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Jun 03rd
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N.J. Democratic leaders to focus on middle class when reviewing Christie's budget

“We have 110 days until our constitutional deadline to produce a balanced budget,” Sarlo said. “We will meet that deadline, and we will do so with a budget that puts the needs of middle-class New Jersey first.”

Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex) added, “I agree with the governor that real leadership will turn New Jersey around. Unfortunately, we're still waiting for real leadership.

“With his proposal to spend $2 billion more than last year while cutting taxes, Governor Christie's budget address was a masterful piece of political theater meant to divert attention from the problems facing New Jersey's middle class,” Wisniewski said.

“It relies on exceedingly optimistic revenue forecasts to justify his proposal to cut income taxes and turns a blind eye to the fact that our property taxes and state debt continue to rise.

“His income tax proposal would reward New Jersey's wealthiest residents with thousands of dollars while most of us would be lucky to get $100 in tax relief while continuing to face higher property taxes,” Wisniewski said. “It amounts to nothing more than the same trickle-down economics that has been destroying the economic security of hard working families for years. The governor's proposed budget once again sacrifices New Jersey's middle class to his national ambitions. It is a political document that ignores New Jersey's problems and rejects New Jersey values so that he can appeal to national Republicans and Tea Party activists. In short, it is less about New Jersey in 2012 than it is about Iowa in 2016.”

Republican legislative leaders offered praise for Christie’s proposal.

Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean (R-Union) said, The governor's budget is focused on rebuilding and improving the foundation of our economy so that it will create sustainable, private sector jobs. By holding the line on spending reducing taxes for every working family, we can compete for jobs with every other state in America and show businesses that New Jersey is a good investment.

“Reducing the income tax is an investment in our state just like education, state colleges and universities, property tax relief, and support for the disadvantaged,” Kean said. “It is a needed investment in job creation for the still far too many workers seeking employment. The governor's budget presents us with a choice: continuing to do what has been working for New Jersey's economy and job market, or return to the days when unchecked taxes, spending, and borrowing turned our state into an economic disaster.

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick (R-Union) said he sees the proposed budget as a fiscal package that will help bolster New Jersey’s economy.

“Governor Christie outlined a fiscally responsible budget that will advance the New Jersey recovery for taxpayers and businesses,” Bramnick said. “The governor's budget increases state educational aid to its highest level in history, makes the required pension payment of $1.1 billion, and cuts income taxes by 10 percent. As a result of Governor Christie's leadership, we have a budget that funds core priorities and provides tax relief for every New Jerseyan."


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