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Jul 07th
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Christie proposes Constitutional amendment to deny bail to accused violent criminals

barbedwire030411_optVoters would be asked to approve referendum in November


Gov. Chris Christie Tuesday proposed a ballot referendum that would ask voters to approve a constitutional amendment that would allow judges to deny bail to accused violent criminals, especially those with a record of violence.

The governor describes the proposal as part of a common sense effort to enhance public safety by preventing violence before it occurs. The proposal parallels the federal bail system regarding violent criminals.

Christie initially proposed the change in his State of the State address in January.

“Keeping our residents and communities safe is the paramount role of government,” the governor said. “Revising our bail procedures and allowing judges to consider certain factors, such as the dangerousness of the offender to the community before being released back into society, is just a simple common sense reform that is long overdue in this state.”

The constitutional amendment voters would be asked to approve in November would establish an exception authorizing pretrial detention when a court finds that no amount of bail, pretrial release conditions or combination of bail and conditions would assure the accused criminal’s appearance, protect the safety of any person and of the community, or maintain the integrity of the criminal justice process.

The state Constitution presently calls for all accused persons to be eligible for bail except some accused murderers. It states, “All persons shall, before conviction, be bailable by sufficient sureties, except for capital offenses when the proof is evident or presumption great.”

The proposed referendum is the second Christie has proposed in the past few weeks. He also wants voters to decide if same-sex marriage should be legalized in New Jersey but the Democratic-controlled Legislature is refusing to move the necessary measure to create the referendum, saying civil rights issues should not be decided by popular vote. Instead, the Democrats are moving legislation to legalize gay marriage, a bill the governor has vowed to veto.

If the Democrats fail to provide Christie legislation to establish the no-bail referendum, the governor can charge they are soft on crime in next year’s gubernatorial election.

Comments (1)
1 Wednesday, 15 February 2012 09:24
Bob Spiegel
Our prisons in NJ are already over crowded and dangerous. We need to reform them and make common sense first time drug offenses something that does not require jail time. Our children are being put in jails with killers and rapist and what for what getting caught with a joint in their possession.

Also we have to stop the rape and assault of our children and those families held on immigration charges in our state and county system.

It is immoral and wrong and turns those attacked by violent criminals into criminals themselves to survive. Its easy to say let them all rot in jail but not every one caught up in criminal justice system is a bad person or even guilty of a crime.

How does Governor Chrispie's legislation address those falsely accused and later cleared by DNA evidence? They deserve a right to mount their own defense and fight to clear their name. They can't do that locked in a cage.

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