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Jul 06th
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Submerged Seaside Heights roller coaster could be used as a tourist attraction


seaside_optThe mayor of Seaside Heights is contemplating saving part of the resort city’s storm repair costs by leaving some of the damage alone.

Mayor Bill Akers believes that the roller coaster Hurricane Sandy washed into the Atlantic Ocean could be used as a tourist attraction.

According to USA Today, no decision has been made about tearing down the roller coaster, but he is working with the Coast Guard to determine if the coaster is stable where it sits.

The ride is sitting right side up in the Atlantic. Telegraph reported that only four of the 44 rides on the Seaside Heights pier were not damaged by Sandy. The log flume attraction was torn in half.

The remains of the Seaside Heights boardwalk have been removed.

An Associated Press report on says construction on a new boardwalk should start in January, and it is expected to be completed by Memorial Day, according to Akers.

Some of the boardwalk’s former businessmen are looking to start again. According to NBC New York, Mike Mergott of Mad Mike's Amusements said he plans to rebuild because he is "one hundred per cent sure" families want to return to the boardwalk. And Jim Loundy lost several buildings due to Sandy, but believes he won't see a similar hurricane for "another fifty or sixty years."


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