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Jul 05th
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Christie Disagrees 95 Percent With Obama, But Sandy Recovery Not Political

christieBY BOB HOLT

Governor Chris Christie admits to having a 95 percent disagreement level with President Barack Obama, but said what happened to his state during Hurricane Sandy was anything but political.

Six months after Sandy devastated New Jersey, Christie says Obama has kept his promises to the state regarding its recovery.

Christie said, according to the New York Daily News, “Everything the president promised me they’d do, they’ve done.”

“I think he’s done a good job,” Christie said. “He kept his word.”

In an MSNBC interview on Monday, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough asked the New Jersey governor what he would say to right-wing conservative critics who did not approve of his working closely with Democrat Obama. Red Alert Politics reported that Christie responded, “When you wake up and 7 million of your 7.8 million citizens are out of power, not a school opened, not a water treatment or waste-water treatment plant is operable, 51 gas stations in the whole state are open — you’re not sitting there worrying about presidential politics.”

“Listen, I supported Mitt Romney — I was very vocal about that,” pointed out Christie. “But the fact is that presidential politics was not the first thing on my mind that day.”

The New York Daily News reported that Christie and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan said that New Jersey had been approved to spend more than $1.8 billion in federal grants on rebuilding from Hurricane Sandy. Christie also announced a $25-million marketing plan for the Jersey shore, as reported by CBS Philly.

Christie acknowledged that Washington focuses too much on politics. He said, according to Politico, Americans “hate Washington so much because many of them don’t care, about getting the job done … they care about … being right. What the president and I did at that time was, we saw suffering together, and when you see that, you’re either going to step up and be responsible or you’re not.”

“And we stepped up and were responsible together,” he added.



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