundry, kids mired in homework, and a wife who is simultaneously e-mailing and cooking dinner.

I asked my friend Kate, happily married with two teenagers, what kind of smartphone she uses. She doesn’t have one. What does the survey say about that?

I’m glad I’m not in the dating scene any more. All this technology has changed things. For instance, advises “don’t get distracted” by your cell phone on a date. They also say that sometimes it’s nice to call instead of texting or emailing. People need to be told this? Maybe the devices should be called idiotphones.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’ve got a little advice of my own. If you have a date with an Android user, make sure your birth control pills aren’t made by Pfizer.

Pam Lobley writes the “Now That’s Funny” column. Follow her on twitter @plobley.


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1 Friday, 03 February 2012 15:31
This article reads like a Facebook post- full of useless TMI. At least those posts usually link to real articles.

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