Christie looks to set up a N.Y. Giants' victory rally in Meadowlands

Monday, 06 February 2012 18:51
christieThumbsup051811_optBY TOM HESTER SR.

Gov. Chris Christie said Monday that his staff is in contact with the New York Giants to see if a Super Bow victory rally can be held at Met-Life Stadium sometime this week.

“My folks are working with the Giants people this morning to try to get that done,” the governor said on WFAN radio. “Nothing is set yet, but we’re really hopeful that it will work out. And as you said I think the Maras and the Tisches are very sensitive to the fact that they have both New York fans and they have New Jersey fans and that all the facilities are over in our state.

“And most of the players live in our state,” Christie said. “So I think they’re going to try and work something out for the residents of New Jersey too who have been supporting the Giants big since 1976 when they moved over to the original Giants stadium. But it was a great, great game to watch, and a great celebration to participate in on the field last night after the game.”

The effort comes as the Giants prepare for a parade along the Canyon of Heroes, Broadway in lower Manhattan at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

“I think it’s important to do that,” Christie said of the Meadowlands rally effort, “but obviously I wouldn’t ever suggest that we shouldn’t also have them not to have the experience of going up the Canyon of Heroes in New York.”

Christie and his son, Patrick, 11, attended the Super Bowl in Indianapolis Sunday night and returned to New Jersey at 2:30 a.m., Monday.

The governor said the preparations for the 2014 Super Bowl at Met-Life Stadium are going well. “Well so far it’s working out well,” the governor said. “The host committee is split between the two states and both of us recognize that neither New York or New Jersey by itself could host the Super Bowl. And so there’s going to be events and venues in the city, there’s going to be events and venues in New Jersey and I was with Al Kelly who’s the head of our organizing committee yesterday in Indianapolis and with a number of sponsors and so far everything is working out really well and both sides of the river are working well together. And I assume that’s the way it’s going to happen. Believe me, as you saw in Indianapolis there’s plenty to go around for both sides.”

Christie said that although he is a Jets’ fan, he is fine with the Giants’ victory. “…If you like the Jets, you hate the Patriots,” the governor said. “So from my perspective it was a pretty easy choice yesterday because the Patriots are Bill Belichick and you know, forget it. Who wants to see them win? And I’ll tell you that Welker drop happened right in front of where my son Patrick and I were sitting.

“The only time all day that I was really nervous the Giants might not win was when Brady was throwing that ball and I looked and Welker was just wide open and I thought this it not good,” Christie said. “And I had an 11-year old who just lives and dies with the Giants, and right before that play he had turned to me and said ‘You think they’re going to win right?’ I said ‘Yeah, absolutely they’re going to win. You bet. No sweat. Welker is going to drop a wide-open pass. They’re going to win!”