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May 27th
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Christie Expressed Disappointment with Washington, Obama over Sequestration


Governor Christie may have his own problems with certain clean-up companies and failure to deliver on his pension fix, but that certainly didn't stop him from going after the do-nothings in Washington. Speaking on the deep and painful spending cuts that are to follow due to the failure of Republicans to accept a deal on the sequestration, Christie expressed frustration with Washington's inability to hammer out a deal. Christie mentioned that New Jersey shouldn't worry about the cuts since they won;t have a huge impact on New jersey, which is partially true. Case in point, the sequestration includes cutting Sandy Aid by $2.5 billion.

Christie says if the federal government can't cut one cent out of one dollar without bringing the economy to its knees, then the government was already in bad shape.

But he expressed disappointment with Washington, saying New Jersey had done more fiscally challenging things in shorter time periods., according to the Associated Press.

Christie also took the opportunity to take a shot at Obama for hyping up the fallout of inaction on sequestration, saying that planes aren't "falling from the sky."

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