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May 26th
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Christie Campaign Long On Gloss, Short on Facts

christie_tvad_copyBY MICHAEL HAYNE

The 2013 NJ Gubernatorial election got under way after Governor Superfleece released his first campaign ad to the tune of $1.2 million. As you can imagine, the tv ad showed the gargantuan governor in a very positive light following Superstorm Sandy. Boasting NJ Pride and bipartisan compromise, Christie says are all obtainable "as long as you stick to your principles."

A snippet from the TV ad:

"Four years ago, New Jersey was broken: Runaway spending, the nation's highest taxes, and unemployment on the rise," says a narrator in the minute-long TV spot, entitled "Jersey Proud." "Then we elected Chris Christie. He made the tough decisions to get New Jersey back on track."

Although Christie has been the lone rational Republican amid a sea of crazies and he has done some good, New Jersey hold the dubious honor as having being one of the states with the highest unemployment rate. Just to give you perspective, when Christie took office the national unemployment rate was 9.8% while New Jersey's was 9.7%. Currently, the national unemployment rate is 7.6% while New Jersey's is a bleak 9%. The state has therefore fared worse than the rest of the country with respects to jobs, a reality that hasn't occurred in more than a decade.

The state also has seen the record numbers of residents flee to neighboring Delaware and Pennsylvania, yet another dubious distinction you surely will not see in the TV spot.

So just doing your job following a major hurricane and ignoring the national republican meme of screwing over Obama, although certainly noble and refreshing, doesn't account for some of the state's glaring problems during his reign. Satte Sen. Barbara Buono, Christie's presumptive opponent, doesn't have a TV ad out yet and will mostly have ton rely on outside groups to run ads critical of Christie. For example, left-leaning One New Jersey has run ads targeting Christie.

"If they're putting in $5 million, $10 million, then it's going to make a real difference," said Rider University political science professor Ben Dworkin on outside groups helping Buono. "If they're just talking about online ads and a couple hundred thousand, it's not going to be enough to help her." (Newsworks)


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