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Jul 04th
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Giant Maine lobster 'Rocky' escapes usual fate

Robtm2010_02-24_optBY PAT SUMMERS

Although the 27-pound lobster caught off Maine last week was named “Rocky,” the Crustacean could more aptly have been named “Lucky.” He wasn’t dissected, eaten or consigned to live out his days in an aquarium – he was released back into the Atlantic a few days after being caught.

Some five miles out from the Rockland, Maine area – one reason for his name – “Rocky” came up in a shrimp fisherman’s nets. You read it right: a giant lobster in shrimp nets.

But instead of preparing drawn butter, Robert Malone took Rocky to the Dept. of Marine Resources’ aquarium in Boothbay Harbor. There, Rocky was weighed, measured and generally admired – all, presumably, only after his claws were banded. ACS Monitor photo shows the aquarium director holding Rocky, bound.

Measuring nearly 40 inches in length, he was compared in size to a 3-year-old child, reported, though most of Rocky’s weight was in his claws. Their size prompted comparisons with film boxer Rocky Balboa – a second source of the lobster’s nickname.

Though four pounds over the record for lobsters caught in Maine, Rocky was 17 pounds under the Guinness record for world’s largest lobster: a 44-pounder caught off Nova Scotia in 1977.

Don’t let Rocky’s release suggest that people have grown more compassionate toward animals. The reality is that lobsters consumed usually max out under five pounds, according to the Huffington Post, and “Geezer lobsters don’t make great eating,” the LATimes reports.

“Bigger is certainly not better,” said that paper’s food editor. “These are old beasts, and they tend to be tough.”

Tough or not, big Rocky’s at large, and he’s got the last laugh.

Comments (3)
3 Saturday, 25 February 2012 10:05
to see an image of lucky Rocky, just click on "CSMonitor photo" in story
2 Saturday, 25 February 2012 05:42
Here's a picture. Upload it.
1 Saturday, 25 February 2012 02:40
Seriously you're not going to show an image of said giant lobster?

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