Christie endorses Republican Joe Kyrillos for U.S. Senate

Thursday, 16 February 2012 16:23

kyrillosjoe032610_optOn Thursday, Gov. Christie endorsed his close friend and longtime political ally state Sen. Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) for U.S. Senate.

The governor made the endorsement at a press conference in a diner in Springfield. Kyrillos is campaigning to defeat incumbent U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) in the November election.

"We have been able to begin to turn things around in New Jersey because of reformers and leaders like Joe Kyrillos," Christie said. "The New Jersey comeback has begun but to really turn things around we need to make a change in Washington. We need to send reformers like Joe to make tough decisions and fix our national problems. When New Jersey sends Joe Kyrillos to the U.S. Senate, I am confident the national comeback will begin.

“Joe and his wife have been good friends of mine for nearly 20 years, and they are wonderful people,” the governor added. "New Jersey would be extraordinarily well-served by Joe Kyrillos in the United States Senate.”

“I am honored to have the endorsement of my good friend, Governor Christie,” Kyrillos said. “For the past two years we have been working together to turn New Jersey around. Thanks to the Governor’s leadership and the reforms we have implemented, the New Jersey comeback has begun. We are making the tough decisions that need to be made and tackling problems head on. I am running for the United States Senate because it is time we started making those same tough decisions and tackling problems head on in Washington.

“Over the past 6 years Bob Menendez has stood on the sidelines while our national debt has skyrocketed from $8.1 to $15.3 trillion, employment has increased over 76 percent, and our annual deficit has grown five-fold," Kyrillos said. "I will bring to Washington energy, honesty, leadership, integrity and hard work in order to ensure that the last century – the American Century – is not an historical accident.

Kyrillos, 51,of Middletown, served as chairman of Christie’s 2009 gubernatorial campaign. He is employed as snior managing director of Colliers International, a commercial real estate services firm. He is also an advisor to the Newport Capital Group in Red Bank.