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Jun 30th
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Doherty lobbies for N.J. red light camera removal

njdot120710_optBY BOB HOLT

A study by the New Jersey Department of Transportation indicates that the red light cameras installed at certain New Jersey intersections may be more trouble than they’re worth.

The NJDOT report says accidents at the state intersections using the cameras for at least a year increased- rear end collisions in particular.

CBS New York reported that 24 intersections were studied, and the number of accidents rose from 577 to 582, but rear-end collisions went from 286 the year before to 343.

One motorist said the cameras are making the state’s drivers worse. He said, “If you stop short, you’re going to get hit in the back. Then you’ve got to take the light, and pay for the ticket. Bad, very bad.”

Senator Michael J. Doherty believes the program should be ended.

"If the legislature does not move to immediately terminate the pilot program in light of the new data confirming that cameras make intersections more dangerous, that will be proof positive that the real purpose of red light cameras is to give government another way to reach into your pocket through tickets and fines," he said, according to

The Department of Transportation disagreed, saying they need more information. According to, their report said, "The data are still too limited to draw any definitive conclusions about the pilot program at this time. The department recommends continued data collection and monitoring of program intersections."

But CBS New York pointed out that motorists may learn to adjust to the cameras over a longer period. Two Newark intersections that were using red light cameras for two years saw tickets drop by 85 percent from the first month to the 24th month.

Doherty has an online petition that New Jersey residents can sign to support banning of the cameras. It can be signed here.


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