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Mar 06th
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Gov. Chris Christie Offers Escape from the New York Tax Man



Governor Chris Christie has extended a formal invitation to New Yorkers to come to New Jersey to escape tax reforms in New York which Christie says are moving in the wrong direction.

“A state like New York is moving in the wrong direction. You see taxes being increased there. You have a new mayor in New York who is aggressively talking about increasing taxes in New York City. While I feel badly for New Yorkers, come to New Jersey. It’s moving in the other direction," reported from a speech Christie gave to the Wall street Journal CEO council in Washington D.C.

This past April, Gov. Christie revived a call for a 10 percent tax reduction on New Jersey. According to, "Homeowners earning $400,000 or less would get an income-tax credit equal to 10 percent of their property taxes, capped at $10,000 and phased in over four years. The governor made his proposal a condition of his increasing a separate tax credit for low and middle-income workers."

While Christie's proposition of relocation due to tax differences between New York and New Jersey makes a sound financial argument, the response he received shows that Christie greatly underestimated how much New Yorkers love living in NYC, despite the higher taxes. interviewed several people in Times Square on the subject, and the responses they received were overwhelmingly negative in connotation, "We don't go to New Jersey, our trash goes to New Jersey," bystander Tiffany said.

One individual made a remark which may help explain some of the general feeling of New Yorkers towards Christie's proposal, "Bertrand from Brooklyn wondered why anyone would want to leave New York saying, 'I live in the center of the universe,'" according to

Of course there are those in NYC who do not support the additional tax increases laid out by the recently elected Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, "I do think there will be a lot of people who will move out of this city because of high taxes. I just don't think people want to see more taxes in this city," Kevin Mclnerny said according to


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