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Jul 05th
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Madison Councilman Dr. Vincent Esposito charged with selling oxycontin prescriptions

espositoVincent021712_optAllegedly charged $90 per script for 120 high-dose pills

Madison Borough Councilman Vincent A. Esposito, a physician, has been arrested on charges that he repeatedly sold prescriptions for the highly addictive painkiller OxyContin to people he never treated or examined, state Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa announced Friday.

Esposito, 54, who has an office at 322 Main St. in Madison, was arrested Thursday by the state Division of Criminal Justice and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. The arrest came after DEA special agents and Criminal Justice detectives executed a search warrant at Esposito’s office.

Esposito is charged with distribution of a controlled dangerous substance and conspiracy, both in the second degree. The charges stem from an ongoing investigation by the DEA and the Division of Criminal Justice Gangs & Organized Crime Bureau.

“The abuse of prescription painkillers is becoming a deadly national epidemic, with 40 Americans dying each day from these narcotics,” Chiesa said. “For a doctor to indiscriminately prescribe dangerous addictive pills for personal profit, as we allege in this case, is both a serious crime and a shocking betrayal of professional ethics.”

“Our joint investigation with the DEA is ongoing,” Criminal Justice Director Stephen J. Taylor said. “We have made it a priority to detect and prosecute the doctors, pharmacists, drug dealers and other criminals who profit from the vast black market for prescription pain pills that exists in New Jersey.”

New Jersey DEA Special Agent in Charge Brian R. Crowell said, “This is an educated medical professional, who violated his oath to his patients, despite all the public awareness campaigns in New Jersey identifying the dangers of diverted pain medicine and the harm and pain they cause in our communities. The defendant is a prime example of the problems fueling our drug threat in the region, and we are relieved he is out of business.”

For nearly a year, the DEA has been investigating allegations that Esposito was selling prescriptions for OxyContin and other forms of oxycodone, the generic name of the narcotic in OxyContin, to people he did not treat or examine, and, in some cases, never saw at all. The investigation was joined by the Division of Criminal Justice, which will prosecute the case.

During the investigation, Esposito allegedly wrote prescriptions for oxycodone for confidential informants and undercover agents of the DEA in exchange for cash on at least eight occasions. In each instance, Esposito failed to perform any medical exam prior to providing the prescriptions.

Comments (9)
9 Tuesday, 21 August 2012 17:28
Madison Denizen
The honorable thing to do would be for alleged drug dealer Esposito to resign from the Madison borough council. He is a disgrace & his continuing to be on the council is grotesque. He is a lousy councilman & an even lousier "medical doctor." According to Healthgrades, he went to some kind of rinkydink, no name "med school" in the Caribbean, obviously for people who were rejected by bonafide US med schools. Maybe one reason he turned -- "allegedly" -- to selling drugs was because he really has no talent as a medical professional at all & tried to force his way into getting an MD credential by going to a ridiculous "school." The whole thing is a huge embarrassment to Madison. Go back to the Caribbean, mon & let someone of good character be on the council.
8 Wednesday, 18 April 2012 11:14
he was my dr for 4 yrs and i came to him addicted to oxycotin and he helped me get clean . never once did he offer me anything but help staying off the drug. if he was doing what they said he did then he should rot in jail but he was a great help to me and others that i referred to him.
7 Wednesday, 29 February 2012 11:54
Disabled Veteran
Please post your lawyer's name, so I may contact him.

I will be more than happy to testify as a character witness about my relationship with Dr. Vincent A. Esposito!
This is the short version: I just typed 4 pages, but maybe I should give it directly to your lawyer.

After 25 years of being my doctor. You've helped me multiple times and not by prescribing any painkillers.
I have 2 specific cases. I will explain to your lawyer. Maybe it & I can help you.
Cluster headaches and advanced arthritis with a pinched nerve in my neck.

All I can say to you the DEA and FBI, can you spell asshole & should get a life. Grow up and go after the real dealers! And not the best Dr. I ever went to in my entire 58 years of life. What I see here is called entrapment of a very fine Dr. and some young squirt, who works for the FBI. That's never suffered from chronic pain, and also never done his homework, but trying to impress his boss for a raise. Do you know that Dr. Vincent A. Esposito is the only doctor certified to help people get off pain medicine in Madison area? But let me tell you, you can help someone unless you can get them into your office to talk. What I see that possibly could have happened is some junkie got mad at him for not giving him drugs got arrested and the FBI set this whole scheme into motion, what I see is that Dr. just trying to help another person, by getting them into his office so he could be helped, whether they are another junkie or someone in chronic pain! Maybe, just because he is such a good and caring Dr who wants to help people like doctors are supposed to do!
Your homework FBI/DEA: Google cost, street value per milligram of Oxycodone & cost per doctor's office visit, now if you're not capable. Ask your boss, that’s why he makes more money than you! I do not see Dr. Vincent A. Esposito being the big dealer that you make him out to be, but a kind and caring Dr. that he is!
Thanks for reading it, good luck and Dr. Vincent A. Esposito, if there is anything I can do to help you I'm going to try.

Just another (disabled veteran with chronic neck and shoulder pain on disability!)

Disabled Veteran
6 Thursday, 23 February 2012 09:52
Content Patient
Dr. Esposito has been my internist for about fifteen years, and I am very happy with him. He takes the time needed for each patient, and is always ready and willing to listen and answer questions. I hope these charges prove to be without merit.
5 Wednesday, 22 February 2012 14:08
lives in CONSTANT pain
I am absolutely shocked & in disbelief wwith what is being said about Dr. E. He has been my PCP & my pain management dr since 2004. I have countless MRIs,X-Rays & the urine tests HE had his pain mngmt patients take. I was struck by a car while walking, had knee & spinal surgery and if it werent for this AMAZING & CARING Dr, WHO WAS PATIENT enough to take the time to LISTEN and EXPLAIN ALL my test results to me,i dont know where i'd be today! I was unable to sit, stand,drive,sleep, forget about working my reg job that required me to be on my feet to 9hr shifts. Because of Dr.Esposito i've been able to regain a partially normal life. Also i find all this ironic because THIS DR. is the ONE WHO GOT ME OFF OF OXYCONTINS. AND WAS IN THE PROCESS OF WEANING ME DOWN FROM ALL MEDS. SO NOW WITH THE WAY THE HEALTH INS. CRISIS IS,DO ALL OF HIS PAIN MNGMT PATIENTS GO???WHEREVER WE END UP I DOUBT WE'LL FIND A DR. WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS AND CARES ABOUT EACH PATIENT AS AN INDIVIDUAL. I PRAY THE TRUTH COMES OUT,AND DR.ESPOSITO COMES OUT ABOVE ALL THIS.
4 Tuesday, 21 February 2012 12:26
Of course your dear one is innocent and DEA officers are all wrong and they have being spending time and money for nothing..........

Personally, I only see that you do not have any shame!!!
3 Monday, 20 February 2012 14:07
there is a tremendous difference between oxycotin and oxycodone one being oxycotin is 16x more powerfull than oxycodone which is percocete the generic name.In florida they get 500 dollars a script then another 3 to 400 dollars for the xray or bogus mri no way would dr esposito sell his soul to the devil for ninety dollars a script in florida they bring back retired doctors who renew their dea license and write up to 75 scripts a day looks like some stool pigeons wanted to get there sentence lightened i dont belive this is the whole truth
2 Saturday, 18 February 2012 15:23
I agree with "onelove". Every doctor writes prescriptions for medicine, that's how this works. He did his job and nothing else. He wasn't passing out drugs for free. He charged for an office visit. He obviously was targeted by a disgruntled person who lied about Dr. Esposito.
The DA is on a witch hunt and is trying to make this doctor "an example", when in reality all he was doing was his job.
How can a doctor prove someone's pain? He was trying to help his patients, not hurt them or society.
People should check the facts before they make their judgements.
1 Saturday, 18 February 2012 04:51
."During the investigation, Esposito allegedly wrote prescriptions for oxycodone for confidential informants and undercover agents of the DEA in exchange for cash on at least eight occasions"

- Are you serious? In order to be prescribed an SSRI does anyone ever examine your brain besides for listening to you? Doesnt stop half the people from taking prozac zoloft paxil etc. daily. The dr in this situation is clearly being made out to look 100X worse than what really happened.. it seems like the dea made a really huge mistake on this one... Taking a 100% innocent man & community activist & going after him in such a sick & sadistic manor. If im reading this right they want the dr's to like bang your knee to make sure its broken & break it more before we can give you some antibiotics.

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