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May 25th
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Purple squirrel captured in Jersey Shore...Pennsylvania

purplesquirrel021012_optBY TERI GATTO

It had to be a slow news day.

ABC, FOX and AccuWeather all ran a story about a Jersey Shore, Pa. couple who claimes to have captured a purple squirrel.

According to AccuWeater.com, Percy Emert trapped the colorful squirrel last Sunday after it was spotted by his wife Connie eating from their birdfeeders.

Ms. Emert told ABC News that she had seen the unique squirrel several times before but no one believed her.

“My God, you were right. It was really purple,” she quoted her husband as saying after he caught the critter.

The investigative journalists at Fox News reached out to several experts to unravel the mystery of the mauve rodent. The most interesting of these is the possibility that the animal fell into a portable toilet that was treated with a chemical water cleaner.

Squirrel was released the following Tuesday. The couple said that a game warden took samples of the fur that were left in the cage and were trimmed from the colorful squirrel’s tail.


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