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May 26th
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Will 3D Printer-Made Guns Be Part Of The Next Gun Legislation That Gets Shot Down?

3dprintergunBY MICHAEL HAYNE

Ever since Newtown in which 20 children were slaughtered, our nation's response has been fear of Obama coming after our guns. The NRA is crazier than ever and its grip on Congress is tighter than ever, as demonstrated by the defeat of the Toomey-Manchin bill. So with the advent of companies now making it easier for gun nuts to be gun nuts by way of guns made by 3D printers. That's the equivalent of allowing Lindsey Lohan to manufacture her own Coke. In other wards, what could possibly go wrong?

Since apparently 3-D printed magazine rounds are already available, one US Gun maker is claiming to have made the first ever firearm created entirely from a 3-D printer named the Liberator, according to Forbes. Playing off of paranoid right-wing fears of an invisible Hitler coming for their guns, the company is dubbing its gun the 'Liberator'. With guns already being marketed to freaking 5 years olds, why not make on out of plastic. USA! USA!

It seems the Liberator is made out of 16 plastic components, with a nail that serves as a firing pin. And in order to comply with the US Undetectable Firearms Law, Defense Distributed is inserting a six ounce chunk of steel in the gun to make it detectable to metal detectors. However, as soon as the company uploads the plans for the gun onto the internet, anybody will be able to print their own version of the Liberator without the required part.

Again, what could possibly go wrong?

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1 Friday, 10 May 2013 20:28
Tony Stark

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