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Jul 04th
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5 Reasons State Not Preparing For Another Sandy Under Christie

chrishomeraise_optBY MICHAEL HAYNE

Share on Facebook!  Governor Chris "Hurricane Superfleece" Christie, the super-fleeced crusader who fights hurricanes at night and denies that climate change caused them during the day, is essentially waging his reelection on his committed repose to the storm that ravaged the coast and rendered the state helpless for days. But according to some in the DEP, who had continuously warned both Republican and Democratic governors for years with reports recommending a strategic retreat of building from the water's edge, that language disappeared in 2010 like much of the coastline in the aftermath of last October's hurricane. These days, ignoring science and scientists is as common as ignoring the will of the people. Perhaps that explains why former DEP Commissioner Mark Mauriello decided to step down after serving for nearly three decades. According to Mauriello, he was disturbed to see the leadership ranks being filled with people from the business, real estate, and banking industries.

Even as FEMA has mandated house jacking by virtue of the new flood zones and the state is working to get dune easements,

individual towns are basically on their own when it comes to handling dense residential developments that could be endangered by the next Sandy. So here are 5 possible reasons the state is not preparing for another Sandy under Christie:

1. Never-ending flow of money that the state collects in high property taxes from homes and businesses at the shoreline.

2. Fat campaign donations from real estate developers who build along the shore.

3. The billions of dollars that the iconic shore generates along with the thousands of seasonal jobs.

4. Moving existing residents out would mean very expensive buyouts.

5. The difficulties that arise with government interfering into the lives of residents who do not wish to anything despite the risks involved.


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