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Jul 05th
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Gov. Christie and his Latest Tax Cut Proposal

ChristieFeb26_opt_copyBY MICHAEL HAYNE

It's an election year and Gov. Chris Christie knows he has to win if he hopes to run for president iin 2016, and he also knows that he can no longer ride exclusively on his Post-Sandy efforts. So like all politicians, he's looking for nice, shiny distractions, at least that's what some liberal activists think.

"Instead of building up, he's trying to trickle down," said Rob Duffey, a spokesman for the New Jersey Working Families Alliance. (

As liberal activists descended upon the New Brunswick Post Office on April 15, Christie used the Tax Day opportunity to tell a local radio show in a tax-day interview that New Jerseyans making less than $400,000 annually should get a 10 percent credit towards their property taxes, up to $10,000.

From the Star Ledger:

"Christie's plan calls for households earning up to $400,000 to receive an income tax credit equal to 10 percent of their property tax bills to be phased in over four years and capped at $10,000. Qualifying homeowners would get a $100 credit for the second half of 2013, then 4 percent of their property taxes next year, 8 percent in 2015 and 10 percent in 2016 and after that."

But the group seems to feel that Chirstie's business tax breaks have done very little considering the state's high unemployment.

"He should prioritize small business owners and the middle class," said Corinne Horowitz, a business representative for the Main Street Alliance who attended Monday's protest. (

The folks of varying backgrounds at the protest concluded that the move reeks of pandering.


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