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May 26th
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New Jersey State Assembly election results

statehouseHT072209_optDISTRICT 1
Nelson Albano (D, incumbent) 31,948

Matthew Milam (D, incumbent) 29,443

Micahel Donohue ( R) 27,398

John McCann (R) 26,479

204 of 204 precincts reported


John Amodeo (R, incumbent) 31,214

Vince Polistina (R, incumbent) 30,552

Jimmy Martinez (D) 20,734

Reginald Floyd (D) 20,581

135 of 136 precincts reported


John Burzichelli (D, incumbent) 35,125

Lee Lucas (R) 27,228

Celesete Riley (D, incumbent) 31,627

Robert Villare (R) 30,410

167 of 167 precincts reported


Williams Collins (D) 25,740

Domenick DiCicco (R) 26,761

Eugene Lawrence ( R) 25,471

Paul Moriarty (D, incumbent) 27,554

148 of 148 precincts reported


Angel Fuentes (D) 22,822

Brian Kluchnick (R) 15,037

Donald Norcross (D) 23,077

Stepfanie Velez-Gentry (R) 14,950

151 of 152 precincts reported


Scott DeCristofaro ( R) 24,870

Brian Greenberg ( R) 25,221

Louis Greenwald (D, incumbent) 33,764

Pamela Lampitt (D, incumbent) 30,858

152 of 152 precincts reported


Harry Adams ( R) 19,287

Leah Arter ( R) 19,859

Herb Conaway (D, incumbent) 33,599

Jack Conners (D, incumbent) 32,636

207 of 207 precincts reported


Dawn Marie Addiego (R, incumbent) 38,830

Scott Rudder (R, incumbent) 37,483

Bill Brown (D) 24,289

Debbie Sarcone (D) 24,278

162 of 162 precincts reported


Brian Rumpf (R, incumbent) 53,988

DiAnne Gove (R ) 52,378

Richard Visotcky (D) 26,333

Robert Rue (D) 25,205

178 of 178 precincts reported


Eli Eytan (D) 18.056

Jim Holzapfel (R, incumbent) 45,796

Charles Tivenan (D) 18,697

David Wolfe, (R, incumbent) 47,193

149 of 150 precincts reported


Mary Pat Angelini (R, incumbent) 36,100

Randy Bishop (D) 22,817

Richard Bolger (D) 21,943

David Rible (R, incumbent) 35,751

154 of 154 precincts reported


John Amberg (D) 22,801

Caroline Casagrande (R, incumbent) 41,267

Declan O'Scanlon (R, incumbent) 41,516

Michelle Roth (D) 24,463

Steven Walzer (Grn) 1,546

168 of 170 precincts reported


Bob Brown (D) 20,302

Sean Dunne (Ind.) 3,366

James Grenafege (D) 18,720

Amy Handlin (R, incumbent) 39,863

Samuel Thompson (R, incumbent) 38,823

156 of 156 precincts reported


Gene Baldassari (Ind) 720

Rob Calabro (R ) 26,147

Wayne DeAngelo (D, incumbent) 30,902

Linda Greenstein (D, incumbent) 32,937

William Harvey ( R) 25,430

168 of 170 precincts reported


Daryl Brooks (Lib) 737

Bonnie Coleman (D, incumbent) 22,758

Werner Graf ( R) 10,816

Charles Green (Lib) 689

Reed Gusciora (D, incumbent) 22,359

Kim Taylor ( R) 11,321

142 of 144 precincts reported


Pete Biondi (R, incumbent) 44,920

Denise Coyle (R, incumbent) 44,351

Roberta Karpinecz (D) 22,040

Mark Petraske (D) 21,274

179 of 184 precincts reported


Upendra Chivukula (D, incumbent) 27,815

Joseph Egan (D, incumbent) 29,607

Anthony Mazzola ( R) 17,955

Salim Nathoo ( R) 16,357

163 of 163 precincts reported


Peter Barnes (D, incumbent) 24,745

Patrick Diegnan (D, incumbent) 24,444

Joseph Sinagra ( R) 22,913

Robert Jones ( R) 21,710

Katherine Shkolar (Ind.) 1,488

Andrew Tidd (Ind.) 1,218

168 of 168 precincts reported

Comments (1)
1 Wednesday, 04 November 2009 00:43
If the Republicans would have really tried they would have knocked some more steam out of Camden County. But who knew? The Dem opponent against the winner in Winslow (South Jersey) Republican winner Tomasello, he didn't even bother to respond to our question. We might not have liked his answer but, he didn't give a darn about us. One thing about the Republicans, they all answered. For the size of the County and the registered Democrats people might think 20K votes is a large number (freeholders), but in actuality it could have been cut. Republicans are going to have the next four years to push and push hard. Look at I watched President Obama on Sunday. I agree in the fact, it pushed my inclinations the other way. I somehow felt he should have been in Washington not wasting tax dollars "jetting around". This election has truly given me pause to stop and look around again. Mr. Christie has proved that things are not impossible. Say what you will about Mr. Daggett, at least he's not in debt the way Forrester or even Romney were. I'm not sure where this leaves my family. My husband is with Camden County Corrections and has not had a raise in 4 years. We're not sure if we'll keep our home or not. If the Democrats didn't work hard and they are "so called" union and he may lose his job, it doesn't really make that much of a difference what party I vote for because we know what the Sheriff did in Monmouth County. Quality services are not the agenda. I don't know what is, but we're all going to learn NJ politics the Karl Rove way. Is that good or bad, we will see. Everybody is now in the same boat, And the Democrats in the state are now on notice, they can lose their jobs too!People may have just gone with the person they liked better. Thank you. Was it in the movie All About Eve...It's going to be a long and bumpy night (4 year administration)

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