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Jun 02nd
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N.J. Motor vehicle surcharge amnesty law could raise $17 million for financially strapped state

njseal051309_optLegislation to boost state revenue by establishing a motor vehicle surcharge amnesty program was signed into law Saturday by Acting Gov. Stephen Sweeney.

Under the program, outstanding surcharges imposed under the state Motor Vehicle Violations Surcharge System could be satisfied with neither interest nor collection costs.

According to estimates by the Motor Vehicle Commission, the surcharge amnesty period could bring in $17 million in uncollected funds to the state.

The amnesty program will apply only to those surcharges levied for accumulated motor vehicle points and those levied for motor vehicle violations or convictions for which points are not assessed.

It will not apply to surcharges levied against drivers convicted of drunk driving or failing to consent to a chemical test to determine their blood alcohol content.

Further, any driver whose outstanding surcharges include any levies imposed for a drunk driving conviction or a refusal to submit to a blood alcohol content test will not be eligible to participate in this amnesty program.

During the eligibility period, a person who has an outstanding surcharge could pay that surcharge with neither interest nor collection costs being imposed, provided those outstanding surcharges are paid in full. Interest and collection costs could not be waived if the outstanding surcharges are not paid in full within the period of eligibility.

The law (A-4155) imposes a 5 percent penalty on outstanding eligible surcharges that are not satisfied during the amnesty period.

The law was sponsored by Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman and Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (both D-Mercer).

"The continuing global recession has hit the state budget hard, so any additional revenue we can find is of course unquestionably a good thing," Watson Coleman said. "But a program like this could also help many drivers, especially those with lower incomes, who simply cannot afford the fees and penalties that come with these motor vehicle surcharges. The state will never see that money unless we offer a program like this one."

"A program like this is a common sense way for New Jersey to raise additional revenue when it's sorely needed and for people buried by motor vehicle surcharges to dig themselves out of their debt," said Gusciora. "We know these programs can work, based on the successful tax amnesty program earlier this year that allowed us to boost property tax relief."


Comments (28)
28 Monday, 30 March 2015 14:13
Disabled and trying
Has anyone found a lawyer or law or a way to remove the NJ Surcharges after 27 years of not having to be able to get my DL back. I cannot afford the charges. Is there a statue of limitation? What is the state government doing to help us?
27 Tuesday, 16 September 2014 22:17
Tony Pratt
I've been living in Va. since 1991 & now it's 2014 I got two tickets in 1987 and I've had a Va lic. and when I went to renew my drivers lic. Va. tell's me I owe Nj. $16,000 . $3000 for the tickets & $13,000 for surcharge . I haven't lived in Nj. since 1991 .Where I live in Va. you have to have a Drivres Lic. to Work . So I lost my job and it's hard to get another .What is Nj. doing ?
So if a person received a ticket in 1960 in Nj. you would owe $1,000,000,000 . That's not Fair !!!
26 Sunday, 07 September 2014 09:07
New Jersey Surcharge Indigent Victim
I found this under Texas law. Does this apply to NJ.

Transportation Code

Sec. 708.158. INDIGENT STATUS AND REDUCTION OF SURCHARGES. (a) The department shall waive all surcharges assessed under this chapter for a person who is indigent. For the purposes of this section, a person is considered to be indigent if the person provides the evidence described by Subsection (b) to the court.
(b) A person must provide information to the court in which the person is convicted of the offense that is the basis for the surcharge to establish that the person is indigent. The following documentation may be used as proof:
(1) a copy of the person's most recent federal income tax return that shows that the person's income or the person's household income does not exceed 125 percent of the applicable income level established by the federal poverty guidelines;
(2) a copy of the person's most recent statement of wages that shows that the person's income or the person's household income does not exceed 125 percent of the applicable income level established by the federal poverty guidelines; or
(3) documentation from a federal agency, state agency, or school district that indicates that the person or, if the person is a dependent as defined by Section 152, Internal Revenue Code of 1986, the taxpayer claiming the person as a dependent, receives assistance from:
(A) the food stamp program or the financial assistance program established under Chapter 31, Human Resources Code;
(B) the federal special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children authorized by 42 U.S.C. Section 1786;
(C) the medical assistance program under Chapter 32, Human Resources Code;
(D) the child health plan program under Chapter 62, Health and Safety Code; or
(E) the national free or reduced-price lunch program established under 42 U.S.C. Section 1751 et seq.
25 Thursday, 31 July 2014 05:52
Surcharge Indigent Victim
Does any know what INDIGENT Law is in regards to surcharge?(not low income)
I thought Judgements were only 15 years. What happens to surcharge judgements after 15 years?
24 Thursday, 31 July 2014 05:44
Indigent-Judgement Victim
Does anyone know of "Indigent Law" (not low income) in regards to NJ Surcharge.
How about Judgement Law, I thought after 15 years NJ law the judgement is to be removed.
23 Sunday, 22 June 2014 11:45
I have been making payments for nj surcharges for 5 years and I became I'll with cancer and had to go through chemo and radiation treatments for 8 weeks. Before I started treatments I notified nj that I needed my D/L to drive back and forth for treatments and would not be able to work until I was able to and that it was a life threatening illness and I would resume payments as soon as I was back to work. They said no mercy and revoked my license and now they want more money up front than I can possibly pay just to re-instate me after not working for over 6 months. Now I can't get to work. So,, If the state of nj can do this to me I feel very bad for all of us having to go through this. If any one knows any thing that we can do please help as I don't know where to turn. Thanks to any one that helps put a stop to this madness. I am more than willing to step up to the plate and put a stop to this legally.
22 Friday, 16 March 2012 08:05
well this state wants me to pay almost 14,000 in surcharges they have me convicted of a dui from 22 years ago and come to fine out it never went to a judge i was convicted of a dui and the court administrator said there was no disposition on it sooooooo HOOOOOOW do you put a dui on somone that was never convicted of it this state is sooooooo corupt i never had a problem with my pa licence never but jersey woow
21 Thursday, 08 December 2011 12:40
Surcharges from Identity Theft
I Never lived in NJ or even visited this armpit. However the DMV managed to get a $10K+ judgement against me which I only found out about when renewing my license in my home state.

5 years and $45K later in attorney fees I'm still fighting with this state to have the motor vehicle offenses and surcharges removed; meeting resistance from every courts and state agencies every step of the way. Only 1 municipal Judge out of 30+ municipalities where violations occured was honest enough and had the moral integrity to correct their records and have the offenses & surcharge expunged - a liitle podunk town in Sussex county.

What is wrong with you people who live in and run the state of NJ? How could you vote for and continue to allow these officials to continue to run a program designed to keep the populace so intimidated that they are fearful or noncaring that it continues to this day? Only YOU can change this state's arbitrary and capracious actions.

For those who are tired of dealing with New Jersey AISC. Here is your only hope:


If I file for bankruptcy do I still have to pay the surcharge?
No. If you file for bankruptcy, you do not have to pay the surcharge or related fees. But you must forward a copy of the bankruptcy petition to MVC for this to apply, stating that the "State of New Jersey-AISC" was listed as a creditor and that the case was filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Good luck in your dealings with Natzi Jersey
20 Sunday, 20 November 2011 01:52
feed up
Back in the 90's I got a DUI before joining the USAF.
In order to leave, I had to pay off the whole bill which I did.
I joined the AF and 15 years later received a surcharge notice from NJ debt collectors of almost $5k.
I had a lawyer send DMV a cease and desist letter and make a request for DMV or the debt collectors to provide proof of the debt. No proof was was provided. Instead a letter was sent to me stating I owed the debt. Now the NJ credit collectors sent me a letter stating I have a Judgment against me.
My question is simple: Where is the proof? Why can't they send me a copy of the actual proof of this debt?

Why can't we start a class action against the state of NJ claiming they are attempting to collect a debt with the proper documentation. Isn't this unconstitutional taxing without representation? Where are the good lawyers that stand up for regular citizens? If I find one, I will post on this site.
19 Thursday, 06 October 2011 09:36
John Smith
I no longer live in NJ but I do have outstanding surcharges that I would like to pay off so I could get my PA License back. Does anyone know when the next one will happen? I never hear of these until after they happen. Having a month or two to plan would help tremendously in getting the money together before it's over.
18 Thursday, 01 September 2011 02:52
NJ surcharge against me for a 2007 DUI which I cannot afford. I decided I had to leave NJ. The NJ DMV will never see a cent of this MONEY!
The failure to pay will result in the filing of a certificate of debt (judgment) in the NJ Superior Court to collect the unpaid principal, plus added collection costs and interest.

If the judgment remains unpaid, MVC is authorized to use provision of the Set-Off of Individual Liability program (SOIL) by setting-off potential refunds and rebates processed by the NJ Division of Taxation.


FOIL (Set Off of Federal Refunds for Individual Liability)
The FOIL program withholds Federal Income Tax Refunds for NJ Gross Income Tax debt.
17 Monday, 15 August 2011 10:21
Jack Bobo
Anything new about the N.J. Surcharges....??????????
16 Thursday, 11 August 2011 02:34
I have not had a nj driver license since 03, I had 1 (ONE) driving while suspended charge because of parking tickets, to which i have paid. I paid the 300 dollar surcharge got back on the plane to Ca and got my CA license. In 5 years i have no problems or violations. Now i have to renew my ca license and nj says i owe them 900 plus dollars. Screw you NJ!! Il pay the installment and renew my CA driver license and deal with you in 5 more years. At least when things like this happen out here...people rise up! Even if i could pay $900 dollars, apparently i would have to pay 900 dollars for the next 3 years!? And the people of NJ grunt and say. YOU did it so pay! you have no idea what your talkin about. bunch of sheep to slaughter!!
15 Thursday, 14 July 2011 21:07
jeff Fraleigh
NJ wants to extort money from me,Near $1400 and I have Paid over $600 already. Iwas allowed to renew my license and register multi vehicles for for years before moving to Florida,fast forward15 years and they want their money so I didn't drive for two years and now they are after what started at $8, RAT bastards, Shame on you rat bastards. I have no tickets, no DUI, no speeding tickets, Why did they not collect while I was living there? Whell, Screwing over people to cause them financial hardship and being idigent,kiss my yup!
14 Wednesday, 22 June 2011 20:35
Im 45 living in ga for the past 25 years i got a dwi in 1985 while i was in the navy couldnt pay the surcharges tryed to make a payment plan it arrived to them late from saudi arabia i wasnt allowed to make anymore payments.5years ago i tried to pay them but they wanted 760 a month just looked up the surcharges moments ago im up to 20,780 minus restoration fees. been driving in ga sinse i was 18 guess im concerned because ga passed a law that driving on suspended is a felony at 3rd offence which will be the next road block. maybe ill move back claim some sort of dissability put the fam on welfare then i wont have to drive. bastards
13 Wednesday, 15 June 2011 11:03
derrick fluellen
I am trying to find a way or program that i can get these surcharge off me if you have any info or way contact me please at 9039460422 my email is pure_pittbull_blood@yahoo.com
12 Wednesday, 13 April 2011 20:20
Does it matter
I have an insurance surcharge that continues to accure with yearly fees and interest. The state of NJ is the worst! It's a legal form of bulking the citizen out of millions of dollars a year. Yes there is something that we as citizens who are outraged protest and demand motor vehicle reform or something... so I guess if people are really serious then it will all come together...
11 Thursday, 07 April 2011 07:59
Jacek Szala
I just paid all my traffic fines and went to Dmv(Newark)to find out that i have to pay 277$ just to get on payment plan with collection agency.Can i just pay 1066$ (ander 2009 ammnesty program)?????????
10 Tuesday, 08 March 2011 18:58
corrupt government
These surcharges are unconstitutional and onerous. They never end, they keep charging them and taxing us and we are taking it lying down. WE SHOULD TAKE TO THE STREETS AND PROTEST THIS HARASSMENT FROM TRENTON. Who is with me? Let's do what the unionists did in Wisconsin - stand up for our rights! Let's do what the Egyptians did and take down this corrupt government. I am totally serious....
9 Sunday, 13 February 2011 21:35
legal Eagle
I feel that New Jersey DMV Surcharges should be deemed unconstitutional. I moved out of New Jersey back in 1986. I moved to Pennsylvania. I surrended my Drivers license and received a Pa license. In 1990 I moved to Florida. Last year I went to renew my Drivers License & found my Driving privilages were flagged until I satisfyed a surcharge imposed on me in New Jersey for not informing them of my move. WHAT????. New Jersey has gone to become the arm pits of this country (look at the map). They have an idiot for a Governor, another one as acting Governor, and who knows whos next. So I say, Mr Governor, get rid of the Surcharge. You want to get the state in financial security, take a cut in pay along with all the other thieving polititions in you state. Oh and FYI, New Jersey, you are all not alone in this country. Is this what being proud to be an American means? Disgusted U.S Citizen.
8 Tuesday, 08 February 2011 20:37
Is there any grace periods for these surcharges. It seems when I miss one payment, they want to suspend my liscense after I have already payed $2500!!!!! NJ SUCKS
7 Tuesday, 25 January 2011 02:56
Wilfred Laluz
I owe Nj DMV 10,000 in surcharges and up to 1,500 in fines that I am still trying to pay.I am 29 and don't ever think I am going to b able to pay these fines or surcharges as it is there are no programs to help the people and as a part time worker there will never b a way to pay. It seems like even moving won't help bc even you move out of state u r still responsible to pay what is owed. Is there any thing I can do or do I have to just forget about ever having a license
6 Thursday, 13 January 2011 17:15
my sons paid over time cierten amounts on these surchages we have money orders to prove it still they come up with all this extra fines and the payments don't show up whats wrong with nj stealing from the poor help those in need tha are trying to get caught up give them the oppotunity and put it to rest
5 Sunday, 12 December 2010 21:10
I only have a small amount of money left to pay $159. They are trying to suspend a license that I have not had for 15 yrs, it has been experied since 1996, when I got a license, from another state. I will be paying off the balance over the next 2 months. They keep saying that they want to suspend my license that I don't have because I missed one payment in 5 years
4 Monday, 18 October 2010 06:16
Blaine Fehley
I have lost my license when i was 20 and now im 47. Im self employed and i have the type of bissness that i dont need a license and you will never see any of $38,000.00 you say i owe you.
3 Monday, 16 August 2010 14:26
NJ is going after people to try to bankrupt and ruin them, even more than what the economy has already done, IF they don't meet NJ demands for cash. What demands? NJ calls it DMV Surcharges and NJ wants $$$$$ and are at a point of doing whatever it takes to get it. Do a couple of searches on what NJ DMV is doing to people for what they call the DMV Surcharge! It appears they have turned to feed off the poor people who are down to bare bones and can hardly survive in this economic disaster. NJ has hird Collections agencies that welcome the opportunity to plunger the helpless. These companies have shady affairs as well as convictions for their wrong doings in collection practices, i.e. LDC Collections. These collection agencies have changed their names over and over again to jump back up and start doing the same again, which is possible thru "Corporate Laws" which seem to equal "Protection from the Law" and poor hungry folks are paying for this! NJ moves forward without care or concern. NJ has targeted people who can't even afford to feed themselves or their children and it appears NJ could care less! I urge people of New Jersey to flee while they can get out saftly.
2 Thursday, 15 July 2010 21:57
Chan Wong
The NJ MVC says that I owe them $7033.00 in surcharge for DUI for one incident in which no one was hurt nor damage caused... I cannot ever dream of paying this so I will not drive and will move out of state.
NJ Motor vehicle can eat this fabricated bill for it is based on arrogance and passed by legislators in thrall to MADD and not sensible to the fact that when someone loses their license, they lose their employment and go on welfare or go to jail..It costs much more to collect than they earn, plus it turns taxpayers (drivers) into tax collectors when they get incarcerated as prisoners because they are unable to support themselves without a means of transportation and thus get pushed into illegal activity.
Not a very well thought-out policy.
1 Thursday, 15 July 2010 21:49
Tien Linn
The DMV of NJ has assessed $6,400 in surcharge against me for a 1988 DUI which I cannot afford. Having lost my job and residence, I decided I had to leave NJ. The NJ DMV will never see a cent of this capricious, arbitrary and completely fatuous charge. NJ is much like Burma, Mali, or Uzbekistan in that its citizens have no recourse to ruinous government heavyhandedness.

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