Joe Biden’s gaff bites Jon Corzine in — speech

Friday, 26 June 2009 15:54

biden062609_optVice President's comment came in an address to a lesbian and gay audience at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington


Vice President Joe Biden suffered another bout of foot in mouth disease Thursday evening and this time Gov. Jon Corzine got bit.

Biden replaced Corzine as governor of New Jersey with a guy named Tim Kaine.

In a 20-minute address and with the help of a TelePrompTer Biden told an audience of lesbians and gays at a fundraiser at Washington's Mandarin Oriental Hotel that Kaine is a "great governor for New Jersey.''

One problem: Kaine is the governor of Virginia - and chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Biden was in West Orange on June 2 to help Corzine celebrate his re-nomination as the Democratic candidate for governor in the Nov. 3 election.

Corzine had bigger issues than Biden's gaff. He was at the Statehouse until the early hours of Friday after the Legislature approved the new state budget.

Reporters who cover the Statehouse in Trenton Friday were unaware of Biden's gaff, so the Senate Republican staff was only too happy to bring it to their attention.