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Jul 05th
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'Remove' Android app edits photos for unwanted objects


If somebody or something unexpectedly moves into your viewfinder just as you prepare to snap the perfect photo, and you want that object out of your photo, now there’s an app for that.

It’s called 'Remove,' and it allows users to eliminate unwanted objects from photographs, as they are taken, according to techworld.com.

Scalado, a company that develops high-performance imaging solutions, will unveil the mobile photo-editing tool at the 2012 Mobile World Conference from Feb. 27 to March 1 in Barcelona, Spain.

As reported on Yahoo! News, the app is designed for mobile phones that support the Android OS.

Remove works by taking a series of shots and deleting the moving elements. Just tap on the object you want removed and, zap, it disappears!

According to the piece on Yahoo! News, the phone or camera needs to be held very still. Then you can find which of the various shots is your favorite and choose it, even if an unwanted person happens to be in that frame.


Just “Remove” that person, and you have the perfect photo.

Bill Weir of ABC News, who tried out the app, said there was one instance where an individual he tried to remove was still visible in a “ghostly silhouette.” But that didn’t quell his enthusiasm about the tool.

“It looks like this will be better suited for point-and-shoot cameras or DSLR cameras as opposed to your mobile devise camera,” Weir said.



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